Dear Memorial Day celebrants:

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It has come to my attention that our United States of America now should become more like Brazil.  And, so from our Secretary of State surprisingly and so unexpectedly on the heels of Brazil and Iran meetings.

Well, this may be our last Memorial Day celebration as a free and democratic republic.

According to Democrats now in power we need to become more a socialist country.

According to Secretary of State Madam Mrs. Clinton we need now to make the rich pay for everything.  

So in considerations for your Memorial Day celebrations please consider this could be America’s last as a celebration of what made us the success we were until recently.

So in consideration this weekend as it seems necessary for America, for our United States of America to become a socialist state, please broach with your compatriots the socialism dilemma of the "how" in who to choose to be our leader. 

Surely, we are not to threaten our necessary moves to socialism by attempting further reliance on risky and unstable "democratic" choosing?  Surely we need to find one leader or one "first family" to be our new Autocrats and helmsmen in socialism without limits to term.

It does now seem to great a stretch to think the Clintons can be any more in consideration for such shift, necessary shift, to autocratic governance with a new socialism, and not just because they had their happy eight years allowed already, but, more for they had their eight years cutting spending by two trillion or so when as socialists they should have been increasing it and raising taxes, even if it would lead to the down economy we now have.

So how as we now are best to model our spending on Brazilian governance are we to choose a leader?  Do you have time to consider this during Memorial Day Weekend?  Do you have time not to afford considering such? 

If we are to become socialist then we need the even helmsmanship of an Autocrat not limit in term or with term put at risk by uncertain democratic decidings.

So even though "Hillary" (Madam Mrs. Clinton) does have a "need" to be our leader isn’t it now far too great a stretch to consider either Clinton for Autocratic governance ad infinitum, as for in hindsight many have already done the math and determined their rash rushing to SURPLUS popularity put even many socialist programs and other appropriate federal spending for jobs into the downward spiral we now are trying to recover from?

Then of course we have Madam Mrs. Clinton, as a sitting Secretary of State, saying so soon after Brazil’s leader was making nice with Irani leaders… to America needs to become more like Brazil.   Is it from your ability to "Hillary’s" need to stay in power, to her own selfish "need" in close intimate union with "Bill" that your efforts and ability should be so dedicated?

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