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Stepping back — stepping away?   What is the collatoral assessment/fallout?

How now we pine for "just say no" days of Reagan wizardry?   What Bush?

Well oiled an aged concern, anew wrenching.

Just a "wench"?  Matrimonial bliss?  Wrenching for the "man"?

Stepping back — stepping away?   What are just some of correlations of posture nepotic?

While driving down the street one day a bliss wafted.

While walking down the street one day some traffic congested.

While cycling down the streets all days great vigilance for bliss, wise.

Stepping back — stepping away?   Oh, her history, and, her bias compromised nepotic.

Drafting right, drafting left — daft our Secretary of  State and her political math skills?

Drafting right, drafting left — Summers’ math still of congested posture daft?

Drafting right, drafting left — "Pimped the ride!"?   Madam Sec. Mrs. William J. Clinton?

Stepping away — stepping back?   And: Clintons "two-fer" nepotic and intimate monolith.

How now we pine for "just say no" days of Reagan wizardry?  What Bush?

Well oiled an aged concern, anew wrenching.

Just a "wench"?  Matrimonial bliss?  Wrenching for the "man"?

Stepping away — stepping back?   "Hillary" of political ascent in "nepotism" intimate?

Good socialist but only with Americans’ wealth and/or income and profits?

Good socialist yet so with manifesto incoherent in undrafted and checked aires?

Good socialist not too too too bad except USA getting trapped to "pay for it all"?

Stepping away — stepping back?   "Hillary’s" math of Summers’ daft math posture, ivy?

Conundrum!   Sec. Clinton necessarily "nepotic" and of daft nepotism prosecuting.

Conundrum!   Sen. Clinton hardly not "nepotic" — undemocratic, machined figurehead?

Conundrum!   FLOTUS Clinton slimed by Obama’s numbers, w/ "Bill", more than O?

Stepping away — stepping back?  Time to "litigate" the Clintons’ 8, finally — BIASED?


CONCLUSION:    So years of excesses, but not excesses in regulation, but excesses towards greater tempting, and with farce of "unfunding and underfunding" SAFE course.   Sure our 22nd Amendment seems writ towards embrace of legalese as "poetic" and "romantic" and "holding" as sensual and sexual for and intimate in FLOTUS or FMOTUS (First Mistress).   Some wisdom still parts so "holding" of "holding…" to remind and part posture, intimate and human in the careful writs of our term limits amendment.   As Hillary imparts Afghanistan politics not as the opium elephant in the room but visually a tease or posture ponderance with graphic "hell-man" and when not usually the "or" of "can-get-hard" nuancing of Afghan southern province diplomatic…   Who is responsible for such separate regions/provinces/gerrymandering, Afghan?  Biden? 

Yes our 22nd Amendment specifically uses english in prose to poetry near matching the matching writs of standard marriage vows.   But, Kandahar (can-get-hard?) and Helmand (Hell-man?) hardly the real concern in "Hillary" NEPOTIC of intimate posture and daft past 8 of biased to near racism with shared hosting as FLOTUS not wrenching their "official State policies" as "pro-Sunni" and largely anti-Shia, especially Iraqi Shia?

A "no-confidence vote" against President Barack Hussein Obama is even more condemning to both Clintons?  How counter?   Clearly not a "dumb broad" hurrah!  Seemlessly more just a woman smart for another time?  Summers’ math?

And so with Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton as expendable and fireable as Shirley Sherrod, right?   And with more merit?   Are we past the hype yet?

And so how can we be "proud socialists" at home with "Hillary math" not of a taxing/taking for fair redistribution by also the "Most number of billionaires of living in Moscow" and as well the richest five percent of Mexicans obviously not paying the amount needed to cover all Mexicans such that their subjects are fleeing to be a ______________ to Americans?   "Hillary" a bad "socialist"?   "Hillary" ascent litigateable as "nepotism" to "nepotic"?   How not with luxury of FLOTUS full security and safety blanket especially to abuse to "pomp and circumstance" faux granduer of "earned" yet "not" in appearance of "run" wrought for New York Senate seat? 

She’s pimped our "State", our ride?

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