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How to hold on, how to hold on to loyalty.

Once upon a time…EXTRA!  EXTRA!  EXTRA!


Jay,  I have to confess, really it seems imperative that I confess and here.

Jay,  I had consumed less than one case of beer in my life until a month before I was to graduate with my BA in Econ from Villanova University.

Jay,  I have to get this off my chest.  Jay,  I don’t think I have ever read anything you have written but maybe one Wall Street Journal wine column found with Google.

Jay,  I guess I should wait to read HOW IT ENDS until I have at least "popped a cork" with you or read BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY.

Jay,  I just woke this morning to social media of Facebook news to find a posting from an not necessarily "officially Petra" Petra Nemcova link, and with a new status of "single."

Guys:  Do you buy the wine of Jay’s celebration none / some / occassionally / regularly / often / always?

Gals:  Ditto.

Mad women:  See I was busy, by choice, and choice to paddle up stream more than needed, to be working with power tools and ladders and fine skill honing for a better neurology for future marketing and strategizing.  I had a goal in mind, I seemed to have willing accomplices for greater good from positive change.  I had time, and interests.   I was also into bicycling distances at least as regular thought, and such thoughts of needing quick and agile reflexes and especially in city traffic, and Yale students who still seem to cross New Haven streets often without looking but for pack movement, somewhere.


Now the core, the rotten core of "Hillary" – dinasour of the sound bite era, now stuck, tarred, and waist deep in a new more honest and agile era?


NOTE:  David Ogilvy seems to have an interesting biography.  I flipped through it a year maybe ago without buying.  Mine, and of and around same ambitions was to be at least as interesting, yet more from just trying to learn as much in as short a period from as many as I could while synthesising to and with my maternal grandfathers career in marketing and advertising and his still "live" network/wiring even with him in retirement.  After all marketing is supposed to be best with better understanding, not just "pop" and "tease"?

NOTE:  And, then how funny to find myself in my near college years actually a rough and finish carpenter on Block Island - of the Town of New Shoreham - building and finishing much of Jonathan Rhinehart’s "mansion" on Mansion Beach, and especially when news of Adams and Rhinehart moving into Ogilvy Matther.  Too cliche?  Too "clickish"?

Confession:  Right!  I am a cyclist again of distance riding, not yet as much just city roads, so now yes, I was never a smoker.   Do you know already I can call myself a bike mechanis, a rough carpenter, a finish carpenter, a contractor (in past), a cabinet/furniture maker, one of honed electrical skills, one of established plumbing skills, a tiler, a mason of some minor brick and block laying and concrete forming,  yes - a writer (mostly political),  I deny a painter, can cook, can rebuild boats and rig for racing (and have),  have been recognized for conceptual thinking and yes that was a goal in years of construction building first in my thoughts and at times with designing, customly.   I don’t know how to make booze, or vino.   And so all this while a muse with a long unpublished resume, but now with a blog.  I think I still have golf skills, but have had clubs in closet most of past three years after finally getting some into golf just a few years before while getting out of sailing, and back then into some swimming.  Ahh, the dog days of August.

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