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It is the best of pay, it is the worst of pay. 

This morning as we rise, and rise about the mud throwing now about our debts of our politics, how is the lightbulb issue more, or less, concerning than old low flow shower head - water saving politics?

Your morning routines may now need to be more mercurial and of waking dangers, as your national leaders work now about another fate, for you, for all.   Are you at if I didn’t have a low flow shower head I would be confident that I could just wash such new concerns off if and when they arise and especially if and when they arise by a animated or disturbed awakening?

On your plates again are more dictates and annoying truths about what is in what you are wanting to eat,  and now with our current President supposedly worth twice as much per year as those before him with his annual salary before perks and expenses near about $400,000.00.

This is really still an issue of Grover Norquist’s personal concern.   Now, if we are to ask that if by raising our salary for our office of the President we didn’t succeed in attracting people already worth such did we actually attract those more "gold diggers" thinking the taxpayers all just a class of "sugar daddies"?   We seem to have gotten less for our money with doubling of President’s salary instead of a fair return with ascension of an already qualified of such worth.

A time of a great redistribution, or a time of worse distribution is both of our President’s showering and of Grover Norquist’s showering, these days.

We can’t just wash these debts and excessive redistribution spendings out of our hair, we can just scrub them off our skin —  Large walk in shower pitching though could help spur consumer demand and spending.

President Barack Obama really loves his big gas guzzler plane - you know the plane with the shower famous since Katrina?   Grover Norquist is a passionate spokesperson for large walk in showers.   I don’t know if President Obama is a water saver, himself.   As per his great plane the still lingering imagery of reported long shower taken by then Mayor Ray Nagin when hosted on President George W. Bush’s Air Force One may be excessive, politically, both for water use and for suggestion of how dirty his town was making him feel.

If President Barack Obama of these two plus years learning on the job while at a salary set to attrack already qualified wasn’t now still so anti-business a new economic growth could emerge with those passionate about large walk in showers out selling home remodeling and hotel make0vers — I don’t know what type of lightbulb(s) you should use for your showers, though.

Is a "Robin Hood" President of any flavor actually worth $400,000.00 per year in just salary?

President Barack Hussein Obama has established himself as most business unfriendly — so how does a salary commensurate to business executive pay wash?

As a balance to energy concerns about lightbulb design and engineering and government dictates regarding our illumination we, as Boone Pickens was just on air yesterday with, now soon to seeing our tractor trailers across our nation be able to switch to natural gas cleaner burning and more efficient trucks - such now as fill-up stations are now installing natural gas refueling apparati.   Supposedly from such report truckers and teamsters can see the fuel bills per annum drop by half and to fuels mostly from domestic piping, and, while knowing their exhaust then to being a third or half as bad.

These are the days of a pay for our President not seeming commensurate with his skill or experience, for such job.  If he were only still receiving the pay of Clintons he might look only half as bad.   These mornings as you wake and stir, more mercurial, some we still have water and showers a government concern.   We can’t just wash these debts and spending commitments out of our hair - we need to accept that President McCain may have been more worthy of our current salary of our office of the President.

Obama is living up to fears that he was want to be a CHOCOLATE ROBIN HOOD for not just Americans but much for the whole world at our expense.   Mayor Ray Nagin arguably abuse Presidential privilege with his excessively long shower aboard once President Bush’s Air Force One - the now "bigger plane" of President Obama regular bragging, though really quite a gas guzzler, not quite of a political correctness for these times, these greener times.

But then from my personal experience I do have to wonder, with Grover Norquist’s known passion for large walk in showers, if Republicans are now hip enough for these times, even though our economic is now necessarily held up by Democrats and specifically President Obama around these debt talks - by such not willing to admit how wrong they have been.  

From my personal experience I feel confident to say again that we all would be better to go now towards where a President McCain was likely to take us and that we economically, would have been wiser to have gone there to better state emphasis and local spiriting then.

Our Republicans and Tea Party Caucusees now are doing us a good service standing up to Democrats long enough (hopefully) for Democrats and all, maybe, to learn that we would have been better to have avoided their specific "governance" much since their inauguration.

Their "redistribution" has been a wash, and so so much for them of being so anti-business, and yet while accepting of "executive pay" not commensurate with their’s and their leader’s experience/skill.  Today are days you should be expecting your elected representative to be asking about some naked truth, quite otherwise mercurial, as well, about lightbulbs and your mornings, your naked moments maybe of breaking a compact flurescent bulb and then having your clothes, all your clothes, too contaminated to don.

So no matter what your flavor - we seem now stuck for having elected, unnecessarily, another lawyer to our Presidency, and again gotten too much lawyering and too little leading, and, leading business proud.   It was a while ago I suggested a new Constitutional Amendment to require any lawyer ever "elected" to such as our office of the President, and their spouse, if also a lawyer, to be to a required voluntary surrendering of all law licences and bar associations, and as such is detrimental to our politic and muddying of our decidings.

Yes any lawyer elected to such as our highest office should voluntarily recuse themselve of all conflicts of interest inherent in a maintenance of law licences and bar associations — if they, and their spouse if also a lawyer, get through their one or two terms clean enough they should just have to face a simple bar review to get their professionalism refreshed and relicensed.

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