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"A rising tide lifts all boats."

The ebb is the Clintons monkeying, again?

And in the face of all this historical and around "global warming" the wonderment still of 2008 election, record long election, and of Clintons even noting a curiosity related to Global Warming?  Ah, the wonder of it all that "wrath" may have been in the air and only "metaphorically" "CO2" in excess with the Clintons more post Greenberg still certain in their posturing like "all the places we ever lived in Arkansas seem to have been specifically hit with disatrous storms."

If over a billion people on our planet, or even just a million, still believe weather can be of "acts of God" isn’t it best America be last country to officially disagree?  Wrath of God in new storms, still a necessary consideration, and especially what with it being like the other end of trucks that seem to be creating all the global warming, not the exhaust pipe?

Hard not to walk by even just a car from back to front and wonder.  And, well, if you walk by a utility truck in summer month with engine running while parked, oy, oy, oy — What is all Gore talking about the exhaust for, he has the wrong end.

Well there is something "in common" with 1994 not just all about the Clintons.  See, then too I was stuck "not helping" after years of helping, and with eyes and ears to discovering, while they insisted on thinking it all about them and their readiness, while noting it just them how much it really couldn’t be or have been such. 

Sort of like about David Brooks column today, but then when a return to source was supposed to be a necessary part of what I was not thought to be enough about. 

Well, seems this isn’t about Republicans as "a party of no" but now like 1994 again but without the Republicans having domestic and foreign policy concerns that necessitated them helping the Dems look better than they were/are to save such progress to so much positive change, more of Reagan than Clintons and Dems. 

Now the Democrats seem to have gotten stuck with Republicans seeing letting them try it all alone, and while they had the votes, as quite the fastest way back to Republican governance, haven’t they?

Luckily letting the Dems use their "expertise" all by themselves, is working faster than any Republican majority could have accomplished.

And, luckily since I get to live with knowing I worked to keep Dems from their instincts in early 90s that seemed to have taken us straight here, then.  

Convenient, really, now how the Democrats are cleaning up their own house, though by trying to do otherwise.

Would be humorous if not so sad for so many. 

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