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Straight from Central Casting: a Russian Bear, and Bearess.

Times seven?  Indivisible?  Orthodox un-scrolled?

From their white haven, proud, and of chaps a squaws, west chestering?  A socialist underpined/covered?  And yet, what covers them best Bush even in hindsight, burning false commandments?

The lines were writ, and lines were drawn, and sanctions even tasked as meant true as commandments.

Establish Justice?  Not Ordered in our Union as "establish Justice" but a rendering favorable for socialists and nuevo-autocrats the Clinton "bear" and "bearess"?  Establishment?  Establishment justice a chiseling away at original commanding intent, towards ordering to Clintons as "establishment" with "justice" "government of man/woman" and cast away from writ as "government by laws"?

Have you missed the straight from Central Casting, "bear" and "bearess" slick Clintons of unraveling our basis in "equal Justice" and not just for its period of though hibernation?  Have you missed the subsurface plumes and slicks of their recasting Middle East, to reseting on path to maybe even a united Arab Socialist State, even allowing for Saddam Hussein to have risen with selfishness and greed as a Ba’athist Party assassin?

God save the Afghan peoples and their proud and local capitalist history. God save this place, this hallowed ground of to the Cold War what Gettysburg was to our Civil War.

Did you miss the turning points that these casting Russian "bears" "two-fer" attempted to their reach to nuevo-Autocrats of "Establishment" justice with them the uncontestable new global "Establishment" and for knowing where the bodies were/are buried, too?

Where, though, is Samantha Powers?

Did you miss the Clintons even out of hibernation "cozy" and the "too cozy" plodding socialist imperialism by careful "one foot in front of the other" advances adding step upon step to falsely getting Middle East and greater regions to blame America Republicans for all ills and evils, then considerable?  Did you miss the hard work at chiseling away reason and to establishment of a hard lined "us versus them" to near "red state v. blue state" Middle East?

Was Saddam Hussein, as Clintons nearly let be free again, as to nuclear as "Bill" is to "interns"?  Was Saddam without a doubt to return to nuclear capacity once free and with a new justification to return to hopes of conquering Iran, and as a Ba’athist up from its founding as a "ressurection" or "renaissance" party towards a united Arab Socialist State?  (ARAFAT, TERRORIST OR PEACEMAKER; by Alan Hart c. 1984 - for source of Ba’athist defined and purposed)

Saddam Hussein had to go?  Socialism to a single Arab Socialist State had to be thwarted?  Unless you believed in "Establishment justice" as Clinton bears?  Might makes right?

King Bush?  Bush the Terrible? or just really Czars Clintons?  Nuevo-Autocrats or bust, Clintons? 

Not the old Beaver Wars of Ohio, yet Bush beating now maybe not of Bush bad but now ‘reseting’ around Bush in hindsight an innocent?

Bush an innocent to much even for hindsight?  Yet, then how to explain his having seemingly done the necessary and needed and "right" and "good" yet without knowing how to do it better or sell it?

Hindsight, now clearly of "Russian bears" and not of Central Casting, comity?

And yet, maybe my getting Hollywood/going Hollywood less at risk with legal Dem precedence of taking over industries needing me now in Hollywood defending such from a Republican response post 2010 and 2012? 

A life of a "jet-setter" not a lost American Dream?

Can write, will travel, and, likes planes.  Maybe can act, too.

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