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Are you ready for some comity?

That said:  Are you ready for some comedy?  Some devine comedy?  Could it be?


So we are now just wondering if Madam Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, a lady of presidential ambitions from as far back as law school days plotting with an underclassman "Bill", has enough shoes.

So now is "Hillary" as prepared as Imelda Marcos?

Where is the pair for "they sunk my battleship"?  Is it still the same pair from days after young and most junior Senator Barry Obama "sunk her presidential battleship"?  Oh, if only President Carter had moved American to the cleaner and renewable energy of from peanut oil.

So our Secretary of State had her presidential "battleship" sunk by such a little know underling with equal or greater "hype" factor of "new"?

So Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has known the Clinton "two-fer" for their presidential ambitions and plottings and shoes too maybe since his law school days.  So A.G. Blumenthal must have known by 1993 a ball park number for the number of convenient lies the Clintons were getting away with telling the regular American folks and hard working folks like myself.  So is "Hillary" still of her "Obama sank my battleship shoes" and mustn’t they be tight?  Oh, how easy it would have been for A.G. Blumenthal to maybe wonder on maybe just trying to benefit publicly with just one lie, even if just one very BIG lie?

Are you ready for some fiction, for some fiction as soon as we all get past remembering it as historical fact that the Clintons are known to have lied towards getting elected in 1992?  Are you ready for some "good cop - bad cop" bad humor?

So I am one that has known since early 70’s that a Clinton two-fer was plotting or just dreaming towards becoming the first married couple of two presidents.  Poor me having passed time slowly with such a burden of knowledge, while more right of center living in a liberal neighborhood.

So did Attorney General Blumenthal just think a Connecticut A.G. with a known charisma problem deserved just one lie to help him with his popularity?

Does our Secretary of State Madam Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, who could have become Madam Mrs. William Blythe III, all the same, really now have a pair of shoes, as Imelda Marcos did, for everything? Shouldn’t we be asking especially with her already having had intimate power of presidency as a first lady?

Have we reached comity yet?

Have we done due diligence around a plot line existing of like the "More Poetry, Please" Friedman commentary on President Obama of "missing" for such?  Have we asked if the Clintons had hatched a plot for unrivaled power, so of become undemocratic power for messaging control that could turn any tale needed for a vote regardless of "proper shoes"?

Have "Bill and Hillary" had the fall of Lucifer already?  Has "Hillary" been an agent of Dante’s fires herself or maybe just a manipulated tool? 


The Clintons together unkowningly or knowingly acted to raise unrivaled popularity in "Bill’s years" by playing the "good cop" letting everyone have their excesses and with encouragement to temptations of excesses?  Which is better fiction:  Knowingly plotted as undemocratic power grabbers?  Or:  Unknowing or knowingly having been manipulated by Satan from weakness of their…?

Are you ready for some fiction? 

Could Clintons’ "two-fer" intentionally spent years spreading unwise temptations to build popularity of "good cop" around "Bill" and all the while to later with "Hillary" properly aligned after so many years of plotting for a messianic like savior role of playing the "bad cop" we need because…?

Hillary didn’t have the right pair of shoes when Senator Barack Obama sank her battleship did she?

What is just one lie?  Mr. Friedman the problem with the Clintons still on the scene and so many years post days President Carter should have sold us on peanut energy:  The problem is their is such a plot line that exists as not yet proven not to exist beyond reasonable doubts, right?

DOOMSDAY SCENARIO:  Why didn’t President Obama just order a nuclear submarine to be park on top of the first "top hat" that froze flow within and keep it parked as "containment" until a relief well set?  Now we probably will need a larger caison if cut and pipe refit fails and of sufficient structure for the ironic of needing a nuclear submarine until August or later to just park atop to "kill" but not kill.

Note:  I did just practice my recipe for peanut buttered linguini with onion and shredded carrots if you need a temporary recipe to get you past the shrimp shortage…  You may prefer to devise your own "individualistic" solution, I so understand in these days so close to a failed American Socialist Revolution. 

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