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A cardinal sin?   Red birds of war?  Red birds of love?

Time to play the "L-word"?

No not "Latin" - not even "lattitude" or "longitude" - not even "legal" nor "leviathan."

Time to play, oh well, ok, I guess it could be about "L" for "leviathan" sort of like "ying" to "yang" though.

Oh, Jesuits, what a wonder, what a wonder to find a Jesuit educated, like made for me.  What a wonder you less of hill’s of Rodham and her imperialism are, you Jesuits of Fordham.   You haven’t thrown the cardinal sins at Hillary yet though, have you?

What about the ghosts of Eleanor?  What about the spirit of Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt?  

No, yes, the "L-word", that "Hillary" is so wish washy about so of effectings in Republican scribing around the 22nd Amendment - "love".

How remarkable to be to waking up wanting to do the type of work you always set out to do and wanting to do, and while tufting, proud, in other professions years so progressing, mostly unappreciated and misunderstood to such budding, and  years hoping just one had been made just for me, and my tuftiness.

So confounding around missed cotillions, and years an of Augustian "Wildcats" of "NOVA" — "Go Nova!"

What a fed feeder Fordham hams out still, and now in times to recall Eleanor.

So "Eleanor":  "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Wait, is the legacy of Fordham still as "a fed feeder" school?  Oh, Eleanor, how "Hillary" so fails to understand the 22nd Amendment as near all about you.

Oh, Eleanor, of wars ending in earlier years of "pre-Obamacrats" America of Barry Obama also of Hyde Park still pre-president:   You seem to have an entire Constitutional Amendment in our 22nd Amendment just a rendering around "cardinal sins" wisdom discussing around how some to many, and especially republicans of late 40s were of awareness of near to all then more obvious "plots" around FDR’s last term more of like you had been elected and with only "not enough" of "only some" of President Franklin D. Roosevelt sticking around, during essentially your presidency.

Hey Chief Kelly,  are you all Irish? 

Hey former Chief William Bratton, you can never escape the "destiny" of "brats" and "bills" justifyings? 

Hey, "Hillary" of course the 22nd Amendment was meant to prevent say a "Bill" from running for president of say a spouse "Hillary" who, for discussion purposes, say was "term limited" for already having served eight years?  Hey "Hillary" of course the 22nd Amendment, written by mostly (only?) by Republicans was done with knowledge and concerns around an "Eleanor" Conundrum/paradimn?

What purpose other than, yes please now ignore my "retraction" around 22nd Amendment rendering without Constitutional convention, and move to now the obvious lost around time and place and "motives" to the writ we call our "term limit Amendment".

Eleanor, how has "Hillary" not heard your thoughts on such matter, surely not for a lack of trying, still?   Is she just being polarizing and hard-partisan divider while of a campaign for our presidency she likely wasn’t "legal" in pursuing and because of "L-word" LOVE?

"Hillary" a "leviathan"?   A concern, cardinal?

It writ so that "Hillary" should have run first or stopped "Bill" at the gates to a second term so not to be still "illegal" in seat on our line of succession with it "fresh" still that her being elected would have been able to be judged "Unconstitutional" per an Amendment writ just around democratic concerns on longevity of power and the Franklin women thought actually running America with not enough of "Franklin" still around?

Is the Jesuit legacy of Fordham University still of being a fed feeder?

Oh, and to find love to wakings such to doing what you always wanted to do and over years many misunderstood, usefully for art, my art though, is like finding one made just for you.

Too late for a life without art.    Too late for "Hillary" without a "Eleanor" relevance. 

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