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Today is not August 2nd of this year 2011. Our President is haunted by his GLOBAL WE.

He of his "we" so global now has a BIG "fairness" chasm with churning turbulence all about our politics.

We of our more humble "We the People" now have him of his Cairo and his Berlin and as well his Russian "RESET" button stuck much for his "global we" not proportioned or explained and so not at all a faired proposition for blind acceptance.   How stuck is he so even for not securing Venezuela for his redistribution ideals, we have to ask, right?  How can he have claimed a fairness about his GLOBAL WE so if only about apologies and reapportionment of American treasures and treasuries, right?

Was it just young Barack Obama being like "jumped into" a Kenyan neo-colonialism rich with global socialist aims?  How was a "RESET" button for Russia meant when of a OBAMA GLOBAL WE that didn’t try for a fair distribution of the reported greatest concentration of billionaires in any one global city that is a broadcast statistic of modern Moscow?

Today his Cairo Speech to Muslim World crashes and crashes about him, and any current budget discussion supposedly of he and his local US based of his GLOBAL WE as about a fairness while still mostly just of an American redistribution?   How can we be such a force for good around the world about what may not actually be an Obama neo-colonialism and yet not have him again in Russia, Cairo and Berlin putting us at the helm of his GLOBAL WE "redistribution" and with proposals for revenue fairly from each to all of such regions?

Surely if we are "humane" in helping ourselves with NATO to a colonialism of Libya we would have been better from the start of such GLOBAL WE to have moved on Venezuela and their oil riches, right, so it figures about logic of a global we, right?  Well, what "logic" there is that is in the pronouncements about "fairness" and such by President Obama per justification of a right to redistribute without full or fair debate and democratic vote, that it.

Stay tuned, it isn’t August 2nd yet - and his GLOBAL WE of his "we" and then again "we" still seems more of foreign "we" than a democratically checked and fully measured more humble and appropriate domestic "We."

How now with his "we" so a GLOBAL WE without a MANIFESTO to explain any benefit for Americans still more humble of our "We the People" as CANDIDATE OBAMA now as well long of avoidance of budgeting duties of our office of the President - His candidacy has certainly kept him much, arguably, from his sworn duties of his office especially around keep of our debts, right?

August 2nd is not here yet, but our worries of such chasm and turbulence are of no promise of assistance around such GLOBAL WE so much of lack of "fairness" from his swell set, and, especially around global concerns around his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of so many very public moments shared with Cairo and Russia "RESET" arguably of shortcoming and failings in leadership by his chief Diplomat, more than by himself.   So much of his GLOBAL WE problem are quite arguably notable as of edits missed or not argued for by Secretary Clinton.

Seems our Republicans are onto a current about such so much of them of a GLOBAL WE without any algorithm actually worked out and checked to actually suggest any real fairness or actual full consideration.

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