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Yes I have been to the Memorial Day Concert on the grounds of our Capital. Yes I have sat in either the brides side or the grooms side of the first five rows. Yes I sat facing the stage from three to five rows back with the center isle to my right as facing the stage. Yes, when I turned around to converse with an "others" not wearing alot of stars I found in the row behind me one claiming to have produced much of "tonights show". I was given the tickets area/zone (of such two tickets by a neighbor then Miss Madden). And, so as this new concert date approaches I have very rare memories of a special night and special as a patriotic night from now near a dozen, a dirty dozen years ago as I was then paying for my political thinking and writing times by using my extensive construction skills across many trades. It was quite a view and while not wearing then the trappings of medals and stars at all or any where near like the material accomplishment so recognized for those surrounding me. I did feel at home but do not yet feel I have considered necessarily the "magic" that may or may not have been then involved, or not.

{Oh, my mom likes the stool I finished today and if only for aiding in height extending for her grandaughter while assisting in window box gardening.}

{yes, I now have a Connecticut saltwater fishing license.}

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