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He owns it now.  We best not forget the POLITICS - we best keep in mind the economics as the real crisis.  There are many distractions about - there are many attempt to distract really about.

We best not forget the "game" is Politics - we shouldn’t have heard President Obama start off his Presidency suggesting with his "let us not relitigate the past" that we shouldn’t actually get to a first litigation of so much.  There is so much of our history just of the past 20 years that is still of his "relitigate" distracting us hopefully from a first litigating.  Enough to save or create many jobs for a respectable attorney cadre.

The "game" is Politics but the business is our lives, our freedoms and our rights.

He, President @BarackObama, now owns the economy.  Let us not forget that fateful primary change when with Clintons on the rope, and beaten, candidate "Barry" Obama was to a willingness to compromise his own campaign and so our futures.  He was willing to be obvious about it with his placards all changed for first co-opted event to just "UNITE FOR CHANGE" with the "BELIEVE" gone as soon as the Clintons conjoined to his marches and campaigns, but still why so much agreement to protect Clintons from "litigation" with his "let us not relitigate" so often about matters yet fully or at all "litigated"?

The "game" is Politics and yet if Patrick Fitzgerald had added Mayor Rahm Emanuel as a co-defendent the jury might not have let such charge go - the might not have figured something was their but that a "justice" could only be served if Mayor Rahm Emanuel was co-defending.  I don’t know if another trial of former Illinois Governor can be convened so now legally.  The way it has been left suggests something wasn’t "litigated" and so not protected by "let us not relitigate" politics.

He owns it now.  He even owns that the CLINTONS’ SURPLUS was basically all a rediculous GAME and gaming of our futures, knowingly - he owns that Democrats about him as of histories with CLINTONOMICS & THE CLINTONS’ SURPLUSES are compromised for such and deserve a very public probing and scrutiny as some long over due litigation.

We best not forget the "game" is Politics.  Republicans may be best now to run as the party of fifty Reagans with hopes to have Republican friendly governors in all fifty states so that so much of now needed restoring of America can have a good chance.  Most just don’t consider how President Clinton had to have been a problem before his "BLUE DRESS" redressing - that he didn’t fall for being of such indiscretions but was falling before such for those close enough or involved enough to have known. 

He owns it now.   He even owns the Clintons’ BLUE DRESS as if it was his chosen and prefered "inheritance."  His asset management is greatly compromised - his arguments so often for spending as "necessary" while still walking a "let us not relitigate" what is the still unlitigated history of the Clintons’ 8 that has him suggesting that his spending is as right as their cutting - and that we don’t need to look at how contrary and rediculous a proposition his juxtapositions are when ever he to suggesting that the Clintons can be popular on issues he wants to be also popular for yet so remarkably diabolical or just different.

He owns it now and while we are best to work to remember the "game" is Politics yet it our lives, freedom, and rights being so played with, seriously at least per our regards.  I am one historically of my own reasons for helping Democrats towards 1992 and Clintons when they finally braved an entry - and yet as one that was hoping some that President Bush would get re-elected - that it would be safe for him to become reelected.  I am one of those that close and involved by spin suggesting about my writing for a new and improved and more politically correct journalizing and literature/writing - of my own initiative and dedication - that can say that Clintons lost me before Monica Lewinski & IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS, and for reasons of concern about their gaming around our regards, more serious, that was and still is their Politics.

He owns it now - even, or especially, the Clintons and their BLUE DRESS.

He owns it now - especially their rediculous and irresponsible SURPLUSES.

He owns it now - and, as we can say, seriously, that America hasn’t been the same or on a good path since the Clintons started their gaming and plotting to try to get sixteen years officially as holders of our "FIRST COUPLE" designation and honors of our office of the President.

He owns it now, and has owned it since compromising his own campaign with the co-horting chosen and agreed to, somehow, and someway, with the much compromised Clintons, who had already lost half their thought HOLLYWOOD friends, and more earlier especially since before their BLUE DRESS salacious scandal aired for the first time.

America, hasn’t been on a good path since Clintons started their gaming for sixteen years with official FIRST COUPLE designation and especially for their Political gaming necessary for such as their ambition to handle the "stories" and "story lines" and even concerns that they would have maybe had to consider every decision for the Country as first a decision regarding their serious and historical ambitions to try to hold THE WHITE HOUSE not just for sixteen years but as much as possible with "executive" skill for hopefull as few as possible years needed between them to keep their "stories" working so people would see their truths.

He owns it now.  He now owns the economy and the Clintons’ scandal as his own "compromises" and yet while Clintons are still of sympathy from many because of this BLUE DRESS and yet it was their gaming of our Politics that had "Bill" falling before such scandal first aired.  As a lawyer and one so obviously being the Clintons’ lawyer as often as he at least is of "let us not relitigate the past" he, President @BarackObama is still keeping us from a due and necessary reconsideration of the entire Clintons’ 8 and maybe some actual litigation.

The "game" is Politics - he owns it now! 

And now about these days of DEBT CRISIS the Clintons can both be tarred with an earlier ownership and conception of such - HE OWNS IT!!!

He owns it - especially while playing Politics with his rediculous propositions that the Clintons and he can both be popular now for policies and spending so different, and especially while Americans all should be talking up how the CLINTONS’ SURPLUSES were completely unnecessary and irresponsible and of a behavior known of the Clintons since before the BLUE DRESS scandal first aired that had them already losing support of some that helped them so much until then.

We best not forget the Politics.  We are best to consider America hasn’t been on a good path at least since Hillary announced with "HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT" but really since the years of Clintons’ 8 of their gaming and strategizing to break the Martha and George wisdoms and standards of eight maybe too much for any to officially hold our highest designation as FIRST COUPLE.

Really, we don’t need the Clintons - we don’t need either of them politically - we are best to consider that effectively they have been at least 20 years of gaming and plotting even around distractions of their BLUE DRESS towards a global power that fairly raises concerns as autocratic and to a Clinton Autocracy.

Really, President Obama now owns their BLUE DRESS, and by choice.

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