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Is it time anew for John Millington Synge?

Is it anew an era for William Butler Yeats?

How now but for Maude Gonne? 

Am I really better looking than Prince Albert of Monaco, son of Princess Grace?

Puff Diddy?  Puff Daddy?

Paul Giamatti as Adams?

Where is Dagny Taggart?

Where is Gail Wynand?  Dominique?

I am at least better looking than Paul Giamatti and near so of Prince Albert of Monaco?

Paul Giamatti as Adams?   You were better looking in first grade, old neighbor?

Hey SCOTUS:  If POTUS shifts to language and posture of POTUS BUSH with a return to "war on terror" and away from his "contingencies" towards imperialist neocolonialism so dating back to at least his early days in Manhattan as told by himself in his scribed DREAMS OF MY FATHER of "I picked my friends carefully…the Marxist professors…punk rock poets…neocolonialists" are you not then party to providing this POTUS a "gag" on media criticism of a sitting president?  Were there exceptions in your rulings and decidings that say would now condemn General McChrystal if President was of a "war on terror" instead of his imperialist neocolonial agenda postured?   Surely I will find when I find your full rulings around such, SCOTUS, that you addressed fully how any or some "criticism" of a president in a "war on terror" could be decided as "supporting terror"?

Ok, Paul, I am at least as good looking as you, too.

Are there protections for artists and poets?

Ignorance as bliss?

And, if when mail ordering a bride, without "knowing a priori"?


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