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First though we have our largest Constitutional concerns that a general vileness is still much of the tempest.  A "vileness" isn’t usually or customarily thrown about due to a single speechifying or single floor politicizing - such likely has much history to it, if justified.

Now though about the "means, motives, and opportunity" of the Clintons’ 8 and our Constitution, some:

We have a general Constitutional concern about most of the Clintons’ 8 as them of a reaching globally much to seize opportunities for personal power that only the end of the Cold War or another very major world wide change/crisis could allow.

Personally, I must admit that I just had to look up the definition of "vile" and still mean to look up a big word used by Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz aka "The Head of the DNC" when taking on her fellow Floridian for voting against helping his Floridians keep living off other peoples work, without a new discussion actually rationalized with detail around arguments for redistribution philosophy.

While it is becoming more apparent that the Obama Democrats actually don’t have a worked out MANIFESTO for fair redistribution we are still stuck with the rare power grab opportunities that the Clintons were both so much specifically to as an intimate "two-fer" global power couple.  The lies of the Clintons so long talk about may be more vile than the recent confluence of lies or worse, worse if "ignorance", that have come from "Head of DNC Wasserman-Schultz" while of general party speak.

"Vile" seems more appropriate to the lies and long plotting of the Clinton "two-fer" but actually fitting to Representative Wasserman Schultz though more for recent speaking as DNC Chair than those few moments, also of such, while playing local politics against her fellow Floridian.  Representative Allen West can clearly defend and explain his own use of "vile" as per his fellow Floridian, so let me return to the still too little discussed vileness of the continued power reaching by the Clinton "two-fer."

As it is, President Obama, with his attempts so about a REDISTRIBUTION, so also vile, so far as yet, yet for it now having not been accompanied with an actual full and complete MANIFESTO, a document fully differentiating HAVES from HAVE NOTS, and specific class differences necessary about any administering also of a RACE TO THE TOP, we are all still at risk for the Clintons’ 8 vile global power reaching.

The 1990s, with the end of the Cold War, and, with our United States of America, were of rare opportunities for individuals to attempt to grab global powers beyond most peoples comprehension in extra-Constitutional ways.  This seemed not only known to the Clintons but also quite of their motivations and selfish plotting with otherwise thought Constitutional Powers of our Presidency.  You could in some ways be near to a truth if you were to think that Clintons may have seen ways to becoming a global Autocracy of Clintons.

The Clintons together are still much of some conditions they set up during their 90s and in ways that future holders of our office of President may never before in our history had to actually confront, or think about without many also maybe yelling "TREASON" or something equally vile.   It is arguable that until the Clitnons were no longer of official designation as FIRST COUPLE no President in our past had a former power couple so still able to hold on to so many powers early thought limited to our current Executive. 

It is enough true and accepted that the Clinton "two-fer" set out since before they were even engaged while Law Students at Yale to a ambition and plotting to become the first husband and wife both elected to our office of the President.  There is little reason not to look, historically, at all things Clinton naively without a consideration of their vile plotting to reach to global powers for themselves as much as conditions might allow, and allow with some encouragement or inciting.

Yes our 90s are a mess for the Republicans fell victim to Clintons temptations and seductiveness, as much or more even than many or most of our thought FOURTH ESTATE.

We are at an unusal political crossroads and now much maybe specifically due to the vile plotting and general tempting by both Clintons across their 90s, where common sense and morality,  danced around, but not with, not with our Constitutional wisdoms.   We are here now much because the Clintons’ global power reaching, which was of temptation successful of many Republicans then,  was of an acceptance it shouldn’t have been of so about a consideration that they had found a way to generally ignore our Constitution, so as to be a class of politicians able to hold selfishly onto rare powers for a record number of years.

Simply put our 90s let the Clintons’ "two-fer" lead us to this crisis with their grand "means, motives and opportunities" really much from their long selfish plotting then in a rare time where power could be held by an elite class of lawyers around them instead of a strong and consistent defense around our Constitution.

If you have yet to even consider that the Clintons found the "means, and opportunities" to match their long kept motivations and with an aired discussion about AUTOCRACY and chances to a global reaching to an effective AUTOCRACY OF CLINTONS you may not have thought near enough about your political and Constitutional options towards 2012.

When shooting happened in Arizona and calls went up for a new "civility" Bill Clinton was still to be heard flexing political powers for Clintons’ "two-fer" with near "it is their (Republicans) job to try to defeat us."   When such shooting happened Representative Darrell Issa was quite in his rights with his pronouncements about these Democrats as near the "most corrupt" in our history.   If you have missed how vile the Democrats have been being you likely haven’t considered the Clintons and their "means, motives, and real opportunities" much yet at all, or hardly enough.

Personally, and not just because I got a confession from President Clinton, with him of "I was behind it" once then while thinking my arrangements to a TV show like detecting with a "Come to Jesus" truth telling, and, so then around days Democrats were heavy and regular and quick out of gates with blaming of 9/11 only on Republicans and specifically President Bush:  Yes, when I opened myself up with attempts to hear some unwanted truths with a detection set up for such as much with TV personalities around detecting about crime scenes and all those also of my professionalism and licensing, where ever and when ever, ever so — yes I was set up with Democrats blaming so public and loud that I was expecting only a confession from Bush White House and Administration while allowing that Clintons both had "means, motives, and opportunities".  Yes, I set up for such and then was surprised with it in President Clinton’s familiar voice that I heard an "I was behind it" confession.

I am not a professional in any of this, but have been involved in our politics for years.  I do not know how much to make of President Clinton, uncoerced, so to such as he was it seems with "I was behind it" but do get how the machinations of the political power couple that is still the Clintons’ "two-fer" had "means, motives and opportunities" enough to make such believable as true without consideration that he was maybe tipsee and feeling just guilty for a general Presidential negligence - that First Lady Hillary Clintons’ specific inciting around such region was designed to intentionally rile radicals to a new and greater anti-Americanism and call to action, at least, with her regular vile imperialism.

So please write you Congressmen/women and Senators and our Justice Department and especially Representative Darrell Issa and ask the we return to more realistic view of these Democrats as so corrupt at least for the Clintons and their personal ambitions so still greatly in the mix.   Please at least email or tweet Representative Issa and ask him to at least move to an impeachment of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.   There may be no way left to jump start our economy than to pursue some long over due and just prosecutions, and very publicly.  

Yes, it has gotten so vile, arguably, that now President Obama may need to be looked at equally as seriously as the Clintons.  They did need people to agree to a diminished view and role for our Constitution and its checks and balances to succeed - yet that seems not to have happened.

Yes, after the shooting in Arizona the newly elected swarming of Republicans more of our Constitution than many during the 90s, should have redoubled their efforts to a greater civilization, anew, and not bowed to Party hackery about a new "civility"!  

The Clintons have meddled much as no past First Couple ever did before and now still hold powers that compromise our Constitutional general powers.  If you aren’t looking at the Clintons and their historical "means, motives, and real opportunities" you are not thinking enough about how "vile" our general politics has become.

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