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With this dandy slapping about heartily the crocodiles in the moat, as we know it, are on their way now having heard El Presidente’s fall and splashing.   There seems to be no way out for El Presidente, the Potemkin White House he had been about, as we know it, just was safer than realities of strong bulwarks and ramparts of our democracy.

Luckily they are all approaching from the right and not as expected from the right and the left - he may be able to out swim them for a while a going round and round and round in the moat, as we know it.   If he didn’t know how to swim while in the Potemkin White House, as we know it, with its air of unreal easiness, he should learn quickly now, necessarily, maybe.

So this warm day near his Potemkin, the moat is active, but let us turn our attention back to the how and why of their being such an unexpected bulwark/rampart for our democracy such as this "moat."

El Presidente has been officially on a probation since failing his mid-term testing in 2010.  He has remained a dandy since such decisions, as we know them, with an apparent refusal to accept the expressed and measured facades of such castles of the People, as we know them, of our essential democratic standards, especially, as we know it, since the real constructs of opinions of the majority that still is the 2010 results.

This dandy, as we know him, still, as he swims now about these realities, less "Potemkin" his charmed idealic "Potemkin" existance finally near some serious reality discovery, this "President on probation" for having failed his mid-term tests may yet be offered a hand.

To wonder how inadequate a hand from Lawrence Summers might be you should find yesterday’s Charlie Rose segment that had him seeming more of "lost his mind" than profered by another Washingtonian seeming at least as much of Obama’ "Potemkin" but as attempted an joust at Senator McConnell.  See Lawrence Summer was of comparing President Obama to President Roosevelt and as about 1941ish with a alluding that FDR would be looking, historically now, as in as dire shape as BHO now, if not for Hitler.

Secretary of War Hillary Rodham Clinton maybe setting up a third reach now for Africa for either President Clinton and his initiatives or for President "El Presidente" this Dandy at risk, risk near as great has his idle before Hitler offered a massive spending justification to fix his near 15% unemployment.  Still it is never quite clear which master "Hillary" is serving - seems President Obama, as her master, may have grossly found Muammar Qadhaffi standing in his ways (Potemkin or worse) to be the new and indisputed leader of all Africa.

Well he has slipped the comforts of his Potemkin White House, now for certain.  He now is deep in it, hardly with a paddle.   El Presidente, this dandy, as we know him, may be in over his head, really like "stuck in a moat."  Are we at risk with he our first black President for being a black El Presidente, specifically - are the long record more humane efforts about the continent of Africa by President George W. Bush just not, now enough for this dandy, as we know him?

El Presidente, as we know him, now "stuck in the moat" so, maybe be there from sleep walking or day dreaming from the comforts and safety of his otherwise "Potemkin" White House.  He has had a facade of power yet without, still, as we know him, accepting the 2010 constructs of a measured and informed majority, as their bulwarks/ramparts, that still is his "probation" since whence then about November of such.

El Presidente, may see an "Hitler Out" as hopefully Lawrence Summers wasn’t actually of a suggesting — it seems though we have a few (unnecessary) wars now that PEACE DIVIDENDS now may not be PEACE DIVIDENDS before their times as so once of "two Big Macs" a day BIG President "Bill" appetite and laziness to a modern record obesity for so many.

We don’t need a "Hitler" now, Senator Mitch McConnell can likely confirm.   We could give President Obama, this dandy in the moat of sorts, a way out with a suggestion that he is also just like "a man ten years ahead of his times, at least" as First Couple Clintons were quite as well with their 8 of our 90s.  These debt talks that wakened El Presidente Obama, maybe, this dandy as we know him, of all sorts of green contraptions talk, to maybe just a day dreaming stroll, to fall to such splash, are still of our President on Probation, as we know him, still not willing to give our most representative bulwark that is our House of Representatives their due respect and proper measure.

Round and round he goes.  Really!!!  Round and round he goes, as our President on Probation, checked by us with all the expression and balloting, real and certified of 2010, seeming still of a "Potemkin" reality justifying his own "remodeling" priorities, detached, as we know them, from our realities, and real bulwarks/ramparts/moats for protecting us from Presidents too.

It would be a kind hand that offered him an "out" just of "he is a man at least ten year ahead of his time" as President Clinton as well can be heralded or trumpeted.   For President Clinton and his Lady Clinton they have more historic troubles still much about their floats for housing bubble and selling of temptations especially that about a bouyancy still of their obesity record such as spotted by a "doctor friend of Clintons" so of a statistical statement near that:  Americans could save a trillion dollars if they could just get back to the average national personal body weight before the Clintons became First Couple.

El Presidente, this dandy, as we know him, a man easily ten years too early, intellectually speaking, with his REVOLUTION(S), and while still of so many attempts to ignore or deny that he is a checked Power still on PROBATION for failing in democratic ways and procedures before 2010 remeasures.  He may now have a better chance in "moat" as we see it as a hand yet to be accepted to bring him to a safer/truer reality.

Much, thank goodness, for this new First Couple of El Presidente’s Probation together being not of excesses that was/is of Clintons’ "two-fer" of "Bill O two Big Macs a day" temptations, as we know them, as we know them of "Hillary’s" empowerment and such that it was left hanging that such was just "LUNCH" — OUR REAL BULWARKS AND CONSTRUCTS OF WE THE PEOPLE AND OUR CONSTITUTIONALS SO MAY STILL BE STANDING, NOT TOO BREACHED.

Really, as per Clintons and their 8 quite arguably as near as unreal and at least ten years before such a reasonable administrating, and as for their years so of 8 having been largely of leading Americans quite in and to temptations not best for them or reasoned to wise - El Presidente in this "moat" is looking better even though now with us struggling for he and his having effected an unnecessary revolution ten years at least before it might have been actually for real and lasting positive change. 

President Obama is still on PROBATION for having failed his mid-term tests.  Would someone, even a majority of Supreme Court Justices, if the last to stand, please remind him and those enabling and empowering him still to this seemingly "Potemkin" false paradise?

Please tell me that Lawrence Summer wasn’t actually suggesting his dandy just now needs a "Hitler" in our lives and that maybe just because our first black President wants to be the undisputed leader of all of the Continent of Africa and now with Muammar Qadhaffi, most first, his/our greatest obstacle.   Seems compared to Lawrence Summers, as seen last not on Charlie Rose, and with that Clintons now may both be "adequate" as a "opponent" such that a new "Hitler" isn’t needed, now, quite that Senator Mitch McConnell still has our’s and his Constitutional wits about him.

Round and round he goes still – ANYONE?  ANYONE?  ANYONE?

SURPRISE!  SURPRISE!  SURPRISE!  Our office of El Presidente is only "Potemkin Power of/with possession of THE WHITE HOUSE if "acceptance" of most recently measured of a clear and certain majority recorded by an informed and participating People an generally ignored Power.  The bulwark that is the Power of the People has many "moats" that a mere possession of our White House doesn’t not "grant access" or assumptions of CONSTITUTIONAL so for, so with.

2010 showed this dandy, as we know him, El Presidente President @BarackObama, though tech savy, arguably, is much of a DEBT CRISIS just because of recent, not too recent, accounting trickery, recent much only to of a "before" for 2010’s informed voting, for his charge so of charging of local and state debts and even personal and otherwise private debts as suddenly our NATIONAL DEBTS by undemocratic decrees.

His PROBATION still seems deserved and necessary!  We didn’t need to declare, suddenly and so vastly, a CHANGE that so many’s private and personal debts should be suddenly not even just local or state debts but debts of a nation of El Presidente Obama, so.

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