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Yes New Hampshire, there is a white chocolate.

Yes Iowa, we have a debt crisis - we have had one since before the democratic outburst in 2010 much about this insurgent administration’s defeats across America regarding their reckless spending.

Your songs of these times are much our songs of these times and also much of the protests of 2010 regarding President Obama and his exagerated self busy to a nation more of just one flavor - we are, in our own ways, much each effected and cajoled differently yet similarly.

We sing yet are dismissed - we beat back the seated that brought us "spend and tax" soundly in 2010 with irrefutable consensus - we sing our protests of attitude like of: You will know what we put in the bill after we the elite pass it out of regular democratic order.

Yes Utah your nearly state religion and tything may offer a better and cheaper alternative to Obamacare and Obamanomics and while being less cynical, quite, that old "community organizer’s" own.

Oh Virginia, what a blessing your early rising - yee so physically near this much disturbed Washington DC Democrat Party set so of loud and well measured very sound defeat in 2010 contests to restore a better sense of democratic principles in our general national governance.

But Robin Hood would be at a loss trying to cover needs of Chicago communities with a tything system not of a state wide or at least county wide "understanding" and communal resocializing with some time of regular collections and redistribution per need.  An Episcopal solution may be enough organized thought not as globally bureaucratized as a Catholic - yet a general "resocializing" hip tech set may be more effective as weekly rave(s).

With the Easter Bunny being thrown from these nationalist’s platforms and buses and with this national Democrat Party set so contrary to established democratic ways and means where now can Chicagoans go?

Yes New Hampshire, there is a white chocolate. 

Iowans, alike, seem to see a Chocolate Robin Hood now competing.

Sing out America!  Sing out America!

America it seems your recent loud and measured unseating of so many across our great lands during the spirited revolts against this administration’s spend and tax irresponsibility that was the 2010 chorus of such a record number is supposedly another "is" that isn’t really an "is" - Sing out America - Sing out again America!

God may be dead to this Obama Administration and so much of such old "community organizer’s" apparent cynicism around "community" solutions - Chicago sing out please - a local alternative to tything still a cheaper alternative for you and all - a real time saver for any modern Robin Hoods.

Yes Iowans we have a debt crisis. 

God may be dead to this administration that still gets me going with "it is all Bush’s fault" for as President Bush and some can admit that means then that some of such is being said to be my fault.  Utah, can you think of a way for a local none state revenue system near an interfaith or just "resocializing" even weaking "rave" could work for ministering around a private and voluntary tythe accounting for Chicago Metropolitan Region? 

Oh, President Barack "Robin Hood" Obama please stop saying it was all President Bush’s fault because I know personally that it cannot have been with my own story being of helping both Clintons and Bush administration is not deniable, at least to me and many official records. 

It is bad enough you are still wrong about Iraq, Mr. President, but this whole Robin Hood thing you got going to replace the Easter Bunny, like, whether white chocolate, light chocolate or dark chocolate is far more expensive, and seemingly cynical as well, though, about "community organizing" in general.

It is bad enough already, and especially now that debt ceiling and debt crisis really now still of known spend and taxing administering quite debated and countered democratically by clear majorities across our lands in 2010. 

You are the "insurgency" our government has a right to effect spending to quell, Mr. President and your merry band of Democrat elite party members.

Sing out America!  Sing out again America!  Sing out so 2010 decisions can get the due attention it legally effected so still that now the President now in Debt Crisis meeting has you still as the Majority, not as an insurgency he gets to spend however whimsically to squash and quell he may want.

Resocialize yourselves!  Resocialize yourselves!  If you can find well enough trained and still enthusiastic community organizers skilled with to general ministrative resocializing and non governmental local new tything system of voluntary participation could be as good as a state religion to others.

Chicago, I really have no idea what to say for you - I really don’t know you well enough to think I should.  I have no idea how Robin Hood as by President Obama can be atleast as good for you as keeping still about an Easter Bunny. 

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