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That could be in quotes, but I needn’t quotith myself.  Poetic license!

What are the obligations to objectivity in "reporting" – avoid king/queen making "intent"?

Avoid calling oneself a "reporter" if King/Queen making your motivation? 

Feminism now the "longest war"?   Feminism the unfinished "war" still of overreaching?

Gloria!  Gloria!  Gloria!

Stretchhhhh.   Stretchhhhh.   Morning calisthenics everyone?   Some vitamin D creatin?

Oh, Maxine!   Oh, maxims.   Oh, Representative Maxine Waters of Los Angeles district!


How through we see, still now?  How through the phony of the Clintons as first conceived, poetic concern of one not calling himself a "reporter"?  

How now with original concerns still dominant around failing of Clintons and their team of Obama leaning?  

Gloria!  Gloria!  Gloria!

No, not the song, silly, that would need quotes, and recognition.  No, Gloria Steinem, Gloria of:  "A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle."  That Gloria, also of reviewing TRAUMA AND RECOVERY by Judith Herman as a foundational book of new poetry/science/medicine now/then publishable as feasible.   See Gloria, that book like no other had me feeling upon finishing more like I had written its "outline" and "core" than any other to that day.   Sure I had days as a feminist and new to consider myself a poet with advance self knowledge and awareness from decades of honing awareness and reflexes towards a solid and more useful neurology, more useful in times of crisis.

Yes, for the most part my "exceptional" where it may exist and "not as transparent" is mostly footed of from self learning and self teaching.  

Gloria!  Gloria!  Gloria!

Dear God, why am I mentioning this today, this decade?  I shouldn’t go and mention such "old" usefulness now dished for near two years by Obama and Clinton Dems as bad like "all the fault of just the Bush eight years."   Really I should be more careful "eee"!  Really it is not as simple as spelling potato.   Really, I should restrain from mentioning my days as a feminist poet for such was just a  phase I can never regain, nor should, nor should try.  If any of it worked and produced useful advances it so then now is time for the experts, the experts and those licenced up from just conception and broad brushing.

Yes, it does make sense!  Yes, if "Hillary" actually had real "political skill" she should have attended to my lines "HOW THROUGH WE SEE?"  & "IN THE RACE, OF HOPE, WHO GETS THE BILL?"!  Most certainly!   And for those now joining the poetry/party late:  These were written as Governor Clinton was being crafted towards possibly President Clinton, and yet so with some assisting more to give President Bush "41" a good and honorable fight without enough consideration for unexpected Ross Perot pivoting votes, enough, away.   Too few seem to know the truth that Clintons were helped to help them some but more to help President Bush, and safely maybe help him live up to Senator Al Gore’s professing (and urging) to "President Bush deserves a second term… so I am not going to run."

Personally, I could have stayed more a "reporter" if "Hillary" or "Bill" had showed real "political skill" and attended to the intent of even just the predicaments in these two lines/stanzas of circa early 90s poetry.   It is Bill and Hillary that made me less a reporter and more a "King Maker" and now still with my answer to their first polling of me in early 70s still the same:   still the same to the question if they as Yale Law Students could both become President some day:  "still the same":   (This is where Bill lied to her, to her face, and right in front of me, me then near first grade):   (note: it was asked, their question, as by two unmarried "students")  so:  From memory, unforgettable, from the early 70s, in proper quotes though maybe paraphrased:  Bill’s lie to Hillary changing my honest "qualifying" of first answer given to as asked two "unmarried":  "Well, wait, if you get married then ‘no’ for you will run into ‘term limit’ problems, maybe  — be careful which one goes first."

Oh Maxine!  A line for Hollywood, now mine:   About nepotism (not?):   (Maybe so about hiring a grandson?):   "It is not nepotism to help an older sister get into your very large industry, it is just ‘masochistic’."   Well I guess maybe that goes to if any "pleasure" actually ever derived?   It is a very large industry and a warning to those even possibly exposed, again while it was "Bill and Hillary" that made me more a "king maker" than still more a "reporter" and for of from their lack of real "political skill". 

Gloria!  Gloria!  Gloria!

Maxim:  It is not nepotism, it cannot be, it must just be "caring" and not even "biased."  And, even, as remembered for like others helped and so many remembered helped in so many industries, some more as a "reporter" than others so that even such that may bring pleasure some day was still of those near three years of "gate keepers" checking in, rightfully, and professionally,  for "office"/"industry" "politics" for "yes/no" checking if one worthy to get deeper into my real/primary industry long of my successful and very profitable to others musing and synchronising.

See,  in the early 90s efforts around Clintons even then had great risk of them being exposed as phonies you could see through.

And, well, that they didn’t attend to "IN THE RACE, OF HOPE, WHO GETS THE BILL?"?

Stretchhhhh!   Stretchhhhh!  Morning calisthenics?   Everyone?  No longer with morning walks to get a newspaper and then morning arm and wrist exercises flipping and reading? 

Yup,  "Hillary" my answer hasn’t changed a single bit since whence first polled and given as honest answer then while a near first grader in New Haven playing in the school yard after school, and then still with looking for your return another day so that I could make sure you got the truth, the real answer and not just the lie "Bill" told you to your face in front of me, seemingly concerned about how you would react (not marry) if you heard the answer as given.   Yup, marriage gets in the way once the term limit Amendment kicks in for one spouse, and still with all these years to question the "spocky" logic that somehow came to me that day for an "honest answer".

Do you know what it is like for it to take near three years for a network to accept someone you endorsed?  Do you know what it is like to "give birth" to an idea you think means only a five year commitment that then holds you "responsible" and "involved" for over ten?

So you want to just be a "reporter"? 

Gloria?  Gloria?  Gloria?

Some "housekeeping" still needed by feminists in this now "the longest war" of Feminism, right?   Two circles indivisible, with inseparable in marriage union of an election of one not some to all the "election of the other"!

Now that we are to "failed" for politicians, it necessary to consider the objectives with objectivity and consideration in subjectivity to how, what, who, whom, when, why and even to where it first started "going bad"?

Poet’s license?  Poetic license?  Reporting?

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