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Hush Puppies?  Crude Stilettos?  Refined, pumps?  Game changer, basics?

Oh, how not to appear guilty?  How to refine from crude basics of Clintons’ pair?

Thank god for gumshoes? 

Well it seems a beautiful day for "barefoot in the park" and competing beaches.  Do you know the errors, historical, in GAME CHANGE?  Do you now know as well that "Hillary for President" no "happenstance of whimsy - post Clintons’ ‘two-fer’"?  Do you know that it (Hillary for president) may have been an old "deal breaker" in relations furtherance with underclassman "Bill"?  Do you know or have you yet just considered its possibilities such as "Hillary" might not have married "Bill" if she thought it would keep her from being the first Yale Law Grad woman elected president at national level?  Old school wear, wearing?

Thank god for gumshoes:   Remember Chicago?  Remember Al Capone caught on tax evasion? 

How to use 911 not as a joke:  Well don’t call and report the Clintons are breaking the Constitution by corrupt effecting with intent to selectively avoid the 22nd Amendment?  It may be the only "law" the Clintons can ever be prosecuted upon if President Obama seeks to try to clean up his own party.  The "walls of separation" the Clintons worked between enforcement and intelligence at the FBI are arguably protected under "presidential powers" right?   Their stretching to brushing professional legal ethics protected as well under "life is not fair - she had a better lawyer - do you need a lawyer?   Can you establish intent from carefully nuanced inflections to Anti-Americanism with her every oration of "it takes a village" as of reasonably clear intent to rile peoples of less education in areas like Afghanistan?  Could they have so "rigged the tables" and "stacked the decks" so long ago in old school wear that their onion didn’t need effort to grow protective layers over such?

Flip flops R - Us?   And old school pair, above prosecution?  "Negligence" a presidential protected power?   They really could have kept this just between them and used temptation and seduction of press instead of pimping with consent and knowledge/complicity, right?  All they need though was maybe just one "village leader" among radicals, but that they could have just spun to with hate speach or educated inflections of fork tongued double speak missed on most, or orated to be missed by all in America?

Oh, this novel working is tough.  How not to be too heavy and crude?  How to blame black gold in Gulf even though black gold gave many "brothers" (Muslim brothers) jobs and hopes and when in years in America that lower mpgs meant more jobs for muslims while India and China weren’t yet to capitalism and carbon consumption job creating themselves?  Why is President Obama and his Secretary of State so for America trying to kill oil jobs for muslims?   What to do now for national security as "Hillary’s" paying for peace is actually providing incentives for terror as a for profit industry?

Hush puppies?  Poppies?  Madam Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, I presume, it’s elementary/old school?

How can I write though to make such character appear innocent long enough to get the plot developed for the characters originally intended?  "It takes a village" with careful inflecting came to mind yesterday:  Anyone?   Could they really have done it just as a "two-fer" with media seduced to play at their rigged table without too much old school wear wearing?


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