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Anyone?  Anyone? Any of you know how to portray in written words a sense of a person looking confortable in thinking they were getting away with murder and mayhem or even just negligence?

Humble flats?  Wearing Prada to China?  Selling fattening American foods President Clinton championed now in China while pushing "get out and move" evolution of first lady messaging?  Oh, the poor in New Orleans now having their already devasted marsh lands and coastal wet lands long ruined by capitalism of Clintons from their public housing in Arkansas housing and federally provided housing?

Humble flats Madam Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton?  "Hillary"?  What did you wear to China, it may help develop the plot, or your innocence?  What did you wear your first day stuck in our Senate without any seniority in such a seniority defending institution?

Anyone?  Anyone?

So we are to believe still these are the already near ruined wet lands of Louisiana from years of agricultural polutants from states up stream and now also that BP has completely totaled a pristene and perfect well endowed coast line?

Anyone?  Anyone?

How do you write to portray "getting away with murder" confidence striding before one looking of complete innocence?

See it is like the problem with earlier fiction plot lines for Clintons:  They must have considered with their goals since early 70s to become the first married couple to be of two presidents some day that they would face "hurdles" and "broken heels."  The Clintons with such their goal since before agreeing to mount up a "two-fer" and maybe with the goal needing to be "possible" for both:  How did they figure to get past Americans unlikely to elect one right after the other?

Anyone?  Anyone?  A summer who done it - fiction?

A summer who done it - yet? - How could they "reinvent" one or the other enough & how could they highjack any president’s power that came between them?  How would they have planned for such and especially once the possibilities of VP Gore greater likely than First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton?  How to highjack the power even if another got between them?  How to make say a President Gore, especially once very likely, look inferior to President Clinton and make even Democrats pine for a return of Clintons to such see?  Would they need an attack to overcome this MAJOR barrier to them accomplishing their master plan?  Would they have to somehow stay in an international "drivers’ seat" and to use the "crisis" to also boost the spouse then not yet president say out of years of near obscurity as an junior member of United States Senate?  How did/would best work?  How might they try to cheat the system and look perfectly innocent?  How could they find something, something say to get "Hillary" out of obscurity and also out of having to return to Arkansas?  What could they do to stop their flight to political obscurity even as a once great "two-fer"?  How? Anyone?

Well, maybe there is a plot line out there that can explain the "possible" in such fiction other than this past season of "24".  Was it maybe not the Russians afterall but just some autocrat want to be(s)?  What could they possible have come up with back in those plotting days of their law school studies with "Bill" interested in an older woman?  For the story to work they must have thought of something for otherwise they wouldn’t have "thought" enough about the job they were seeking, right?

Will their pal A.G. Blumenthal by November suffer more from being a Democrat and a friend of Clintons than one big lie to fix a charisma problem?

Has anyone used the who done it investigative plot line of the FBI called to collect every pair of shoes current and past still around anywhere of a Secretary of State for forensic analysis?

Humble flats, Hillary?  Could they ever be enough?

Bill and Hillary what did you come up with? When did you come up with it?  How, how would you work a reinvention of say "Hillary" to get her out of obscurity as a junior Senator, a junior carpetbagging Senator now trying to avoid "going home" to Arkansas?  What could work but an attack or a war for say President Al Gore that could make Clintons look better at peace and get Americans and world to pine for a quick return of Clintons?

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