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I don’t know what happened yesterday;  I don’t know what happened as I sat down to blog on bicycling;  I don’t know what happened even after I titled my blog to be about my bicycling knowledge and taling. 

It probably was for the better.  It probably was better to revisit President Obama’s Remarks in Cairo and contrast them a near year later, and, on the anniversary of the start of America’s Civil War.  It probably was OK, since I did get out and move for 25 miles in a couple hours of cycling, civily.

Nora, I couldn’t miss it though:  You don’t think "Michelle’s" campaign is just for obese non-blacks, right?  It is neat restoring the old "road-bike" reflexes.

There is a whole new world, a whole new brave world in cycling and bike gearing, so I hear.  My circa 1982ish twelve speed road-bike, was once cutting edge on a budget;  My road-bike once had the most number of gears anyone had figured out how to put on a bicycle and with chains only able to flex so far, and slack so far.  If I hadn’t stopped riding it once I gave J.K. Rowling the challenge, and challenge with supporting by muse, to write seven books each with a progression in curriculum, I likely would have worn out this bike years ago.

I couldn’t believe my ears yesterday, and not just for comments from Nora.  I couldn’t believe what I heard and read around the welcome conclusion that Hillary Clinton is not at all in any serious consideration by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama for consideration to our Supreme Bench;  I couldn’t believe that the "politics" of a "Hillary" consideration for "Honorable" was discussed as "she has been affirmed by this Senate once already…"

There finally seems some "reality" and maybe even "parity" in the realm of the "two Hillarys":  The "IDEA" of Hillary now seeming finally no greater than the "REALITY" of Hillary.

"Hillary the inevitable" is buried, long live "Hillary the inevitable"!  How great it is that finally "the idea of Hillary" now no greater in public eye than "the reality of Hillary Clinton."

Senator Orrin Hatch, you are mischevious, and quite political.  What political theater it could be to bring a review of Secretary Hillary Clinton back to among her old peers!  These are different times and different politics, especially in the Senate.  Where once only two Senate "peers" voted to keep her in our Senate, now the "political" hearts of more of the Senate likely would rise against her.  Voting to "pass" Senator Hillary Clinton out of Senate to State was an easy vote for any Senator with political ambitions - voting a "pass" for "Hillary" was as clever way to move her out of their way and spot lights.  Voting to move her to Supreme Court honors could make a mockery of our Senators.

Boy, oh boy, did I greatly dislike her (of the "idea of Hillary" not the "reality") IT TAKES A VILLAGE.  You see I kept compensating for her and "Bill" for years, some to much.  It would have been a disaster for me to have maintained my cycling and bike maintaining after giving J.K. Rowling such challenge to write seven books as those I wanted her to write it towards "entertaining" were neighbors I maintained bicycles for who new me as near "annal" about bikes and maintainence of such old road bike.  She just could not have "read" her subjects towards entertainment if I hadn’t abandoned my "serious cycling" and became more just a mess-about cyclist.

"Hillary" now has a record that should work against a Supreme courting and of adding not being able to spell "reset" to being the wife of a disbarred lawyer who maybe also could have been disbarred and dishonored as a willing and necessary political accomplice to yet another "lying".

Did I tell you how far bikes have come since I bought my road bike and developed my heightened reflexes for cycling and with road awareness?  Well I can still take out my old bike and have it be a performance machine and the one I remember when I so get out and move, but, when I get out of the saddle and shift to climb I do so knowing a new bike with additional gears and shifters no longer on the down tube would allow much less loss of effort and energy.  A new bike has technological "performance" advantages I will aspire to but maybe now not until I actually wear out my old set of tires. 

I know what I will be missing with greater reach to shifters and greater gaps between gears.  Harry Potter just wouldn’t have been the same "ward" hopefully not growing up to "be like a wart under the skin" if "Hogan" had channeled "anal bike mechanic" with little tolerance for error for those years though begun as of seven books could be written in just five years as so begun and focused.

Did I tell you what it did to me to live still a muse for J.K. as it went from five years to six years to seven years to eight years to nine years…?  I kept learning new things and skill instead of staying with old, and specializing, and again to avoid above concerns.

A Senate review of Secretary Hillary Clinton and old Healthcare socializing maven and now with "ruling" errors at State would be a whole new ball game, and not a "move her out, move her on" vote that helped clear the paths for other Senators with ambitions beyond Senate and now that a Senator has been proven as electable to The White House, and even with near no experience.

Well, I did get out and move again on a bicycle yesterday and returned after some "out of the saddle" hill climbing but still more as of a cautious season starting happy in progress in restoring old once lived reflexing. My road bike is still a road bike and much more serious than my serious mountain bike, my serious mountain bike though still of science and "cutting edge" of an era before "shocks" common on bikes.

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