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Mr. President have you finished your analysis of Gulf oil qualities? Have you discerned that if people still catch/net shrimp from spill area consumers of broiled shrimp from such will find nutritional value of at least less bad cholesterol than traditional English "fish and chips" of deep frying or even Burger King’s Whopper? Do you have the nutritional value and "serving size" information ready for tonight?

Global Warming a farce?

Scarcity of resources, and wars?

Remembering the eight years of inaction and avoidance that you spoke to in your Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance speech, of the Clintons’ eight years of avoiding action of enforcement of sanctions upon Saddam Hussein: Hindsight now seems to point to failed Arkansas environmental and agricultural policies by once, and for a while, Clinton ‘two-fer’ monolith of Governorship as, and like their federal time as governing monolith as: Failed policies and irresponsible budgeting by Clintons. Mr. President, the "baby tar ball" as small as a small snail you picked up for cameras some weeks ago: Did it make you remember a single time you tried to change your own oil in your Chicago driveway outside your four car garage and over the storm drain, and if such happened, and with your oil going everywhere but the small oil pan you put directly under car’s/Jeep’s oil pan..?

Oh, Hillary! Oh, Hillary? Madam Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton: In hindsight how do you feel about your novelty, your novelty maybe for being recordable in history as the politician whom before losing election to our office of the president had knowingly told more lies to Americans, and world wide so, and, "official lies" than any other past candidate in our history? And, how that you wanted your election to celebrate your and "Bill’s" past of known to have been lying?

So Mrs. Clarence (Gini) Thomas: I may agree with you more than disagree with you on your professed concerns that Democrats are trying to take America towards tyranny, is your site (you are setting up a site, yes?) almost ready?

Steven Straub, thank you for your Federalist Papers discussions, daily, on facebook: Reading today of concerns that America, our United States, was/is designed and consecrated to as a federal collection of states and only some a national and nationalist consolidation. Oh, what to do about a mineral rich Afghanistan country? Democrats would still necessarily have to surge with federalism first before attempting to surge with ’socialism’ as domestic agenda perseveres, right?

Interesting that CNBC’s Erin Burnett, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, already shared that China has one mine (towards) going in Afghanistan. (Mine:) So we as federal Americans are providing the security with our soldiers and our dollars, for such (capitalistic) Chinese?

Global Warming a farce?

Blood ores?

Operation Iraqi Freedom, now even more necessary a global precedence for the United States of America now maybe never able to leave Afghanistan, what with the earth minerals now known to the world to exist? But for Operation Iraqi Freedom what "example" would there be for Middle East and East to show that the United States of America is not out to run their economies and sieze their natural resourses as own?

Mr. President and Madam Secretary, you did see what I wrote as "chimed in" on www.politico.com ARENA thread yesterday, yes? Needed to know?

Scarcity of resources, and wars?

But now, resources, Afghani, needed for "green" industry the "oil pipelines" of Republicans?

Clintons:  How much damage did you let happen in Arkansas letting so much fertilizer and chicken/poultry waste into the waters in Arkansas to run free south to damage the Louisiana wetlands not being covered with oil?  How much damage did you do our policies and safety and economics by so rashly cutting near about two trillion in federal spending, and yes so irresponsibly so quickly?

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