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Are you ready for "go green"?  

Are you ready for "Hillary II" aka "Obamacare" to be turned back for more "community sensitive" and "fiscally responsible" game plans, more of state’s rights?

Are you ready for the real "soap opera" of  a one term Obama then post presidency to be locked in daily battle with Clintons and the Clintons’ power machine around the (extra-constitutional) flexing with Clinton Global Initiative Foundation, and kept even then to hardly worthy to "work" in the "Clintons’ house"?

So the Clinton Presidential Library may need an addition to so give "Hillary" the first lady space she had hope not to need for of course as "the inevitable" she would have her own "library"?   So the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library not likely to "age well" for its phalic architecture like a big gray (Navy) gun?

Are you ready for tradition, not of such corner cutting — Friday night football?

Are you ready to help New Yorkers?   Are you ready to cheer on Ground Zero rebuilding without being a rally call for "the avoidance" and "the inaction" and insensitivity that so marks the Clintons’ eight years, like as President Obama with his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech spoke to dangers around, and to of risk of repeating?   Are you ready for such days still a ways off where President Obama maybe as the "one term president" now of "discussed wisdom" as to likely where he will likely be in a daily soap opera with Clintons also more on the out struggling to dominate and suppress Obama support and interference globally with their CGI foundation?

What an inappropriate "architecture" for the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library,  but though for "so Freudian" in constructs?   And so of near cantilevered over "more international"/"global"/"feminine" of the flowing "waters"/"river" so of situated/dreamy?

Does Obama even stand a chance, a chance to dream, post his presidency, his "four years"?

Does President Obama have only a future of real "soap opera" daily struggle(s) with odds against him ever quite "getting out from under Clintons"?

How will "Hillary’s" days as crusading First Lady talking trash to radical Muslims on their own turf settle in history — way too ‘incendiary’?   A "talking" without a timely "walking" of message?  Just historical, and inappropriate "trash talking" for a American First Lady?

How will "Hillary’s" days as Senator for New York, though not of doing the more Mass. thing of at least working with her new state, of her carpetbagging, to see New Yorkers at least all covered in healthcare by New Yorkers, even if just as done by Massachusetts?  Must "Hillary" be chiseled into formal history for being mostly just to an autocracy of Clintons establishment and at fault for not doing "small" work like HC for New Yorkers by New Yorkers while not a too distracted, again to autocracy establishing, Senator?

How do we now rebuild Ground Zero safely away and hopefully past the Clintons’ eight years of politicizing the Middle East and their playing the "blame game" before President Obama maybe greater playing of the "blame game"?   How do we get past the Clintons’ "Middle East policies" of politicizing region on hard lines anti-Republican to solid "blue region" PR?  How do we get past the Clintons’ PEACE DIVIDENDS mentality in an era we now better know, finally, not to have been appropriate for so much unfunding and underfunding?

How poorly will design/architecture of Clintons’ Presidential Library age?

Are you ready for some football?  Are you ready for another year of tradition of football not of so much historical and unprincipled corner cutting of Clintons history now being scored with more transparency and clarity?

But for Clintons, is growing old in America, getting back on - back to basics? 

What made you smile or laugh today?   Brett Farve, maybe?  Creations more in "go green"?

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