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It is imperative, to frank?  It is imperative to Frank?  It is imperative to frank?

It is imperative, to Frank, to be frank, and with franks?   Madam Secretary… Mrs…?

Of course, right?  This has to be somewhat like the old House Post Office Scandals, right?

Too much of Jack Johnson, no longer?   Too much of Clintons’ economics still?

It is a new era, an internet era.   Is such enough to replace our federal Department of Education?

How many teachers could be imployed if the internet in just its current state now sufficient to replace an entire federal bureaucracy around "big brother" government?   How many books could be acquired and contracted for?

It is reasonable to assume or deduce that President Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, with her same "economics" would have us in this same down economy of President Obama, and such with the Clintons’ economic team/click.

So now we countdown to a new round of representative primaries and with our milestone of "First Black President" tread past with ease.   So now we countdown (count-up) to primary days without "Madam President Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton" as our first female president.

Feminists:  Have we been saved, have you been saved, from "p.e." discussions of a failing "President Hillary" so of deduced to have persued the same economics as President Obama, has with the old Clinton team/click? 

Racists  (Those concerned about race but not too biased):  Now sans Jack Johnson trumpets blaring towards racism we battle:  Now sans Jack Johnson with our first "Black President" milestone passed easily:   Do we have a new understanding of "haves and have nots"?

Feminists:  If Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton had gotten past the thumping in national democratic primaries and through to an unlikely national win in the general election, wouldn’t all Americans have been in their rights to insist she only send women into battle?  Isn’t such the only fair interpretation around your reaching for "created equal"?   Like:  Men sent men/boys into battle around their causes and politics, therefore Women, sans isolation in domestication, should only send women/girls into their chosen battles?

Community organizers:   Even if Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton didn’t get thumped by successful campainging of Senator Obama with wise and clever dependence on advances and democracy spreading value of regular (small) joes and janes on internet, and, we now had the unlikely Madam President Hillary Rodham Clinton (Madam President Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton),   wouldn’t Senator Obama’s campainging showing America (the USA) had passed the milestone of "First Black President" by so democratically and publicly showing as much frank support?   It is imperative that we now see America (the USA) as past the Jack Johnson days of earlier Chicago politics, right?   And, even if "Hillary" had surmounted so many Constitutional issues of the twarting that moved Senator Obama freely and popularly into such ring?

Trumpeters of modern budgeting:  Really with the internet what it is has our federal Department of Education become duplicitous, and, an unnecessary obstacle and federal roadblock to real progress with American individuals?

Buglers of progress:  These instruments now modern and hopefully more democratic are frankly  ready for new testing?  It is now most imperative to spread the peace, and logical progressions reached, and surpassed?  

Feminists:  Really, a President Hillary should have been to showing restraint in sending men/boys off to fight the "woman’s" wars, right?   Do you prefer "Lady’s Wars"?  Or is it more a "Feminist Revolution for Real Equality"?

Those African American and accepted in Polynesia as "local" with funny hair (specifically Barry Obama):   And, Community organizers:   The Jack Johnson problema no longer jive to our current predicaments, right?   Now the "haves v. have nots" have a significant query specific now just among dark skinned and all African Americans and those thought to be.  Now,  "haves v. have nots" has a more specific clicking local and global as now more people when polled and questioned on street corners are likely to name more "black millionaires" naturally than white/caucasian.

Now to such new "metaphysical" (existentialism?) to be frank on the new jive imperatives:  How?   How now with "class" issues of a pressing frank discussion just among American African Americans and those just thought to be on "social justice"  without it first a dramatization, political, of "haves" of African Americans v. "have nots" of African Americans?

Wowee!!  Kapow!!  All female troops in "Hillary’s" Feminist Revolution in Neocolonialist Imperialism of Afghanistan and now Pakistan, passed with her democratic "thumping"  but hardly, as frank now still "Hillary’s Feminist Revolution" in "neocolonialism" of President Obama, too, but yet with still hardly equality for women in Armed Forces combat service?

Wowee!!  Kapow!!   Jack Johnson and race with the milestone of "First Black President" passed easily this time:   Are not these the days to try African American souls and those souls just thought to be such now so much more around Lincoln and his party of Republicans?   Sure,  Gorists and Obamacrats (Obama’s new political officers) and not without "Hillary" revolutionaries did suddenly jump in front of "car" (economy) that left it no choice but to be compassionate and so swerve into ditch to let voices of democracy get heard so still, right?

Too much of Jack Johnson, no longer?  Too much of Clintons’ economics still?

All concerned, legal citizens, able to participate with a vote:  Yes it seems the "social justice" issues especially around distribution and community organizing now the "imperative" policy issue around inequality, still.   Yes,  it seems America needs room to discuss the "community" issues and "values" issues not even just around "redistribution" of these Democrats as all those just thought to be African American now of it "street" to be able to name more "Black millionaires" naturally than whites, and still too little such with so rare a public discourse local or global on "giving back" as real and present danger/hope now without frank beating, sans violence, that now in 2010 may lead to more blacks voting Republican than ever before, even with vast and great appreciation for President Lincoln.

It is a new era, and internet era.   Is such enough to now replace our federal Department of Education, while wondering on other ways for "social justice" in local and state budgets, anew?

Are you jive to the new problema?

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