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"A GUILTY PLEA IN PLOT TO BOMB TIMES SQUARE" the HEADLINE with a Herbert chaser and Brooks "tough to swallow"?

Are you with our times, are you depressed?

Have you heard of the suspicions of a Rodham/Owama for profit terror industry, and its "justifications’?

And so now in those post men’s work day concerns around: My work is seemingly becoming too secretarial! 

Climate note:  It was the fall of 20__ … the famous _________-wing philologist was standing in the tea shop in elation over the Bush-Cheney regime and the future of young democracies.

Character background:  Writer wrote to argue for the surge in Iraq publicly on newsbusters.org as "uc" and one actually agreed to against the Kerriests towards "cut and run" still to arguing for sticking with such as it was one thing and maybe the last thing we had a moral obligation to try as not yet tried before we tried tail between our legs cutting and running.  Also such writer was also so publicly known for saying Hillary Clinton shouldn’t run and should not, and, could not win.  Also, well: I did say that New England may now blame President Obama with his play-offs intervention with a weak Oval Office bias presenting before sixth game as now like the "curse of Babe" with now a Celtic "curse of the Obama."

So Bob Herbert with your keen analysis so oddly wrought:  Is the Dems last chance now to embrace federalist agenda of tea-partier but with a forced legal gambling for each state?

So Bob Herbert with your keen crafting near hysterical to yet short of hard irony:  Can the Dems now survive only by forcing states to legalize gambling and construct with "stimulus funds" each their own a state run gambling consortium with immitation "Bubba Bills" (sexied up) playing saxaphones round and round?

So Bob Herbert, Mr. so clever: But can the golf arenas around your Dems last great deal long survive even with "Bubba Bill lives" look of all the impersonators?  Can even the golf enticements long consecrate "other than Bill" and ‘post Tiger Woods" as pimped out so long during Clintons’ years of meddling as a "fierce and virulent golf puppet" able to be commercialized and pimped out to unwittingly put sexy in golf for Clinton/Rodham temptatious governance and their strictly selfish puppeteering?

HEY TIGER??? GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN FRIEND. Didn’t expect to find you here.  Again, friend, good to see you here, what a burden you have carried having to be the virulent and sexy for Clintons’ golf misdirecting.  OH, by the way do you know where I can get a redistributable copy of President Clinton’s speech at your first Tiger Woods Learning Center Opening that had him telling a roomful of strange young-ones/youth fans that "as a politician I (Clinton) was a failure."?

Tiger: let’s do lunch! But, I got to get back to writing, now, ok?

To regroup here I guess it is best to refresh/reset around how the Clintons gambled away the futures of most of the small people and especially the racially biased against people (small/Democrat) with their calls to Wall Street to try the unthinkable.

To regroup here I guess it is best to refresh/reset America here now around how irresponsible the Clintons together as their monolithical "two-fer" with Hillary knowing full well how human and frail "Bill" was that she could wield the powers of her presidency just by spending the two thirds of every day still his with her, in co-dependency, to deny sex and favors say to get funding for schools in America too near railroad tracks and instead of taking out their irresponsible and unexplainable still rash 2 trillion from federal spending for jobs still in market and capitalism modeling.

When Greatness Slots Away?  These Dems last hope, Faustian?  And still remembering the microphones (off) when asking Wall Street to try to gamble away the risky loans they wanted to pimp out, and pimp out without the wiser federal spending to balance jobs necessary to maintain such?

We are human and proud of it, even if we actually accidently make babies and fail to just leave a stain on say a blue dress?

Where was Madam Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, aka: Hillary Rodham, aka: Hillary R. Clinton, aka: H. Rodham Clinton, aka: Secretary Clinton all those ‘necessary’ deciding years of able to intervene?  Did she fail to keep "Bubba Bill" the sexy and impersonated from diverting or did she need his divertings to justify her station of not yet having already been of holding of real and pertinent presidential powers for the fully allowed and consecrated and defended with blood eight years, Constitutional?

So Deputy President Obama: you are content, and your woman and her mother don’t mind that historically you have been and still are going down as no more than a "deputy" of "President Clinton" and inferior more each day Madam Rodham gains in locking in your inferiority, publicly, to her man? Wasn’t it too humbling and embarrassing to fall to former President Clinton in your early and fresh days of (making you)call him "The President" or was it just orated so yet still near as bad "Mr. President Clinton."?

Note: Well, right?  Of course the Times Square Bomber confessed!  What but to justify more spending by Rodham State Department on terrorist preventing could have been his path to restore his family and friends honor after failing in becoming a proud American?  How many nuevo riche are now those his old friends and now more secure in their funding to walk around a carry guns to chase phantom "terrorists" and get like a billion per hour from even hard working Americans compared to Americans minimum wage.

General McChrystal, I still feel for you having to wage an "necessary war" that our State Department cannot justify and cannot mission contain around that big old "opium in the room".  It was near President Obama’s call to "necessary war" around Afghanistan, and without justifying a but then how wasn’t it also justified during Clintons years so and so that I was publicly blogging with "bring our troops home, bring our troops home from Afghanistan, bring our troops home now." 

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