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So what if Donald Trump knows he got the APPRENTICE SHOW idea from me as I thought about a possible casino contract to millions with a side of real estate apprenticeship like, of celebrated in Leon Uris TRINITY.  So what?

So my first suit was a BROOKS BROTHERS brown corduroy three piece from the boys department in New York anchor store.


Ah, from confounded to cotillion – Jay M. you will be pleased to hear, I think, that with some recent birthday money I upgraded to some port and sake.  Jay, I almost feel like I should call you "dad".  AHH?  If only I had an enforceble copyright for having given Mark Felt that old case file name, oh the old tricks, federal and securing, I never might have learned.  I am not sure I have managed the sake to serving at 106 degree recommended heating, I think 90 is most I have attempted.  I haven’t finished the bottles of GEKKEIKAN SAKE & CLAUTRUS PORTO tawny, yet, and should go pick up a new five liter box of my preferred house wine of FANZIA RHINE WINE.  Dad?

Well, it seems "Hillary" is of FAILED.  You’re fired, now?  Or just another, I hope you have a chance to end (soon) your long career, with dignity?  She is well past her time, her time of just trying to put up points, one at a time, without greater worry for the "outcome"/"score."

I must say these sake and port are a finer and more enriching to "palatable" spirit than my mentioned recent house wine.  I have been a sailor, I have been more of a drinker, I always was able to take spells from such and now sport more spells than drinks.  I really should find something to regain my youthful metabolism as now of bicyle rides massing to some 40 and some 50 and one 62 mile trips I am a wondering how it could be more for weight loss than just fat burn.  From confounded to cotillion?

Well it is still bikini season up hear in New England.  Best to keep the talk of "fashion" to a minimum.  Well fall is coming and a sweater is a sweater no matter how "homemade."  See, I am safe, I have once suit I should always never let myself "grow out of" and it has more than one pair of suitable slacks.  AHH?

Yup, it is fashion now to say and conclude: "Hillary has failed!"  If you are late to this party please log on to politico.com today and seek the comment#48 on mixed lot of new republicans in comment thread, and as also by me.

Jay, it really is quite spirited when my "cotillion" reads right especially with so many years with confounding. 

So yes New Yorkers it seems it best to stay "artist" or "cog in a team machine" in NYC as "independents" of "freelance" seem to get double and triple taxed. 


"Eccentric Artist" the best current "cotillion" tax category?

Really you should be afraid to try such boxed Rhine wine, though some port and sake may be finer.

Well if Leon Uris were alive I may find him and ask him why he named her Amanda Kerr and not also confounding to as Anne Chapman?  

It is far less confounding and more good spirited when the cotillion is tilled cooperatively as permissable around the correct heroin.  AHH?  :-) ?

What is a "doxie"?  I am pretty sure I haven’t met one.

New Yorkers, about "freelance" attitude and taxing, anyone?


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