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Which wars have been unnecessary. Which sanctions were handled by amatuers?

Is it ironic that with progressives to full blown out of the closet socialists now in power with union message and policies that I find myself still on strike against them?  Is it just sad that I have been on strike, rightly, re: economy, since Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton announced her entrance into our presidential contests?

What is it that I so strike still and against Obama administration proudly as long as "Hillary" remains in his cabinet and as well as long as he keeps playing false blame game around "all the fault of Bush’s eight years"?  A principled strike?  Irony? Prudent?

Prudence:  Knowing that by staying on such a principled strike re: Clintons, we are safer for my not letting her have access to my portfolio of work around positive change and spreading of equal rights more equally, than we would be letting her again misuse what there may be in such?

Game changer:  That the book GAME CHANGE told the "Hillary" story inaccurately? That such political book falsely presents "Hillary" has just an First Lady who realized after such eight years that it would be neet to be the first female president, as if it was just some after thought.  See, I have known since early 70s that the charm to "Bill and Hillary" to "Hillary" was that Bill kept her believing they could both/each become president some day and even if he went first. And on top of that early awareness from them polling me when near a first grader at play in New Haven on specifically that:  Around 1997 a professing at Harvard Kennedy School friend in women in politics studies was of telling me she was party to preparing for a "Hillary run for president".

America doesn’t know "Hillary" the way I know Hillary and doesn’t know my part/story in there rise and election in 1992 as partly told in recent columns here.  I disagree with her politics and governance enough too, even though many of their successes in their eight years were after assistance from my strategizing.

Yes, Obama got near half of the Hollywood dollar total "Hillary and Bill" thought they had a lock on, and likely more as "anti-Clinton" > "Clintons are big liars" pulling of support.

Yes it is absurd that "Hillary" is now involved in any "sanctions" in Middle East after her intimacy in the eight years of Clintons’ "two-fer" administering that avoided a timely prosecution and enforcement of sanctions upon Saddam and Iraq.

Yes it is absurd the "Hillary" is now "believable" on any foreign policy after leaving Saddam with sanctions upon him past their first term containing enough time for Saddam to have complied to beyond all reasonable doubts.

How much more wrenching gore have we been pulled into because of deciding of the REAL "Hillary"? 

How much harder was it to gain confidence of Iraqi in Operation Iraqi Freedom after the entire eight years of Clintons deflating them and their confidence in Americans and The United States as at all just?

How much harder is it still and of wrenching gore in Afghanistan because for the full eight years of Clitons’ "two-fer" administering with inaction and avoidance the norm they didn’t "RETURN" to Afghanistan to restore the brotherhood once established fighting spread of communism?

How much more wrenching gore have our brave involved been faced with because Clintons let Afghanistan and Iraq fester with a growing sense of "abandonment" by The United States?  How many more brave had to die because Clintons avoided timely and called for action to return and further prosecuting especially Saddam and Ba’athists?

Have you already forgotten that even Clintons’ NSC expert Philip Bobbitt wrote in TERROR AND CONSENT of birth of Al Qaeda of having been because of Saddam Hussein, due to Saddam for his invasion of Kuwait? Does it matter that the Clintons left Iraq and Saddam in a condition unsatisfactory to Al Qaeda sense of justice due Saddam Hussein and for all of their eight years, and all of such eight years of holding Middle East leaders to their taken promise to just blame the American Republicans before them, and not them, the Clintons?

Yes we were asked to blame Bush for 9/11 though Clintons’ eight years had obvious policies and inaction and avoidance to blame, specifically, and the Clintons even had their gross unfunding and underfunding of our military and intelligence and infrastructure jobs spending for bridges and schools as well as body armor for troops of modern soldiers.

Yes, Bush may have lied us into "Operation Iraqi Freedom" but not because it wasn’t needed and justifiable but because he would have had to politicize the need otherwise by blaming Clintons and their eight years as part of arguing for need to proceed with Operation Iraqi Freedom, finally.

Yes, 9/11 likely made dealing with Saddam Hussein more difficult for it being near a decade after it should have been an active prosecution of sanctions and war crimes to beyond a reasonable doubt.

Yes, 9/11 likely only of Saddam’s hand for his invasion of Kuwait gave birth to Al Qaeda and their cases of complaints towards "justice" against the full eight years of Clintons. 

President Obama in his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech spoke well to dangers of "inaction" and "avoidance"!  So what gives?  How is "Hillary" the REAL or just the "presented by media and her handlers" still anywhere near our foreign policies?

She actually has a long record of failures that have led to more wrenching gore for more than just our American brave.

I am through apologizing for having helped make Clintons appear more electable in 1992 race. President Obama you own the Clintons’ failures now.

My strike around the economy continues, proudly.

How do you like that union folk?  Thanks for your support.  The Clintons as management forgot to buy or compensate for the rights to my original work, you and many still think of as theirs, though wrongly.

I do write such confident that I have extricated myself with my strike on economy from complications around wrenching gore deciding. 

President Bush, you are still grateful for my years as concerned citizen voluntarily offering assistance and for publicly arguing for the surge and in defense of such for hard months of such fights?  Secretary Rumsfeld still isn’t smarting from that day hours or day(s) after 9/11 where he seemed to ask of my spirited offering of nuancing assistance of his maybe asking you "if (I) was trying to pull rank on him"?  Hi Condoleezza Rice, "Hillary" is no you.

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