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To think I got started in this political writing back in New Haven when Clinton was Governor of Arkansas and a "little known" with little if any foreign policy executive experience. To so remember I think a day in 1990, though maybe 1991 of writing a letter to the editors of the local New Haven Register.  Something had to give.

And so it was June 8, 1991.

And so it was I took to writing and taking a stand for positive change.

And so I would later include a copy of such letter with one of two sent to Representative Richard Gephardt’s DC office as change was happening that would need ‘awareness’ and ‘attention’ in the 1992 presidential race he was last "first string" (previously run with national name recognition) still not to have announced he wouldn’t run.

My home town had its first black mayor being challenged by an Italian American of his own party, and while Mayor John Daniels was still of his first term.

And so I move to pen on June 8, 1991 around "It is getting tiresome to listen to the candidates for mayor speaking of an either/or world, one in which the problems are seen in black and white simplicity.  There is a "new world order" emerging and what it amounts to is that if we, the people of the greater New Haven area, are to survive, let alone prosper in the world economy we have to, out of economic necessity, resolve our differences.  We don’t have to like each other but we do have to learn to respect each other and our different backgrounds.  It is our great cultural diversity in New Haven that already make the city great, regionally."

Something had to give and the local paper was still of an objective standard that meant reporting crimes and news with race or color as part of story.  I thought I had the range and personal history to offer another "objective" standard not as simple as "black and white".

Back that June I started my first letter to the editors ever with "New Haven is a great city, with problems yes, but none that the culturally diverse and talented peoples and businesses of the greater New Haven area can’t address and solve together."

And "Clinton who?" a national norm then? And community policing and comstat still of our future while Chief Bratton then about rebuilding NYC transit policing, the same Chief Bratton I became "wired" with in consideration of ambitions from Boston back around 1988, when I nearly laughed at the most run down police cars, then his new charge, that I had ever seen, and at that they were green and parked around the Mass. State House.

Did you know at the time I wrote a couple letters with national concerns to Rep. Gephardt’s DC office that then George Stephanopoulus was then there employed? 

Well, while reflecting, I lost track of concern of "half shells" of Clintons and how an election of Hillary as President would have posed the greatest risk to our fragile and young democracy in its entire history.

Yes when I wrote the letter to the editor her partly shared I was with a willingness to work to find a new better way for all reporters to write, and write past a "black and white simplicity."  Sort of explains my shift to political poetry sent then over next few years to guide and direct positive change and to encourage writing that could and hopefully would give "room" for changes like Chief William Bratton and Mayor Dinkins were up to.

I wasn’t new to the news world and nor to "exposure" to national press secretaries, like my sister once for Senator Dodd.  See I was exposed to Dem publications and thought and grew concerned that there way and ideas couldn’t and wouldn’t work.  Only now may I finally have convinced my sister.

Yes an election of Hillary for president would have been an never ending game of moving around empty half walnut shells, and a reclassifying of incriminating documents from their full eight years so likely to maximise time with a fresh new thirty years of secrecy where ever possible.

And so I really had been around the news thinking for years and so many that I remember the granddaughters of the then owners of the New Haven Register as my favorite friends around kindergarten and first grades.  And so though but to more mature around 1983 of starting to refer to myself around news "type" as more a "Citizen Rosebud" than depicted "Citizen Kane" and with a meant defense of Hearst legacy.

Oddly it wasn’t for years that I would learn that a columnist for the BLOCK ISLAND TIMES named Joseph V. Connolly Jr. whose father once ran Hearst around time of setting in CITIZEN KANE, and from my friend Joseph V. Connolly Jr. that his father was of the first graduating class from the New Haven public school I not only attended but grew up living directly across from.

Yes, and election of Hillary would have posed a grave danger to our still yound democracy and republic and of them acting in character, already known, likely, to work to hide documents from public view and not just in their socks.

What we know certain is how even without her "election" it was a fight, tooth and nail, with "smoke and mirrors" to get an "appearance" that "necessary" records were looked at fully by President Obama prior to "Hillary" becoming Secretary of State.  Oh, how they really could have reworked so many records so that they became secured anew for thirty years from public scrutiny?  Yikes, that rates as a threat to our democracy for real.

And so back to June 8, 1991 and concerns that with "first black mayors" maybe being defeated with cities with many problems, I set to writing to effect positive change by leading.

Such day as that I work to close my short letter with "To prepare for and adapt to the new world order we need the agility of youth, the ability to think and move freely and thus learn quickly. Our age old ways may no longer be appropriate to the new world order."

It was a letter to the editors that didn’t respond to any specific article or news covered, and got played with by staff writers without getting published. 

And so I was with my start, and my start from a New Haven Public elementary school mentioned with Hearst history, of then with near 70 nations with foreign student attending and many but not all for being a grad student haven for Yalies with children.

Clinton who?  Yup, that was back then the national norm and all the while a lesser known Barry Obama without even having written his first book, or maybe just without it yet published or on more than Harvard COOP shelves.

Above, when I mentioned having written political poetry for few years to encourage and guide positive change that though was mostly directly to the then posse of New York Times op-ed columnists, including Russell Baker and Anna Quindlan.  I believe I remember correctly as well that Joseph V. Connolly Jr. had been an upper classman to Russell Baker maybe at school in Baltimore area and even a elder fraternity brother.  This collection still covered and titled THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM and as it still stands as a collection organized once towards such. 

Don’t know why President Obama declared we needed "a new foundation" and so condemned most of what took decades of building until he took most of it apart. 

Have to think much of it was "Hillary’s" fault, and sadly for still putting protecting her man above protecting Americans.

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