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THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD doesn’t need to be guilted into doing the right thing - it doesn’t need its WASHINGTON to tell it what to do to be great.

It corporate jet "problem" is really as much a problem of its liberal artists and their compensation and private jet lifestyle.

America doesn’t need its GOVERNMENT in WASHINGTON to control all its monies for good - it once had a more vibrant and energized voluntary good organizing about it just in past decade in days before this "community organizer" set about the "redistribution" he threatened "Joe the Plumber" he would.

Our office of the President seems to be disappointing its current holder as once again like his earlier personal problems with community organizing that have a tone about them throughout his DREAMS OF MY FATHER with "I got to get out of this place (community) - If I only had real power what I could do - I got to get out of this place" nearly as now again "Barry" finding that easy money isn’t easy to come by and much else inherently in such tone of book.

President Barack Hussein Obama seems to be finding that exactly what he felt a strong desire to get away from cannot be gotten away from even by our President with our Constitutional Powers of our office of the President.  His recent performances seem much of same attitude expressed in his DREAMS OF MY FATHER of trying to move on when going got real – he seems to be stuck thinking ROBIN HOOD Powers came with an inauguration to holding such office and without real powers to bring people together would be needed not just a title and simple attempts to dictate.

It can be argued and has much over many years been so aired that we are THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD just because we don’t need our WASHINGTON based national government to do all the spending, and specifically much of spending spree/binging this administration has been attempting.  If liberal artists can have their very high compensation and private jets how can it be so bad for our corporate leaders to be compensated with similar balance/ratios?

President Obama objects to "carrots" of corporate psychology and ambition that have long motivated business leaders and similarly liberal artists - and so now obviously with a personal method prefering the "stick" to "carrots" with "guilting" his motis operandi. 

Again, we are a great country today specifically because our citizens have been willing to spend much voluntarily and selfishly with personal passions for causes of their hearts and minds and so that we haven’t needed the type of spending that President Obama has been wanting powers to since, it seems, his distasteful community organizing days.

With such so much at issue with these recent performances by President Obama it is now even more sad that last night with his calls to "balance" and "to avoid politics" he not only mostly played politics he denied many real causes of economic downturn and played politics with 9/11 and then as well with veterans with his specific priorities per "necessary spending" putting "roads" ahead of "veterans care" and then "medical advances" after "veteran care."

If you have found the above here than you likely already know I strongly believe the Democrats have been mostly at fault for this current great economic down era and well beyond the quite real factor about such that was announcement of "HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT" and then soon upon "I WILL SEIZE ALL OIL COMPANY PROFITS…" like.

Besides how many private citizens were empowered with interests and new technology and internet(s) (use "(s") when emphasizing competition in net web world) such that many issues about these "spending" excesses by President’s degrees and attempts to dictate are also much of spending that our Washington doesn’t need to do because our states, counties and cities are actually set up to do it better and more fairly with wealth and property tax systems.

It is also much the Democrats fault for very poor economy just because they attempted so much without first attempting to change entire federal tax system so that our income tax basis couldn’t work as a natural check to over-reaching and over-governing by our leaders.  Dems shouldn’t have told people that they shouldn’t be working so hard and expected to still get enough revenues from taxing their work - as a "green" example — and shouldn’t have told those making profits that they were bad and guilty for creating so many profits and income such that a "compliance" or "acceptance" would then greatly as well cut off the revenue from profits and income these Dems had been planning on spending.


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