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It was all over by November 1, 2009.   It was all over by the time Thomas Friedman’s column reached full circulation.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day.   Today is the day, the evening, the night for our nation’s Memorial Day Concert on our Capitol grounds.

How can it be?  How can we be having a Memorial Day Concert this year as usual?  How but for still supporting arts with public funds can Democrats be party to this ceremony in 2010?  How are we not already to having moved such "event" to a May 1 annual occurance?  Do you remember Thomas Friedman’s October 31, 2009 column "MORE POETRY, PLEASE"?

It hasn’t been a typical "American year".  It hasn’t been a year of celebrating America’s long fight againt communism and its spread and our long struggles to prove the American way of capitalism and individual efforts as better.

How are any of these socialism pushing Democrats even quiet on yet another "Memorial Day Concert" happening to celebrate our United States of America’s long histories of battles and sacrifice to save or create democracy and peace?   Can we expect anything short of Democrats now pushing to move "free public concert" still as supported and brought to you by superior public support of arts, and to get moved, and moved quite symbolically to near or on May 1st of future years?

How can we rectify "More Poetry, Please" today?   Was Thomas Friedman "duping" or "duped" back near November 1, 2009 as he wrote that Obama had no sense of "poetic theme" or plot to his marxist administration?   Was it clear Obama/Clintons adminstration had clearly by then been holding to a ‘revolution’ to move America to the left of socialism?  Was Mr. Friedman just missing it?

So tonight we have an annual concert that celebrates fights and battles and especially Operation Iraqi Freedom and its actual spreading of rights "Hillary" is supposed to have held dear during Clintons’ eight years yet while choosing to sleep on inaction and avoidance.   Anyone?

Tonight we have a concert to rightly honor and memorialize again our American struggles to preserve and nurish freedom.   And, now so much of our way of life years so defended are being still declared "wrong" and to  just wrong, and even for their lifting economies of Middle East in ways no other economics may ever have permitted.  Anyone?

Are Democrats boycotting the 2010 Memorial Day Concert and I just haven’t heard them reported as taking such a idealic stand/principled stand?

I still hold it as truth that Operation Iraqi Freedom was a necessary "operation" even though President Obama still doesn’t.   I still hold to theory that the mostly manufactured for domestic political play of  "anti-war" efforts by Dems is still greatly responsible for Operation Iraqi Freedom taking years longer than projected, and as from such having distributed a palpable feeling likely in Iraq that the United States of America and Coalition states would cut and run and leave the people seeking justice and freedom at the mercy again of Ba’athists and Saddam and/or the sons of Saddam.  I still hold fast to idea that the best time to have prosecuted Saddam Hussein was early into the eight years of Clintons avoidance and inaction and quite near before three years of their holding sanctions upon him.

But, really to be brief:  What to do about the Clintons?   Has her only arguable "success" as Secretary of State been from buying new "american popularity" and not from any discernable "diplomatic skill"?   And now on Koreas while Obama/Clintons administering of foreign policy somehow either "poetic" or "not poetic" as their policies of pushing and pulling America left to socialism seems to justify the have nots of North Korea having a right as well to the riches of South Korea.

Mr. Friedman,  how are they having it both ways?  Did you get Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton ("Hillary") stating "politically" and not "diplomatically" and as our Memorial Day was fast approaching:  that America should consider becoming more like Brazil?  And did you miss the possible "plot" of such so near stories of Brazil’s leader making nice with Iran’s leader?

Well, May Day in 2011?  

So now with Afghanistan having been the "Gettysburg" of the Cold War where the Soviet Union started its fall for socializing and communist revolutionizing in Afghanistan failed?  So to take America to socialism we have to be able to show our "socialism" is able to work in Afghanistan?  

Oh, and Mr. President as you still hold true to your "Iraq was not a necessary war" how do you now as you keep borrowing strategies that we tried and tested in Iraq and to "worked", now, in attempts in Afghanistan?

Memorial Day for me is still of long struggles by America to defend from foreign attempts to do what Democrats are now attempting domestically.  You?

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