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I am taking a big risk here.  I am now blogging tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow morn whence latest "polling" of minimalist web stats are available for my last blogged cycle.

Not quite as risky as selling change and then embracing Clintons, but still not necessarily advisable. 

This is August and are you ready for Venice, are you ready for Venice Beach?  Has you summer, regardless of your age, been about becoming a hard body again or even nearer to hard body again?  A summer of regrets for too many of "Bill’s" "Big Macs" again averted?

Gosh, is there anything we cannot blame on Clintons?  Gosh, golly, and today with a new conundrum in the financial news with an Erin Burnett "breaking" economic analysis around costs of production in United States of American now possible on level with second world and third world economies, though once of real economic advantage?

Erin, while I am preoccupied with concerns around "ready for Venice" with Labor Day approaching, and still avoiding my Nike black speedo sported in DC public pools for half mile and three quarters of a mile duration of laps with only modest pride in flip turns, and for such still deep in drawers:  Are you ready for Wall Street / DC / world tomorrow to point out that if such is true then President Obama owes President Bush a retraction for blaming everything "down" on him?  Are you ready, Erin, for President Bush to now look like a genius for this down economics for the very beneficial upside that now the crisis of valuation has passed and anchored the United States of America truly in a competitive and promising new economic position?

Well, now more concerned about Venice, still?  After all it is still summer and mid August. 

So today for an august day I did appreciate an August day by taking out my vintage late 80’s Cannondale aluminum framed mountain bike still with tapered forks and fatty tires still not needing to be "shock absorber" front forks, or mono fork.  I even broke out my early eighties vintage Cannondale light grey panniers in case I found stuff to rent from a library or buy from a store, or, still, maybe collect from "waste" of like "found on road side dead" but still not garbage of another useful to me.  So today I was out with fatty low pressure tires spinning for near a few hours and not out on high pressure road tires with spinning taking you much further per minute and hour than fatty tires with lower pressure allow under natural laws around physics. 

It is neat now with August such a summer month still more about family that I am fonding and curiously remembering visiting my brother, not then living in Venice Beach area, and finding him wanting in such mid 90s to explain this new "internet thing" he was being paid to work for a New Orleans production house primarily around a Jeff Fox, if I recall correctly, of turning our safety video products geared and produced as child safety educational products.  How can I not remember my brother showing me the new "search engine" capability so not the old Britannica’s complete Encyclopedia set we grew up with. (Yes, rhetorical, now question mark needed.)  It is neat that my brother post working with Ashley Judd on DOUBLE JEOPARDY, and while a basic production assistant (or was that post child safety educational video work?  hmmm?) is historically the first person to introduce me to "Google search" though maybe with Yahoo!.  Annoying though that by 1997 Clintons hadn’t secured my relevance such that a search of just "J P Hogan" would then have me as the second result on the first page.

So how has your summer been, are you as "ready" for Venice Beach with Labor Day approaching as you hoped?  Am I but still not likely to break out my Nike black "speedo" swim suit, while nearing "hard body" status greater than ever before for me.  (Rhetorical, again, unless you care to express an opinion.

See it was 1997 and I was thinking of driving all the way across the country to LA and Hollywood, but alas, my recently bought 1988 Dodge B250 Cargo van with a Dodge 318 V8 didn’t like getting on entrance ramp to Houston for a day trip from visit to New Orleans and my brother then there.  See, my van bought to take me to my new "home" decided to shake, rattle and roll, but with pluffs of black smoke out the exhaust and a rattle that could only be a timing chain past its past-prime.  But, alas, Pro Engine Sales of Kenner Louisiana was in the directory and had rebuilt cores of such Dodge 318 specs ready.  But so a New Orleans 14 day visit of many fond memories even with summer heat warning days around "114 degree heat factor"  that some could attest to seeing me biking or roller blading some part of distance between NO and Kenner while checking on "rebuild".  (Such rebuild that held up for near 100,000 new miles and until NPR played Stanley Greenberg in 2004 saying (live?) "if we (Dems) can read the minds of those driving laymen vehicles we should be do fine" (like.).

So driving north on 395 in Virginia that day on way back from considering another Asylum Wake Skate Snow store build-out down nearer Richmond what else happened but while hearing Stanley Greenberg (live?) on NPR and near the Edsall Rd exit but my used and then rebuilt so Dodge cargo van of B250 capacity did just suddenly die like with a good firewalling effecting, but to "time to buy a new car, and because of my old neighbor and father of friends - Stanley Greenberg."

I did bike within a block of his home today while out spinning on my Cannondale mountain bike still of tapered forks and attention to front tire air pressure for "shock absorption", and kindly to find that the Elm City Shakespeare company is readying in Edgerton Park to host it opening night for free Shakespeare dramatisations into September.

But, alas, so Stanley Greenberg audacity killed my laymen vehicle and with the mechanic asked/charged only able to say "some ground wire shorted somewhere"…  and so I bought a new Dodge Dakota sport extended cab in two wheel version to so then be my Capitol Hill parked "pick-up" truck necessarily but not willfully replacing my very low cost 1988 Dodge B250 I could maintain myself even when necessary with trips to a nearby junk yard.  I could even fit boats inside such old "laymen" vehicle that hear old neighbor Stanley Greenberg live (it seemed) on NPR did kill.

So near Febuary 14, 2004 I was in Alexandria, Virginia putting a new black Dodge Dakota on payment plan, and with a wonder in Olympic Skating though only 4th in 2002, of those days I inadvertantly opened my heart to anyone of them, the competing female single skaters,  for their bravery trying to make anything beautiful so soon after 9/11.   Such is the same vehicle now of historical significance in my battles to protect America from Hillary Clinton putting "Bill" back into the White House for my realizing it was more convenient to let myself proceed more of victorious secrets in credit, and near anonymous, by letting Chrsyler reposes such vehicle from where it was such historical day, on A Street SE.  My credit is worthy, but it has been useful to beat up on banks for not being more worthy while using their questionable behavior to keep me as "angry" and "motivated" against Clintons as I should stay/remain/posture/still fight.

So:  "Once you go black - you never go back!" is a two sided cupid dart still of justice and prudence, as it still seems "you will never forget such love" and also "you know you should never go back to such, or chase and for such not at all as for about race or color?

So the legend of such eccentricity now so revealing short of Venice ready as a hard body but still revealing for though of anchoring NBC Tuesday nights and such Thursday at 10 spot as so I did and so as most "pop" culture in such of my past so generated for positive change for many that had me not watching almost all, almost any of any creations so creditable, but yet to be credited publicly in print.

So Hillary?  Are you feeling too selfish as my strike continues on economics and entertainment value furtherance for your active presence still a corrupting of original intent, in such art and progress?

Oh, Erin, can President Obama not now praise President Bush for carrying the policies to leveling of costs of production, seeming necessary for United States to maintain any competiveness, or is he now ready to attempt to explain that he and Clintons are actually, somehow, and somehow beyond belief, responsible for such serious loss of jobs and valuation to now near record foreclosures and high unemployment?   Will Dems take credit now with futuitiveness of your economic report, Erin,  and attempt to claim it was by there design or now will they start telling of a wonderful and "just in time" and "necessary" miracle of the Bush administering wisdoms, not "not discussed"?

Yes I ended up in New Orleans in 1997 and for near 14 days with heat factors near 114 degree concern, and so after news after first day of Robert Mitchum dying/passing and the second day while me around Washington DC of James Stewart dying/passing.   Yes, I turned back to Connecticut with a decision seeming wiser, in consideration, to move to DC instead of LA, but not with years later of meaning to still move to LA and with my new 2004 Dodge Dakota, or without. 

I thought my original intent around my calling myself "more a citizen rosebud than a Citizen Kane" had gone to the wind and well LA seemed to be calling more strongly, then.

What about Venice?   And, so with 2002 Olympics so necessarily about discussing widom or trying to act, to beautiful, on wisdom around so many hues to share.

Ready just for Southern Connecticut and Manhatten?  A blogger by any other identity is still a blogger, as universal? 

Yeh, bankers, I used you all to keep up rightful anger and necessary vigilance weary of Clintons, and will still as long as…

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