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Phil, good luck!  Best wishes to your Amy not an unrelated Amy of IBM once thought buried in my past, for her then not quite past.

Yes, it is hard to think of golf on TV without IBM, yet, still your Amy is not the old IBM Amy of before Gerstner days, and likely now still tied the old way through clubs, in golf clubs, and dinner clubs.

Poor Tiger Woods now being given enough southern rope to hang himself in golf.  Poor Tiger Woods now being let to run his rope out and return himself to counseling…?

These are not the same old days of south!  These are not even near the same old Chicago days of Jack Johnson as this is golf.  This is a new day of level playing fields and greens still uneven.

Is it his wins that made so many enemies or his losses?

Phil?  Your Amy is not another’s Amy, fight on.

Is it Tiger’s wins that drove him to such to now maybe only attract K-Y ads and Trojan ads?

What is the corporate think but now the old "southern rope" of though now "enough to hang yourself"?

Is this the future of golf now on trial?

It is sort of like wondering how many times do I have to bring defeat to Hillary Clinton as to now still try to help Phil Mickelson and his Amy.  See: my heroes were of James E. Burke and even much of his taking down Frank Metz of IBM and so I thought of taking down and away the "Amy" of such era thought "left behind" for good.  To use one on another Metz and playfully with "ego" for "zero tolerance" dominance should have been clear enough that putting such in play by a daughter (playfully) of one to the defeat of her father was only to be interpreted as nulifying any future relationship with such an "Amy" on any grounds anywhere close to being based upon trust.

To leave without a win, while to keep your standards and ambitions in place before any real guilt could/should be established and in a different era but still an era of consequence in current politics national…?

Well, Ogilvy, I grew up wanting to be of a familiar legend like another Ogilvy and did fit quite so into such’s familiar’s shoes of old Church’s wingtips even when Phil, fell back in Mamaroneck, and so even years earlier at Tuxedo Club visit of considering another Amy not Phil’s.

It really is hard to believe President Obama is a SOCIALIST as to be such should require so much work in transforming our governance that he shouldn’t have any available time for golf or for basketball. Well, maybe I should get to just golf.

Is it a "level playing field" to play as Tiger Woods with so many known "belles" as like playing on steroids but without?  Is this the secret of "Bill’s" success or the secret of "Hillary’s" success? 

Surely women, it can only be one way and not both ways, right?

Well, for Tiger’s sake I do reflect that he grew up since first "golf spot" and such "national exposure" having more "girl friends" over fifty and maybe even over sixty five than any golfer ever.

Tiger, can you help the sport by helping Amys?  Can you help the sport by not spoiling marriages of choice and not of near forced compliance? 

Surely it is best for "Hillary" to remain silent and maybe take a fifth…?

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