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So where, again, do "punk rock poets" fit in here?

What were those "diplomatic" talking points that have Secretary of State of staking Hill, Christ… to state guidance of (or over) Iraq?


What were the lyrics, Mr. President?  What were your "punk rock poet" friends selling / pushing / singing?


Just seems bad poetry, Madam Secretary of State, and near "worse" than "Chirstopher Warr’n" around madams all bright "diplomacy"!

Battery included, battery overlooked by Clintons, and with prejudice and bias?

So President Obama even in your second edition?printing of DREAMS OF MY FATHER you kept that paragraph that says so much about you, and only maybe good, good for these times.  So President Obama if there ever is a third edition will you keep you sentences pronouncing that you took special care when in New York City to choose your friend (FRIENDS!!!) very carefully and so with choosing primarily the "Marxist professors" and the "punk rock poets" and "neocolonialists"?

These are the days still concerned and quite now more concerned about battery. Mr. Vice President, you may have something, finally with idea to split Iraq into three separate states based on bias and beliefs.  Seems the NYC Mosque so near "Ground Zero" best split in three to three addresses for three Mosques.

We should be careful not to let "Hillary and Bill" the saboteurs keep President Obama from celebrating his "poet" friends?  Mr. Vice President seems the "diplomatic" past keeping Mosque issue from furthering "they all look alike" thinking around Muslims and so now these many years of struggles around how different many are, right?  One to three?

On the upside of all these charges much of "Hillary" is how "saboteur" good give President Obama fresh campaign legs, and greater global stature.

On the upside of "Hillary the saboteur" is a neat little revelation around spinning true as your problems are from "Hillary" specifically undermining your presidency, for her and "Bill’s" selfish aiming to move back into White House.

How, you ask can there be an upside to us being here now because "Bill" and "Hillary" are saboteurs?

Well, "Hillary" with Iraq and Afghanistan and now NYC "Ground Zero" Mosque and relevant history of centuries pertinent is of showing now a lack of "poetry" and slamming fresh and forward a backward looking at the Clintons’ eight years of official state foreign policy of "anti-Shia" with "Iraqi Shia not capable of governing themselves, and really quite a pro Sunni eight year bias.  Wait! was it pro-Sunni or more pro Ba’athist as of the birth of Ba’athism to attempt the creation of a united and singular Arab Socialist State?

So Mr. Vice President, three Mosques not just one, if one "allowed" then three really needed?

On the upside, see these current renditions of policy by Clintons shows such a lack of sensitivity and "poetry" that we have to look now back and back at Ireland and Northern Ireland Catholic and Protestant strife.  See, these currents being dispersed by Clintons, even Clintons as "saboteurs" of and to "Obama" success, are muddy and contaminating to seeing the Clintons as even worthy of credit or possible of successful "poetry" that spelled peace for Northern Ireland.  If they could have done that, they should have seen Iraq and its sectarian strife also of Middle East as a region with greater sensitivities.

So, Mr. President, where does the punk rock poetry fit here, now?  Don’t you think your VP Biden and his "three separate…" sings now for NYC?

So not one Mosque for Ground Zero but three if one to be, so that three not one are, and are more realistically with our times.  If Clintons understood Irish poetry then they would be now even as "saboteurs" to Obama "success" still of proceeding differently?

So the Clintons are of for Iraq, a Warr’n Christ (Warren Christopher), a madams all bright pride forced with Madaleine Albright, and now nothing less than Christ… Hill singularity where a separation between just Protestants and Catholics in Christ now still more diplomatic? 

So three Mosques?  But wait aren’t just two needed - one for Shia and one for Sunni?

What about the Ba’athist?  What about the "perversion" of the orginal "Ba’athist" ideal by Saddam Hussein of using religion to grap power and "autocratic" and "tyrannical" power for himself? 

Surely there are those around 9/11 and "Ground Zero" and Islam that see past Saddam Hussein and to a worshiping to a single Arab Socialist State in Islam, that seems not simply Shia or Sunni?

Battery not included, as acceptable, in any?

What is the Obamiwannabee code? Punked?

"Bill" and "Hillary" are saboteurs?  Mr. President?

Couldn’t Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton have found a "Doobie Brother" for Ambassadorship to Iraq?

On the upside Tom Foley for Governor of CT now not of considering, like Dan Malloy to such a need and/wisdom to maybe shift to running as an Independent.  Tom Foley, former Ambassador to Ireland now even with Clintons not likely responsible for positive change in Ireland of their years for if they understood such then they should be now treating Muslims and their issues differently now? But that was before Tom Foley’s statemanship, so not likely his poetry either?

"All politics is local!"  (Former Speaker Tip O’Neil)

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