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It was a curious start.  President Obama had to go toe to toe with a great communist nuclear threat.  President Obama, the new JFK, was seeing history repeat itself but now it wasn’t Cuba, it was North Korea, and he might have to swat them like an ant but with a nuclear strike.

How did it start?  Did Al Gore, private citizen and environmental extremist and radical, intentionally sent private spies to violate North Korea, or did he just fail to educate them as "reporters" in his employ enough?

Well, either way our new young President was being tested and might not be able to bring us back from the nuclear brink Al Gore’s spies/reporters had brought us to.

What a start!  What could possibly happen next?

Oh, gosh, how did we end up with it "Bill’s" BAY OF BABES and our young President Barack Hussein Obama, The Wonderful, and Magical, so desparate that he had to play a trump card to save "Al’s" butt and accept "Bill’s" detentism?

Oh, gosh, how did we come to sending a former President to negotiate a release of two meddlesome private employees of a former Vice President?


(This is a column in progress, I do not know where it will go next. It will likely be the work of the weekend, yet may stay as is as I have said much else thought to be included here already in threads and comments on politico.com and facebook.com/jpeterhogan.)

(Pretty attrocious the ’slobering’ offer "Hillary" as Obama’s Howard Baker today in New York Times.  Pretty unthinkable, and while her spending hard earned American dollars abroad buying popularity seeming to help economy even less than Obama’s stimulus has as crafted largely by Clintons’ economic loyalists.)

(Past Flushing - Queens column still has need to breath and settle especially since substance in it gets really confusing when looking back at Clintons’ eight years and whether now to blame Clintons still or try to blame only the Republican Congress efforts.)

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