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This matters at least to future generations.  When it comes to politicians "OWNING IT" we have some interesting "OWNERSHIP" to get around to accounting for.

It may be more appropriate to prioritize now about so much as concerns for "next gen" of politics more than just a still at risk "future generation."

Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton aka "Hillary" may wish she could fix everything now with a convenient party change to an official affiliation with Republicans - such is the type of "desperate" political move her mediocrity may be demanding if she is to hold on to "respect" any longer.

The Clintons and their national involvement since early 90s stand now with an abundance of effectings to well justify that our 22nd Amendment is best to stand as it seems to have been wrought to consider spouses inseparable as per office limitation checking.  The 22nd Amendment was written and ratified fast upon the Republican national sweep as concerns that Roosevelts had held power for too long - in years while discussions were likely still fresh across our nation with rumors and whispers that FDR’s daughter and wife were actually running our country.

Our 22nd Amendment sits here in amidst our greatest laws and checks and balances designed as bulwarks, all, to People’s rights and freedoms, and as specifically rights and powers over all tyrants and monarchical leaders.  It sits so though as officially of "undecided laws" where "intent" and "reach" or "purpose" still hasn’t been "interpreted."  Yes it sits so that hardly anything I say here about it cannot be yet officially said to be wrong or inaccurate.

That said, it is time to talk about "ownership" of Iraq, and yes Republicans how at fault you all are of the 1990s for not sticking "ownership" of Iraq and Saddam’s war crimes well upon and to President Clinton within just his first term, or quite at least as long into it as President Obama is now into his own.  America’s "Washington" must have generally lost its collective mind by then already since a failure to prosecute Saddam Hussein within such "window" was irresponsible and damning to our jurisprudence and global reputation.  Clintons own it now - own the association with Saddam Hussein the invader of Kuwait and warrer with neighbor Iran - the mass murderer of his own people while quite religiously biased against Shiite people.  Clintons become the evil associates of Saddam and to our grand compromising with them not having stood up otherwise to condemn and prosecute Saddam Hussein withing their first couple to few years so charged with our leadership and associations.

Madam Clinton, now stands out as one of the most compromised and outright wrong choices for Secretary of State of our United States of America.  She is a bundle of confusion and gross associations, global, much too of being too accepting and forgiving of Saddam Hussein - the Ba’athist that started in Iraq politics as an assassin.

Yes, our 22nd Amendment though there to be partially used is also there suggesting we have wiser and necessary greater protections and checks to Power than yet "interpreted" or "accepted" — A spouse of a term limited President, regardless of their sex, is best to be also term limited and so prevented wisely from campaigning to return a term limited First Couple to such rare powers, and as well to checking either spouse from any seat within our line of succession to our office of the President like a cabinet level job, especially, as Secretary of State.  The real Clinton story just since the inheritance of expectations to see that Saddam Hussein got prosecuted tell the story best, it seems, yet, as to why especially such an "interpretation" is wise about the Clintons, specifically.

There is much to talk about "ownership" of the administration of Barack Obama but really it is what the Clintons both still politically own from days only so far of their own first administration that are quit a core, a rotten core, now about so much that is wrong.  The Clinton Administration failure to prosecute Saddam Hussein at least in such as first few years of their "leadership" did associate all Americans with Saddam’s personal guilt, and seeming quite willingly and with acceptance by "Bill" and "Hillary."  Their failure to bring Saddam Hussein to justice in all of their eight years is a guilt by association and an old acceptance we still haven’t found a way to afford, not even just politically.

The Cold War was over and the invasion of sovereign Kuwait beyond the pale for such an era - America no longer had excuses to look the other way with Saddam Hussein without as Clintons "leadership" so being to a grosser and more evil "acceptance" even with "no-fly" posturing.  Clintons’ effectings with "no-fly" zones was more like reducing charges against Saddam Hussien for Shia genocide to just more to being a misdemeanor.

Essentially, Republicans, the Clintons both "OWN" core of most of our current economic and geopolitical problems and mass confusion about domestic spending priorities, but some to many of you some how played along and secummed to their seduction and temptations necessary for them to hold on to designs to reach to sixteen years with official designation as our FIRST COUPLE.  They had the motivation and opportunity to pervert our general Welfare and Posterity especially due to rareness of such as an era of America young again for not yet knowing how to be a sole superpower.

The Clintons "OWN" that so much of so many problems naturally can be explained by their personal and selfish ambitions and power reaching and plotting - but still by association many Republicans, not as ambitious, did fall to specific targeting and seduction to Clintons’ way far more than was wise or safe for their constituents.

President Obama does "OWN" this economy and hardly just because he proceeded to start campaigning for re-election before even attending to simple and clear duties concerning our debts and budgets.  President Obama owns what cannot be said to be still more being held close by both Clintons with their machine politics power plays and holds necessary for their ambitions counter to wisdoms of 80th, and Republican, Congress that wrote the term limiting that America ratified into law.  By this far into the Clintons first term, and yes "Hillary" too by her own insistance, the Clintons had become the "OWNERS" of an assocated guilting for all Americans for their failure to prosecute Saddam Hussein.

Yes, I think it has been wrong for so much of the Bush family to have been not just offering Clintons friendship and forgiveness but for having still been about such, yet, as it seems.   President Obama might not have so many economic problems if it weren’t for such about the Clintons but may only fairly while also recognizing he is much having to deal now with their gross underfunding and unfunding that was their SURPLUS. 

That the Clintons have been so long and specifically to ambitions and means to work around barriers seemingly original to need and wisdom of our 22nd Amendment is much present as their novelty has fallen apart, from their 8 and not merely worn away.

As specifically per Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, who knew enough since Yale Law School dangers, political and legal, about not fighting to try to be President before "Bill", we have "Hillary" now of so much giving of money away in a down economic more just buying popularity back without any clear economic gain or balancing worth.  Her entire reigning as Secretary of State may go down as some of the most misdirected in our history and of our greatest moments gone from an era that offered us better opportunities to actually get some global burdens shared more equally.

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