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Of course this is just a work in progress.

Of course no matter where we started and whence we have been it still matters to what "character" we may get boxed.

What to make still of "inspiration" of then new secretary of state Hillary R. Clinton seeming most in denial, and insubordinate, so starting off claiming she would see here like "duty" as taking her "inspiration" in her charge from "Dante".   Surely this was a cut and dry "whipping" of insubordination and maybe even a "race card" playing by "Hillary" so claiming she would listen more to "inspriration" in Dante than even daily evangelising and "orders" of her "charge" from new president.  What to make of such still, especially looking to post election day 2010 new balance, that could lead to "incompetency" and "impeachment" hearings? 

VP Biden are you ready?   How "ready" should you be willing or wise to demonstrate?   Maybe just a discussion of whom better to lead our "Diplomacy"?   Certainly an "expressionist" to mere "impressionist"  metaphysics, artful, to a separation of Obama of Clintonomics, just "reset" and with roots same as in 90s, not truely yours, and not "balanced" (yet) by Republicans checks, yes? 

Former Senator from the near most "corporate" state also our "First State" surely you cannot be so anti-capitalism and anti-free market jobs, right? 

Vice President Biden, you were not at Woodstock, were you?  You didn’t "tune-out" an entire decade, did you? 

Not bashing the "beat" of sixties, and amazing artistic expression,  VP Biden "Joe", just in party of those concerned we now be at "leadership" in Washington of Democrats, some, to many, that are at a loss for having had two sixties and gone straight  heartfully with less "tuning in" into eighties.

Is it too late, Vice President Obama, to get "reset" back to be an "American" expression full of pride in and of "made in America" safety?   Should we let it go as too "communist" now too full of Obama and Clinton heart poundings beating so now rooted somehow clearly towards a national socialism our country serenades not?

New York noting >>> Thank you PBS for you broadcast "Live from Lincoln Center" taped program presenting the current dramatization "SOUTH PACIFIC".   I wasn’t wise to it being such a story of America and race.  Must be something to see it performed live, and more than once — maybe some day. 

All readers, a note:   Yes, I will attempt to remain, as politically correct (PC), as I was in early nineties around my vigorous work in spelling and writing to a new "PC" for America.  If I seem to have strayed, please consider the Clintons’ eight years were not of really living up to the new standards fought for with pen and wit.  If I seem to have strayed, please consider I still have to poke at Clintons for their eight years not so kindly as President Bush allowed post 9/11 with them "red state and blue state…" cya appropriate only in our federalism for such "simpletoning" was critical to keep America united and healing.  I cannot abide the Clintons still being allowed to blame America as they did with saying like "blue states voters said do this…" and without some reasonable expectation that they were elected to be wiser and of "leadership" based upon reports and committee discussions from our vast abundance of "experts".   It just seems unreasonable to let the Clintons slide further so passing the "buck" back to Americans when it was actually them being more "politically selfish" and "plotting" with conscious effecting.   It is hard to stay "PC" while discussing either Clinton still today, please bare with me, with me once of trying, with vigorous penmanship and conscious routing to a new political correctness, appropriate for ‘positive change’ then specific to early 90s but now now considered for these different conditions.   It is hard so, seeing Clintons tyring to transplant such "new PC" from early 90s into a different times, on the cheap, and to the "convenient" like to old "cookie cutter" objectionable.

Is is "pc" to present "straight" as edited to "straight"?   Of course it is, right?  And, if Governor Blagojevich truely could do all his "state" duties within just "two hours" each day has not our "Washington" become too involved in local issues and community footing, and decision processing?   Details of "straight" just need broad brushing, in repeating, not a whole new centralized national lexicon, right?  

How are we to get past the "depends what the definition of "is" is"  around blurring of "marriage" commitment?  Like saying our Constitution isn’t supposed to be writ so as a "law abiding" constitutional where any "interpretation" cannot be to "support" or "encourage" criminality and immoral effecting?   Can our 14th Amendment only be "legally" interpreted when finally called to such but as for those "involuntarily" brought into our United States of America jurisdiction not of a conscious entry in violation of posted writs?   It is what the law can only be, if it is to finally be called up for "interpretation"?

Of course this is a work in progress.   Of course,  Vice President "Joe" Biden, up from Delaware, roots, so too of battles, civil, and tortured, of our American story?

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