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With the list, so now established, is America still to "American"?

What a blow "Bill"!  Can you get any lower?

Oh, "Hillary" you do realize you are the primary reason I still strike on "economy"?

Oh, "Hillary" you do realize I can never forget how your beau "Bill" on your "polling walk" that found me near a first grader at play in the school yard available to be polled by both of you with "can we both become president some day?" and while you must still have been trying to decide "to marry" or "not", how I can never forget "Bill" so lied to your face about what my answer really was.   And, how you were willing to accept it, even though a lie.  How did "Bill" even ever pass the BAR?  I’ld ask you "what were you thinking" but I do not want to know.

So now I am still on strike and so confident I am doing less harm avoiding helping you than letting you "get away" with your games and miscrediting would do if helping you and you back to your true ways of misusing and misdirecting around such a complicated market and profit driven, meant, story as mine.

So what is the least I need to say today to keep people with enough information and before unknown facts essential towards keeping America to "American" still?

It is time to bring in the Marines and the Navy, all sailors?  Have you read O’HARA’S CHOICE by Leon Uris?   Are you in marketing now and only now understand the insertion of a Mr. Hogan and a Mr. Burke as critical characters kept quiet to natural deciding took its course?

Do Marines think of "619" more than most others not Annapolis area Cal 25 sailors and rebuilders of classic 60-70 fiberclass racer/cruser sailboat Cal 25?  I see that it fits with the whole concern around the number "23" but for those not driving through Virginia near Quantico a greater relevance is it as the route number to get to Quantico Marine Base.

Sure, my story of a highly skilled rebuilder of boats predates my starting on "September Wind" after an April 1, 2001 ownership change date for 1968 Cal 25 of hull number #619.  Sure I was of Penguin Fleet One in Alexandria, Virginia with a 1975ish, home made like many, and then rebuilt fully and rerigged by me alone Penguin Class Racing Dingy, now maybe still of Dangerfield Island and with Shark Teeth fighter jet bow, a touch by new owner, past my days of racing it in "battleship gray" with black and white gunnel and boot stripping.   It wasn’t for years after starting my shifting in fleets from Penguins to Cal25s and so of the years turning "September Wind" found floating, barely, under the windows of U.S. Coast Guard HQ at Buzzard’s Point and picking it up thus a year after first finding it, and while still hardly floating and ready by most standards as "off the to junk heap" condition.  

Yes, you can now go to cal25.com and find before and after pictures of #619 my old c.1968 sailing vessel I personally restored to racing condition and nearer "like new" than so many others have their often more strictly "racing" cals.   You have to look in "Restoration Pictures" for "September Wind" and also in "Photo Gallery" for "after" pictures,  and old copies of BOATWORKS magazine for the half page on "Reader’s Projects" they presented in spring of 2007.

Of the "OLD SAW" telling it may help to consider past "Mr. Hogan" and "Mr. Burke" that "Amanda" of boatbuilding family "Kerr" heralds around the "saw" story of new saw that looked more English but with less "kerf" more like Japanese to like "kerr" of "kerf".

That said it was years of discover around "BOOM" of 1968 #619 rebuilding by myself and even to discovering it to have originally been named "ALL 8 HOURS" and been a two toned vessel in gelcoat of two shades of (navy?) beige that I had to purchase "IMRON" auto paint to match though with selection of a 60s GM beige and a 60s Ford car beige.

Somewhere in some sailing magazine old cals still fighting, and many also renewed were affectionately covered as like "DANCING ELEPHANTS" and with another of same old two toned beige, but it still of its original gelcoat shading.

Oh,  I was of sailing around Annapolis, always as a civilian, and yes too of thinking the Academy could use a new movie about the Navy …>>>…   ANNAPOLIS, the movie and yes of years I was then regularly welding and grinding metal but for build-outs for Asylum Wake Skate Snow chain of board stores for skateboarders, wakeboarders, and snowboarders.  I seem to remember thoughts from Annapolis sailors (of sailboats) of seeming to grant me "honorary member" status from afar, so near.

I think that is all I needed to blog today.   I am working on my go at "I have to go see about a woman"  >  I have to go see about a woman named Amanda, really.  :-) ?

RIP Erik C. Kesterson,  "Up and coming" Blackhawk Helicopter pilot a "re-upped Marine" into the Army for Country post 9/11.   Yes I still live with memories of holding up my cousin, your girlfriend, when your commander finally found her by phone from Iraq, to present "the official call" she was dreading as likely, post the collision of your Blackhawk with another in Iraq, of another mission and flight line also in combat zone with fire. 

Julia Louis-Dreyfus,  yes your moving to "new Christine, old Christine" from selling J Peter… probably helped many heal while also helping my cousin Christine.

So, yes, we are mired in Afghanistan now and after so much because of the Clintons eight years of knowing avoidance and inaction.   No doubt, about that.

Buzzard Point in DC is basically just under the practice routes and official landing and take-off paths for Marine One and all Marine almost "One" fleet and so as an air space though of such nearly never with President on board.   I would most of time be of driving by Marine Barracks in DC between 8th and 9th and "G" and "I" streets and especially while heading to "September Wind" to keep restoring it from the heap I acquired, and with little willingness to cut any rebuilding corners.


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