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The art of the blog, phase one:  Where has the opium come from, Secretary Clinton?

The art of the blog, phase two:  Mad Women of 2010, how worried should we be now that we are less safe with Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton attempting matters of state?

The art of the blog, phase three:  How many in advertising know that J. Peter Hogan stopped keeping bicycling as a primary hobby with bicycle maintenance for all the years of J.K. Rowling tasked with challenge of seven books for seven progressing years of curriculum?  And do any yet know why?

I am not mad, but I do have phases?

In a Salinger order now, let us see, together.   Well if J. Peter Hogan was to have stayed obsessed with just bicycle maintenance the "Harry Potter" school years would have suffered, and suffered for lack of creativity.   The like "wards" hoped not to grow up to more like "warts" that didn’t want J.Peter Hogan (see the Hog(an)warts yet?) to move away were of a small posse of youths then about seven years away from college and on of wearing "Harry Potter" glasses years before there were "Harry Potter" glasses.  Since J.Peter Hogan of such days, living the life of just a few to five or so days younger than J.K. Rowling, and her of with her dad Peter Rowling, passed, so readying to move to DC and away from those neighborhood youths also of his services as a neighborhood bicycle mechanic, such an avoidance of such "attention to detail" was specifically necessary.

And, so now with another phase (of Hillary) we find ourselves arguably much less safe as a nation than we were under President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.  For today besides the whole opium conundrum a rediculous puzzle of and in the "undiscussed" we are left quite oddly uneducated or just poorly lead, by O&C.   Can we really be safer with Madam Secretary Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton stemming the preferred supplies of Afghanistan opium to its heralded 80% global market share?  Are not our threats and "enemies" of Afghanistan really just those in the "opium business" and now with us not hearing any stories of global demand decreasing for opium in general?  Mustn’t we just assume now that our enemies are leaving Afghanistan but not leaving their profits from anti-Americanisms surrounding their global markets for cultural opium use?   Are we so thus only less safe with "Hillary" and her "foreign policies" for her stemming of Afghan industries such around opium usage and demand not dropping and so stirring specific new anti-Americanism but so luckily of just the global market for cultural opium use and such now just unhappy for having to pay more for a maybe inferior opium product, and one not with their favorite branding?

Well see that phases are overlapping, and yet I am not mad.  Mad women of 2010 are you jive to this also new problema?  Do you get that the old neighborhood youths whose bicycles I would repair as well as some their houses were also some of the double "Dutch" style front door that became "Dumbledore" more for it being a young magic students door in reality than a purple door whose top could open separate from its bottom?   But really, about the opium?  "Hillary" where for art the opium profiteers still really our primary "enemy" of Afghanistan?

See I am not mad that a man was behind challenging J.K. Rowling to write specifically seven books each for a specific progression in curriculum, nor that such was me, originally.   See, I had taken to heart that such young posse after telling me they "didn’t want me to move away — because we have fun when you are around" and thinking I needed a want to be writer to help me fill the void I would be leaving and for these like "wards" I didn’t want to have grow up more like "warts" under my skin, and so of naming them protectively all "Rowe-lings" including young "Peter" the magic student, and so "protectively" by triangulating around another bike maintenance client the grandfather of "Peter" - Pete Rowe M.D. founder and proprietor of the Yale Student Health Clinic. 

Mad women?  Not happy J.K. Rowling success came from a challenge by a male want to be Mad Man?  Even madder now knowing, almost knowing such was also a challenge to help protect America from "Hillary"?   You do get the Peter "Rowe-ling" to Peter Rowling bridge I hope even though hardly yet aware of how trying it became to stay supportive to such ends when after five years J.K. hadn’t written all seven books, using more research than emotional feeling.  What she created is of course hers, right?  I meant it that way even while feeling her defensive and near jilted for my having asked such of her without the "whole dating" thing.

Yes I am mad "Hillary" still hasn’t settled the "we are not safer" with her involving us in the opium wars, and also that my efforts to encourage J.K. Rowling to such seven books not as much appreciated for its meant purpose of protecting many from "Hillary Clinton" and more years of "Bill".   Such is not a phase, as they polled me before they got married about whether they could both become president someday, and my answer as then a near first grader to this day hasn’t changed.

Maybe Iran is just having a "phase" itself?

I cannot be as certain about such as with my knowing that the days James E. Burke wrote to with "your grandfather (Arthur M. Menadier) would have been proud of your attempts to achieve positive change at IBM" being also those days after his doing the replacing of old CEO and CFO and also the days of IBM Cathie Black stems from.

The "ART"of the blog:    See we are in a better place with Iran specifically for the Bush eight years.    Bush’s "stand with" of conventional support of boots on the ground is now near the only thing holding President Obama’s new foundation together, and giving the little bite to Iran sanctions that exists.

I should be mad, I should be really mad?   Well I guess I worked most of it out writing as "uc" on newsbusters.org vigorously in 2006 (like you see) when so many mad and in the media still of buying too much the "Hillary" fluffing.

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  1. Oh, you the "Women to Watch" of 2010 and how you may have such in common. I am counting on having some visits from AD AGE readers today and tomorrow. Yes, we (America) nearly lost PR wars around Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Now though more troubling is O&C undermining such preventing around Bush. Now more troubling is how we can loose the PR war around Iran. "Hillary" now stuck, in her own ways, nearly with us trapped as well. "Hillary" now still of Operation Iraqi Freedom as wrong while it was right, and necessary. "Hillary" now (naively?) of if we bomb Iran nuclear aspirations to giving global PR support to shifting threat to smaller risks, of maybe old suitcase stock. Hey sis, Joan Gillman, are you reading this? Does your exclusive company this week mostly or entirely share in the feminine rise around empowerment of J.K. Rowling? Are some or all ready to clean up after "Hillary"? Congrats sis. Still not entirely funny all those years our dad like most using "look what an unknown J.K. Rowling can do…" "you (women) can do anything" did so also not knowing of my specific purposes and motivations to have done so secretly and so secretly to, yes, help my dad help my sister, and many others. You are definitely not alone. Yes my dad was unaware he was helping his oldest daughter with his son’s cleverness which she would have riled at and intentionally avoided. Quite a mystery, I should publish a book, or three. Yes, Hillary was on wrong side of Watergate, and more are now finding out.

    Comment by citizen rosebud — 8/9/2010 @ 9:09 am

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