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If COMMON SENSE had been written by a Chuck Windsor instead of the reknown Thomas Paine half the "poetic" - at least half its poetry and prudence may have been lost or just confused.

As per the Clintons much more of a King James version we again have much to discuss critically re: the Clintons.   I am not saying the Clintons, either of "two-fer" are of German descent - I don’t actually know anything about such - nor am I specifically pressing a germanic common to Speaker "Woody" Boehner.

The wild boars of Odyssey Dawn(s) are about and confused - confused maybe as if COMMON SENSE had been attempted by a Chuck Windsor.

I reserve the right to revise and extend these remarks at least through our Labor Day.  Such may be all I do here Augustly, and with what days of July remain before the eve of August that is J.K. Rowling’s birthday on the 31st.  Please don’t forget she and I will both be marking the same number of years this week with my special day to be remembered, too, as August 4th.

The PLOTTING THOMASES that is the CLINTONS’ "TWO-FER" is much more of a "plotting" than "doubting" re: "DOUBTING THOMASES" of our COMMON SENSE(S).  I don’t know if Mory’s has wild boar on its menu - but I do have occassion today to look and maybe consider.  It may now be near thirty or forty years since I last was so present and hosted.   If I were in NYC I might be regular to a Princeton and Villanova culinary of reciprocal clubbishness.

The democratic PRUDENCE of Martha and George, so much of our times fighting off King James and his merry bands - Oh, yes:  RIP recently passed founder of Toads Place. - Yeh, those who know Mory’s know Toads - though those that know Toads may not know Mory’s.

Oh, yeh!  What was I saying - why was I mentioning a PRUDENCE of Martha and George with a concern about Clintons both more of King James.  Yes, no question mark needed - more rhetorical!

In those days of Odysseus and hunts for and general risks from or of wild boars - where was Penelope?

As (shall we herald and trumpet/say) about Speaker "Woody" Boehner of Ohio and a weening likely still of beaver tail as the delicacy of our old beaver country tales, much celebrated and served up with UNDAUNTED COURAGE travels and trafailing of Jefferson’s Lewis and Clark — he is more of Federalists or Jeffersonian Republicans than Clintons or King James, right?

See "Woody" Boehner and the great beaver tails is as poetic an American tale as Thomas Paine and Common Sense and maybe Washingtons and their King James cleaning/revolving/rinsing.  Oh, but Clintons, the PRUDENCE of Martha and George is still alive - two terms is all that can be democratic and American.   Thomas, our early "doubting Thomas" much like Pakistan’s Iqbal was much to creating an Ubermench for his people and his time and all so situated and their future.   We became Americans and democratic airing our doubts about "pains" inappropriate and too taxing from King James, much about our Thomas Paine.

As per our Constitution and its Amendments, besides that we may be due some revisions and such now, I have no idea who or whom was some or most responsible for us so Constituted with specific barring from a governance that would allow "titling."  Martha and George consumated such prudence and sound constituting especially with them walking away after just two terms to prevent a air of titling that would contravene the bar from titling.  They, unlike, Clintons worked much if not most to keep US from Kings and titles.  We could not have had an election of former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton without former President William Jefferson Clinton in effect and so of aires as if TITLED as King or Queen.

We have, for now, been saved from "FIRST LADY BILL CLINTON" heralding and jokes and as fodder just for the late night comedians.  We have been restored some, but not near enough, to our original prudence against titling that Martha and George parsed and consumated - walked and talked - rode and galloped.

It is now clear as day, with Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton - aka "Hillary" - so improperly and undemocratically empowered, as a high ranking mere political appointee - a mere high ranking political appointee - that "Bill" would have essentially become "TITLED" against our founding doubts, purposes and constructs and bulwarks aims and preventions if "Hillary" had managed to seize our Presidency as their "throne."  As it is with CGI and "PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD BILL CLINTON" we already have concerns that "Bill" may be incidentally or puposefully near or quite of treasonous intent and doings - we do have a Congress empowered to approve all gifts to "officers" of our United States and as "Bill" is much still by his own assertions and undeniable "is" of our politics an acting "officer" or just a associated officer through marriage union and such conflicts of official interests and duties – we have the right to have our Congress open up and look at "Bill’s" entirety of monies, gifts, and "commitments".

Our Thomas Paine of our original constituting around what to doubt and when to fight, like say Speaker "Woody" Boehner, are much less of King James than both Clintons - than both Clintons who really would relish TITLING and more than the apparent TITLING that maybe just late night comedians would have wrought about QUEEEN BILL - FIRST LADY BILL CLINTON - QUEEN OF DENIAL WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON as an election of "Hillary" would have essentially TITLED at least President William Jefferson Clinton in ways more King James than American.

As it it with "Hillary" just a mere high ranking political appointee we have seen enough to confirm suggestions that Clintons were looking for acceptions for themselves to become extra-Constitutional and near TITLED or just irreplaceable and inevitable for Americans and people of the world denied even a vote before "PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD BILL CLINTON" pronouncements.

Now for wild boars and Mory’s selection it may be more a Chuck Windsor a better maitre d - host - commodore.   But for us about say a Speaker "Woody" Boehner likely much raised around delicacy of beaver tails we now have enough on our plate re: Clintons to suggest they and their "is" and other "is" have been contrary, contradictory and purposefully confusing to our general common sense and sensibilities.

It wouldn’t have only have been our late night comedians that would have been seeing "Bill" as essentially TITLED and of expectations about such if First Lady Hillary Clinton had actually seized the throne that is our Presidency as she and "Bill" had thought inevitable for them and quite a prize for our times, our times allowing a shift, generally, to a greater King James variation, at least for themselves as globally and domestically as they could assert.

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