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So did you have a pedestrian Fourth of July weekend?

Were you an evil consumer of carbon?

Did you hunt, trap, kill, skin and process and ground your own beef, or venison offerings?  Did you serve your own catch, and maybe after collecting and catching your own bait?

Shouldn’t you have?  Isn’t that "going green" that would help Global Warming, global warming that is threatening the lives and habitat of polar bears, supposedly?

Wouldn’t more fish and sea creatures have died since BP well malfunctioning if big government didn’t move to suspend fisher people a right to fish, for fatier fish and such?  I saw/heard on tv last night that American native indians used to used raw crude for medicinal purposes, go figure.  Not even old Castor Oil consumption read. So the fish are surviving and more for fewer on Fourth of July plates and platters?

Did you walk the mile to the store for your party rations?  Did you ride a bike with a basket?

Did you put oil on your salad alone or just with vinegar and other delicasies? 

Global Warming alarmisms all bunk?  The lay of the lies too exaggerated?  Gore paid for it, and is for years to keep paying.  The ‘green’ in Spain was known to largely stay mainly to one job created to two jobs, carbon, lost.  Al Gore pushed America with his laying of lies of "science" to exceed "green" in Spain’s largely staying mainly to one job, "green", created to two jobs, carbon based, lost to radical reign to nearer three American old jobs lost for just one Gorist laid and schemed "green" job fostered.

Even pedestrian city dwellers, or more so such can appreciate the new Lance Armstrong ad with "tailpipes" to clean green hybrid/all electric to draft.  Cyclists are equal in such an understanding and maybe not even near as much of those in urban jungles. 

Cleaner air is a good goal, yes.  Learning to celebrate life doing the same activities while using fewer resources and carbon too.  Appreciating preciousness in scare resources a wonder even in lay of lies of Gore "science" bunk. 

And, now we are at where we are at with "green" push in America having cost closer to three jobs it seems and not just American jobs for bunk science for each green job created.  Wowwie!  Unemployed people consume less carbon, and so create less bad and evil carbon gas.  A win for Gore?

So are we now less safe than we were before we cost the globe so many carbon and oil industries jobs?  Did we un-employ too many in Middle East economies with Gore radicalization of United States economics? Did President Bush not have the luxury President Obama has of a global economy now with enough global oil consumption especially by India and China to have kept Middle East from becoming anti-American as a result of increasing to "green" and higher MPG standards for Americans?  Is it that India and China can now save or create enough jobs in Middle East that America now has the luxury to pursue more efficient cars and trucks and machinery?

So yes we could have created a couple air cleaning industries and set new priorities for wind and solar and with solar tech now so far along that soon home roofing shingles that still look like roofing shingles will actually be solar energy collecting cells and quite affordable.

So yes we could have created new industries without reigning to Gorist bedding of alarmism for globe with end of world scenarios and romancing.  If not for Gore, as subject, might oil prices not have climbed over $4.00 per gallon on subjective economics of alarmism in a supply and demand valuation calculations and so to that if not for such would economy not have shrunken so just because of $4.00 gasoline?


Walk!  It is now too late to reverse the Gorenomic cascade of from the lies he laid.  Federalism and state’s rights now maybe our only economics left to save us, and save us, yes, with a revaluation and evaluation to increases in local property taxes, as most equitable way to fix communities, of the problems professed by Obama Dems too but with their reaching to the most expensive and counter-productive big government solutions of "redistribution" of anothers to another without "justification" but "partisan".


Someone, someone, we got to a global crisis of valuation and not for of the causes seemingly yet explained. 

Someone, someone, if it is a global crisis of valuation and such then reworking all local communities towards new "greener" and "liveable cities" seems to suggest "local property taxation" as a necessary first reassessment and with such of global reassessing. 

Quickies, national on income and profit taxation seems the worst possible temptation, and yet the favorite of these Dems, right?



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