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Ah, the windows of opportunity, closed?

How much is the doggy in the window?

Have the "politicians" now forced my hand to walk the line to "yellow journalism" as antidote?

What a dilemma, of morality questioning.

What a dilemma so now I face so long involved on more than one side for "positive change" for more than three sides.

What a dilemma I face now without a moral justification to do anymore what I did voluntarily for so long, as no one as top politicians or business leaders have volunteered note and secure the necessary footholds of such for positive change and economic growth.

If selfishness now the established standard and not even President Bush of footnoting in his soon to be released biography, then I have no motivation or moral calling to but match "politics" and "business" norms with maybe even attempting "yellow journalism" as a necessary antidote/standard.

I didn’t do what I did because I wanted to and sought to get to where doing it would take me, and didn’t do it because "leaders" or others said I should. 

Is it now down to whether President Bush footnotes or waxes prosaic?

Is that the only straw left to be the only not short straw left?

Sad is how years where thought "supporting" while actually presenting the last and least and near most undesired result. 

So, now there are fewer and some truer and yet now with paths and walks fewer and more not to be pursued.  A body of work substantial yet of the type one not to volunteer or work to market in mass but without others (not Clintons) volunteering and reaching out.

See, you/they have left me with "it must be a dog" as otherwise you/they would actually be knocking on my door or atleast my inbox. 

Don’t think me a fool to actually ask to mass market such, without demand and/or compatriots. 

See about the only thing you can say I was motivated to find while doing such is an answer to "whom can be trusted." 

So are Democrats inadvertantly returning New York City to being the defacto capital of the world?

I guess I could get a poodle, even in New York.

And today for some reason remembering that there are at least, likely a couple dozen homeowners to many more who every day consider me and home security for having installed new door(s) and locks for them and mostly around DC.


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