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So our Secretary of State gets to declare which foreign organic groups are "terrorist groups" - "a picture is worth a thousand words"?

And so now with Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project from our Supreme Court ruling so 6 to 3?

And so now with Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton once more of eight years of "dangerous inaction and avoidance" and then those years partly awol from Senate trying to regain "executive power" cover, of more like "Wilson’s War" executions?

Well, it has been reported as so so now it must be so and is is is anew:  Dynastic rule is passe now in America, long lead the non-Clintons and non-Bush?  But then for Bush not to be all after Clintons and not as the "two-fer" monolith but individually and critically is now to convince people of average intellect that Bush’s must have as much to hide as either or both Clinton.

Again, President Obama with his rare opportunity of a Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance did speak to dangers of "inaction and avoidance" as near like terrorist support and of its "dangers."

In the dissent I just read in mentioned case around our First Amendment and "terrorist support" expression there was even this sentence"  They will not engage in fraud or defamation or circulate obsenity."

Remember Georgia?  Remember "separatists"?  Did court even consider "holy war" and "crusaders"? 

Have you seen the graphic coverage of Afghanistan our Secretary of State supports though near naked in its presentation and towards obscene? 

America, Terrorist or Peacemaker?   Hellman Province not quite the Georgian "separatists" covered near prophylactically, graphically, geopolitically?  Did you miss the "Freudian" in Georgian around unwanted separation messaging? 

But really about Secretary of State now presenting so nakedly and graphically and so counter to passing to past days of basic humanitarian of Bush wars both in Iraq and Afghanistan of wise efforts to effect before it became too late such a return to seeing America past "cloak and dagger" and to a principled "standing with" as fellow human beings willing to accept equal standing.

So now Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton now presenting as an American return to "cloak and dagger" more than principled "standing" almost too late persued by Bush?

So Russia after being haranged by Georgian separatists, geopolitically phallic, did exercise and flex to turn their body politic around, and yes "their body politic" around?  Did you miss the way Russia presented graphically Georgia and more a separate arse, instead of phallic of discarded prophyllactic?  

But "Hillary Rodham" of "terrorist support" with efforts towards "walls of separation" establishment during years of "dangerous inaction and avoidance" President Obama spoke to with Nobel Acceptance? 

But "Hillary Rodham" of Hellman Province graphic and naked terror politics and still with years of aiding in establishment of "walls of separation" at our FBI between enforcement and intelligence efforts to prevent terrorism?

And, again have the Clintons become both exposed individually outside the monolith of their political "two-fer" with the recent Supreme Court ruling for their have one or both been of exercising "executive powers" when not a Constitutionally protected "executive"?

Is the other "graphic" Afghani province seeming more nakedly about shrinkage, or hardly so and so just more about — wait that ‘effort’ just got postponed, didn’t it?

(Personally I am missing the honest of Bush’s Iraq policies and wisdom of Afghani involvement limited to minor security help with school and road construction traded with Afghani people for permission for U.S. Troops to be in their country hunting freely for Al Qaeda, but without so many as to chase them into Pakistan.  Yes I am/was missing those days of Bush presenting America as honest soldiers willing to stand with all Iraqi people, equally, and at least for such time reduce America’s reputation for mischevious "cloak and dagger" behavior our current Secretary of State has near effected a "renaissance" of.  Yes, I was missing such until Bush admin missed taking the Clintons on loudly and publicly over past year.)

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