TO BE BRIEF - July 9, 2010

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Seems Washington needs to find and hire "ethicists" to understand my last blogged column.  May need to give them a week or more of not writing another to give them time to comprehend "ethics" involved.  Don’t know how long it has been since there were enough with such skill readily available on Capitol Hill.

Does saying "yellow politics" have the same intonation as "yellow journalism"?

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  1. These Dems have a big problem now continuing with “all the fault of Bush eight years” and especially now with Secretary Clinton still of such “politics.”

    It is illogical! If Afghanistan is now a necessary war than 9/11 cannot have been Bush’s fault and therefore the spending of Bush years to deficit cannot be Bush’s fault.

    It is illogical! If all the fault of Bush’s eight years and 9/11 not Bush’s fault than all the eight years of Bush years are the fault of the Clintons’ eight years?

    It is illogical! That economy being blamed on Bush when it was Pelosi Congress that kept him from other spending necessary to prevent such and to defend the surplus policies of Clintons/Dems.

    Logical: If all the fault of Bush eight years than the real message and only logical analysis such that it really all the fault of the Clintons and their eight years and then with Pelosi Congress then defensive in preventing Bush from replacing even more of the irresponsible budget cuts of their near 2 trillion cut and so not in time for Republicans to fix by 2008 elections and so then not in time to fix before all this “not Obama’s fault” false positings.

    Comment by J Peter Hogan — 7/11/2010 @ 11:16 am

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