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What are the assumptions too many are still working with?

How many Americans now have far more knowledge of facts that before 2008 elections they were led to vote counter to, counter to as public opinion has been spread to favor decidings based on fewer facts?

Compassionate conservatism a farce?  And even though both General Motors and the oil industry tended to have been more socialist before President Obama "saving"? 

So going "green" in our United States of America has now become a champion over Spain in contest of statistics:  USA beats Spain in going green agressiveness and has it having cost near three oil or automotive jobs for (to four or five) for each "green car" job. ???

So what are we to believe now about the Republicans?  What are they?  Who are they?

Are they "evil job killing socialists" acting globally too as well of those the progressive Obama/Clintons and Democrat Congress acting also extra-Constitutional on liberal theory and global socialist reaching?  Can we really be sure?


What are Republicans today?  Who are Republicans today?

{note:  It is vitally important that any reading this also have read previous column and a few before as well.}

Mid-term elections call all for a new deciding, and now of so much better informed especially around realities around Middle East and jobs that Clintons more than Obama have tried to disguise.

Republicans are trying to get to Hell?  Are you a believer?  Isn’t that how the Democrats are trying to get you to judge Republicans as political leaders?

Republicans of the party of Lincoln, at all - still?

Isn’t it the socialists that try to destroy God, historically?

{note:  I mean it, you really should have read at least the past three columns here and hopefully all 227 columns from my first year of blogging at www.jphogan.org on commentary/blog page now "un-hidden" again for a short time.   Are you one of the near 100,000 visits to jphogan.org in its first year?}

So we now face mid-term elections and with a Democrat Party so "out of the closet" of Socialist garb and soul.   Now though that we know we have admitted socialists governing as American Democrats how are we to work to decidings now around new and old issues involving Middle East conflicts and policies?

Are these Socialist American Democrats acting extra-Constitutionally to support anew a "RESETING" in Middle East (Muslim World?) to getting Ba’athists back on track towards a creation of a single Socialist Arab State?   I am glad I dug out my signed copy of ARAFAT, Terrorist or Peacemaker by notable English journalist Alan Hart, and especially for its history of birth of Ba’athist party towards such Socialist reaching and of explaining the name of such party translates as "renaissance" or "resurrection."   But to base decidings this November on just such can not be scholarly since such was mostly written on early 80’s intel.

So let’s discuss Iraq!   Saddam of prosecution, finally, by Bush admin, of the same party as got its start towards the creation of a united Socialist Arab State.   Saddam, whom Clintons, the now ‘out of the closet’ Socialists, were willing to let return to power was a Ba’athist and grew to power and rank in a slightly altered for his and others personal power ambitions and with Saddam rising as an assassin.

So let’s discuss Iraq!  Saddam?  Was he favored by Clintons and Democrats trying to argue against "Operation Iraqi Freedom" or at least to letting the Ba’athists though historically, in Iraq, a minority group governing tyrannically and oppressively, and because he was of a party whose origins were in spreading socialism to all Arabs?

So let’s discuss Iran!   If Saddam was favored by Clintons and that explains why they nearly let him out completely from United Nations Sanctions and especially those calling for better governance for Iraqi people and greater civil rights, then why though did Clintons yet make a show of sanctions on him for possessing still WMD and leave such unresolved as the inheritance they left President Bush?   Did they just love the Ba’athist loyal to the origins of such party and not see away to move such party and its ambitions out from around Saddam Hussein?

So let’s discuss Iran!   Seems now like Saddam Hussein was a new Stalin, and, Iran of a new Hitler?  A scholarly stretch?   A useful coloring?   Saddam actually looked like Stalin didn’t he and maybe with such from effort, right?   So Republicans, American Republicans that Democrats have been fighting especially around Middle East policies are what?   Republicans are not supporters of a single Socialist Arab State but of a willingness to "stand with" to help "small folk" (as seen by superior socialist party members?) to "regular Arab Munibs" towards helping other people find wisdom worth attempting to copy in our foundation of laws around federalism?

So let’s discuss Iran!  Shouldn’t Republicans be greater friends to Iran even though more a "Hitler" once against a "Stalinist Saddam"?   So Iran is largely a nation of Aryans not quite Hitler’s Aryans, and likely less "socialist" than Saddam Hussein, right?   So should America have let Patton march on Russia after end of WWII?  

Republicans are trying to get to Hell?  >>> Isn’t that how the Democrats are trying to mold your decidings, still?   Weren’t the Republicans of oil and automotive jobs and such as an industry with decidings "less green" of creating jobs and work for people across the Middle East regardless of their "socialist party" affiliation/opinions?

Stalin tried to kill God to all Soviet subjects and but for Hitler would have finished building on the grounds of that Christ Church he had torn down for his TOWER to be the tallest in the world and so with a figure of Stalin himself on top.  (source:  Cities Of The Underworld recently viewed hour on USSR subway and tunnels…) (Wasn’t aware what a splendid subway system Moscow subjects traverse until such show.)

So do we now know to look to base our political decidings this fall around Democrats as for spreading socialism across the Middle East and pining for days once thinking they would still have more help from Iraqi Ba’athists?

Do we now know to look to base our mid-term decidings around Republicans in more favorable understanding once thwarted by Dems campaignings around 2008 now able to be summed more to Dems being of trying to thwart efforts to defend capitalism as a historically superior system than socialism/communism?   Republicans as ‘evil capitalists’ that though showed compassion in Middle East with willingness to stand by all Iraqi people and majority of Iraqi people to help them create their own federalist republic and without being forced to become a "copy" of America?

So Iran once could be thought to be trying to be the hero that defeated Stalin in Saddam form?   Is Iran on board with Dems efforts to still be anti-Republican and of efforts to spread their socialism to Iran too?

What are the assumptions too many are still deciding with?

What now with Dems "green revolution" causing 2-4 oil and auto industry job loss and to have greatly cost Middle Easterners more such jobs and for a long time if India and China were not now of creating enough demand for their resources such that even Republicans can compassionately lobby for more efficient vehicles?  

What now that Republicans that kept vehicle standards lower than needed such that more peoples around the world and especially Americans had jobs can conscientiously support "going green"?

Are we not safer now with American Socialist Dems decidings - especially in Middle East?

Or are all those in the Muslim World and/or Arab world of "anti-capitalism" supporting for spreading of socialism even as of origin of Saddam’s Ba’athist party to a single Arab Socialist State?

I need some new intel.  Anyone?  Anyone?

{note:  The interesting and even neet thing about my being on strike as long as "Hillary" officially involved, and as per economy and jobs, is that I can be an objective reporter/blogger and even journalist without compromising my strike.   I will have to work to figure out who and what "Republicans" are today, now more, though.}

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