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"There is no "I" in team."

You have a right to fail, and yes New Orleans, I heard the Clintons’ eight years were found to have been in "gross negligence" for failing to fund the Army Corp of Engineers "MR GO" to bust, to busted.  (MR GO = Mississippi River Gulf Outlet)

Too many "I" and "mees" in Obama team?  Too much "pure Hillary"?

You have a right to fail.

You have a right to fail.

You have a right to fail, but "Hillary" is too big to fail.  Got to have that bust?

A chiseled Hillary, or just a cheap casting?   Got to have that bust, that first female president bust?

And on the economy we still aren’t stirring the smelting such in such cauldron.

We are yet to even consider the wraught jobs hammered out as a boon to absorb more of feminine into equality in economy.   Throw out the batch, just the "Hillary bust" or the whole smelting?

Got to have that bust, that first female president bust!

You have a right to fail, but "Hillary is too big to fail"?  Busted?

So what if Clintons were found to of "gross negligence" for disaster of Katrina, so what if the economics to such conclusion are "simple stupid".

Busted Clintons, for Katrina, and to such a "busted!" far more immoral and unjust than can be said of Bush’s eight years? 

Got to have that bust, that first female president bust!  So what if "team" is all about "me"!

"Hillary" you went bust, are busted, and still want affirmative action assertion to "Hillary is too big to fail" and, and, gosh golly you and your other "me" in your "I" of "two-fer" of eight years of so many items on "condemned" and "failing" infrastructure intelligence reports and with so much money in your coffers ready to be dispersed, oh my!

Clintonomics is not, so we are told, yet, of "driving the car into the ditch" but is that because their surplus obsession was more of leaving President Bush without enough money in American coffers for him, such that Clintons do own the roots of this economic stalling but more for it a catastrophe of them passing the keys to Bush of our "economic vehicle" then long run low on oil and near out of gas" such that, well, like some used cars, it was more a doomed clunker than a lemon?

So, now that we understand that the Clintons had the "money" and left President Bush an inheritance of "no money"!   Is it only this morning we now realize that therefore Clintons are much more "busted" and "guilty" for Katrina disaster from collapse of Mississippi River Gulf Outlet than President Bush can ever, justly be smelt?

Got to have that first female president bust, damn the condemned infrastructure list - Hillary?

It is all about Hillary!  It is all about Hillary!  Too much "Hillary" in Obama team?

It is the Clintonomics, stupid?   It is the Clintonomics, stupid?  And yes there was an manufactured boom in nineties to create more jobs just to ease feminist struggles for equality in economy, it was with intent that more opportunity was sold than necessarily part of regular economy.   And, yes, now well that bubble may have bust, with too much "I" of "Hillary" and now while only fair that "unemployment" be an equal unemployer.

Guys, do not fret so, do not fret such?  The guy "leisure industry" may be faster way to economic recovery than a return to too much time to go buy shoes.  Have you picked a new hobby, a new sport?   Are you ready to think about being more French but in a truely American way of "leisure" now "just arrived"?

Well, there I go saying we have now an economy as "equal unemployer" and so guided by "equal employment opportunity" laws.   Guys, see the women have to want the job now more than you, it is a necessary step in "feminine" smelt to achieving fair employment, equality.

Interesting too now that with housing bubble, guys, there likely is even less "housework" now than ever before in US history for those equally unemployed now maybe being called to "just go shopping"  with "please go shopping" even if "shopping" now means more "spending" on leisure.

Oh, "Hillary" you seem "busted" and so now more worthy of review than you were then in "two-fer" accomplicehood from skirting with Bill to his "impeachable" and "disbarring" behavior, also yours in of your "I in two-fer" malpractice and reproachable professional behavior, and especially you as first first lady to insist on contaminating the smelt with "official" west wing duties, that must be said to "limit" spousal protections otherwise assured, without prejudice or suspicion.

So, yup it is a "Clintonomics, stupid" bust that has their "car" of run dry and siezing.   Bush was left with a "non-inheritance" of too much "necessary funding" spirited away from necessary American maintenance, and such especially around just those infrastructure items on "condemned" or "failing" lists.   Bush had to spend into deficit, necessarily, and necessarily in economics, for Clintons hadn’t just sold America on their irresponsible "surplus" they had also so "sold" America on not needing new taxes in such for they sold America on them having had done the due diligence with their "unfunding" so giving America an unreal expectation that President Bush wouldn’t need to spend money they decided not to, not even on MR GO, or a Minneapolis bridge, or schools near railroad tracks that have been rattling students and building, detrimentally for too long.

Got to have that first female president bust!  "Hillary" too big to fail?

note:  It always cost more to have to spend to repair or replace a car that siezed after being run dry, so Bush was actually left not a "non-inheritance" but a growing money pit, from Clinton smelting.

note:  Odd still that Clintons had so many "global warming" alarmists in their midst their eight years and still didn’t take wise and prudent steps to protect New Orleans from the predictable with their "science" - Bigger Storms.

site note:  Despite what my blog  artistic free expression here says at to "time" of my blogging waxing art of First Amendment rights it is best to ignore the "posted time" and work with an understanding that most of my collection of words to thoughts here shared to friends, freely, are usually writ between 7:30 am and 9:30am or at times those evening dinner hours or eleven pm-ish to midnight musings. 

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