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New Yorkers are racists! 

New Yorkers are tabloid readers.

New from Chicago and rest of those charges around Illinois, and, how did this trial get allowed to take place within any jurisdiction of such state? How did this case not get moved outside at least of Chicago?

New Yorkers are racists?

I do hope you didn’t have to hire an electrician to come to your home or office at $75 just to show up with by the hour fees, tick tock, tick tock…, just to explain my last couple blogs.

See it may be safer now the blog "New York staters are racists!" than to have been from Illinois or Chicago and volunteer to completely need to change your way of life after such happenstance of jury duty calling dialed you up.

I do not know if such trials could have been tried/heard outside of such political region but do hope it could have. 

Have you ever seen a defendent have the chance to get so much publicity of entertainment value and especially "political" value when with a jury called in ways that a "deciding" could be incriminating "politically" of a White House administration, a current White House administration?

Maybe the government didn’t completely make its case on each point needed in other 23 charges, but then the defendent wasn’t found "innocent".  Were they left with the opportunities to look extremely still "connected" afforded defendent to only dream of being written into a "reality show" with him but written in to be "written off" by him? 

So he wasn’t found innocent, is that "politically" in Chicago as good as "guilty"? Such a way to keep politics local? 

Has the jury done the right and moral thing, and now in the light of "guilty" for lying so soon followed by defendent tonight saying "we didn’t put up a defense"?  Hey, for that should he get max sentence?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Judge?

Well see it best not to talk about it just yet, as President Obama probably will have a statement to make about local justice, soon, right?  And well aren’t the local feelings the most newsworthy? He wouldn’t dare, would he?

So "New York staters are racists" and not because of some Mosque in the news but for otherwise: how did that carpetbagging southern white woman move into Representative Rangel’s state and get elected Senator from New York instead of him or any black so long hankering to rise in New York politics?

Did "Hillary" just give North Korea its own "reset" button and again forget to check the spelling and translations such that now North Korea has a "reset" button that doesn’t say "overcharged" but actually translates as "LAUNCH"?

New Yorkers, white did you vote for a carpetbagging southern white women instead of one of your own homegrown of non-white tax status?  

So there was no one to "sell" the Senate seat to Clintons as it wasn’t a special appointment, by New Yorkers does that mean the Clintons’ White House didn’t buy her the Senate seat?

Better than being a racist?  Right?

At least it is still American to say "reboot".




Really, I do hope you didn’t have to spend $150 just to get an electrician to show up and then go on the clock with fees by the hour, just to teach you enough about their brotherhood/sisterhood to understand my last couple blogs.

"How about some tic tac toe?"

Do there "ends" justify their means?  Or have the proved the "ends" are not workable and now so that their means much more suspect?



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