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Ok, I get it, I get that using six "centering do hickies" instead of "…the twenty one recommended by Haliburton scientists" could cause "knocking" and maybe knocking that could allow gas in crude to escape in bursts past crude in pipes.  I think.

I think!  But then why hasn’t the ship/vessel now acting as a temporary platform also blown up?

Oh, Hillary, the healing that can happen when you finally step away, and step away with a stepping down.

See: I have been a licenced contractor and even in DC; I have read building codes and had permits needing attention paid to number of hanger straps for household plumbing.  I am not now in construction, and not currently with any state construction licences, they all should have expired.

Knock, knock Dennis Quaid!!!  I just saw A SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP in past week for first time.  Oh, Hillary the healing that can begin when you and your as questionable "business" arrangement as BP with William Jefferson Clinton foundations ongoing!

Knock, knock Dennis Quaid!!!   I just saw myself as your ‘inspiration’ it seemed for more scenes in A SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP that those President Clinton was.  What are my rights, Mr. Quaid, Congress?

Knock!!!  Knock!!! Oh no, a gas pocket is climbing risers because enough "centering" do hickies not used to prevent pipe rattle and bounce?

Now Chris Matthews, do you have the answers, and since I only caught the last fifteen minutes of your special show last night:  That section with Pat Buchanan speaking to convention tends to look some like Dennis Quaid in A SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP too!  (I thought it was in 8-9 slot.)

Healing, what healing?  Oh, Hillary!!! Knock, knock?

Not a joke, either the pipe system that maybe didn’t yet knock, knock dangerously as the ship/vessel hasn’t also blown up, or Dennis Quaid presenting me and my contributions in "thought" and "nuancing" from 90s unpaid and unrecognized by Clintons.  No, not a joke.  Not at all.

Clintons as mentioned starting dropping fast in "Hillary for president" efforts as soon as I had officials on them not having permission to use my thinking then working closer to as meant with President Bush working to fix damage inherited from Clintons "two-fer" monolith of their presidency, in its allowed eight years.

Clintons, had a chance for all those eight years to approach me and secure ownership of such thinking and artistry and allow me to quietly reduce to just a "consultant" of much use.

Clintons, had every chance to approach me an acquire rights to so much that they loved to celebrate and profess as their own, until I asked officials to warn them away from my intellectual property.  Of, course they hired people and with such squirmed their way back to as close to such ideas of their past "successes" and hardly any of their past failures, and maybe still too close to for my happiness but so such too costly to contest then.

This is not a "friday news dump"!

If the Clintons had approached me and contracted a fair acquiring of my rights to my intellectual property so still being found in artists performances unexpectedly, I would have not been left only to defend myself as the architect of much of their success, once thought their success and now more fairly and honestly "not theirs."

Knock, knock???  Aren’t I supposed to get paid for an actor portraying me and my body of contributions as apparently portrayed by Dennis Quaid of me a non-public, unknown mostly private citizen?  I have mused to quite a bit but never to portray so on such a grand scale a confusing of what was/is mine with what really was Clintons.

Oh, the healing that can begin when Clintons fade away as until such time I cannot and will not bring myself back to such level of thinking and so as to avoid contaminating truths of history more have a right and a need to know, and even if it does defend some or much of the eight years of Bush admininstration and their having permission to work to repair damage from Clintons misuse of such integrated thinking.

Knock, knock!!!  Dennis Quaid, really, aren’t I supposed to get paid for such "inspirations" taken without permission or contract?

And, still, if the fewer "centering" do hickies were at fault why hasn’t the ship/vessel now acting as a temporary platform also blown up?  The pipe so installed hasn’t breached, right?  The pipe so installed still has the pipes above the sea-bed as the problem?  "Bill and Hillary’s" arrangements between State and Global Foundations more questionable and temptation to fraud than any oil business arrangements discussed yet this week?

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