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Seems we all could use a dose of economic reality.

As now assaulted with Jeffrey Immelt as "GOVERNMENT" recently with his whining that people shouldn’t be whining about government so much, as now seemingly especially as he is "GOVERNMENT" of Peoples’ greatest disappointment:  How embedded is our problem with these Democrats of youthful interpretations much still as celebrants of WOODSTOCK 60s and 70s?

We do have process and procedure issues as faults within the Obamanomics discordance still of a failed "economic beat" while due process voids not orchestrated or synthesized crash and boom not as innocently as percussions of Woodstock, as so much of Secretary of War and her droning with Predator joy-sticking.

How hard was it to be a parent or grandparent of such now, back in the 70s?  Are we now of a entire generation of Democrats in leadership now facing their worst fears - now facing that the parents they long thought wrong and smoked out (with peace pipes?) were actually right?

I may be just old enough now, while still of the edge at end of the BABY BOOM, so four years to the day younger that President Barack Hussein Obama, to now be checking about fissures or general discordance about this gen of Democrats while confident much that direction Senator John McCain as candidate McCain did to more state responsibility speak and conduct, himself.  Really, though I am only about five days younger than J.K. Rowling I am not too young to consider that current American Democrat governance now be facing their worst fears - a reality that their parents and grandparents actually knew better.

As young as I am it is still a wonder that this class of leadership of such recognizable discordance with so much for so long that is our current set of these faulted economic and governance beats are still now much without their parents or grandparents still around or of sufficient energies to quietly and secretly fix processes and procedures so that their children, so musically bent then, could live their illusions and delusions, those years they wouldn’t listen, listen or maybe just agree with their parents and grandparents.

Candidate McCain if elected likely wouldn’t not have stirred such discordance in our otherwise still strong economic music and mysterious orchestrations.  President McCain was of my thinking some with his beats and vocals to spread a federalist song to retune our states with up beat choruses to change the economic energy but keep it competitive.

Seems we all could use a dose of economic reality and as the alternative that was McCain/Palin now still looking like a better path and a path that would have been better for sounder and better timed valuation cords and measures.  What with all the new gadgets and technology so shrinking the world it still makes sense that President McCain so conducting and amplifying was towards a new direction not so radical and naive, and one a natural fit to move markets and marketing to a new individualism and community and state revivalism.

If we really are to this a gen of Dems so economically bent about our new tech ecoculture of a grandiosity shameful of thinking that all the new technology shrinking the world would be so now to affirming and proving their long held and cherished idealism, and to a arrogance that the technology is best to being a tool to promote them - these few - as a chosen and very special bunch.

It is quite reasonable to consider that Czar Immelt of "JOBS GOVERNMENT" is more of the problem now than near of a solution.  President Obama is more a devotee it seems of such WOODSTOCK "socialist" chorus and beat, really quit a willing devotee.  President Obama has long been now of a attitude that your new tech devices are but instruments best celebrated as divine devices for his evangelizing.

Your "phones" your "communicators" or just your computers are but tools that past socialist didn’t have and are all that was missing from the success of their expansionist marches?

Your new tech that has so shrunk the world so with our internet(s) could better have been used to spirit beats to greater American market depth in a free and open economic song better for those times and walked, democratically, as chanced with hopes of McCain/Palin - we could have been in 2008 already heading to where it seems we now have no choice but to go.

Our beat is their beat and Czar Immelt’s whining much a concern - how do we now get back to a better sythesized and more complicated and stronger economic more of complexities that only this generation’s parents and grandparents thought necessary, within their families?

I am young enough to wonder and maybe just old enough to be convinced now that the parents of these may have until recently been quietly compensating for the ideology of theirs too proud or turned to listen.  They may have "governed" while letting their own think they were actually "governing" and as it all they could do to save us from the childrens turns towards Soviet Socialism and such. 

It may not be "socialism" - it may be a naivete, a may be of dependents not quite depedable now as GOVERNMENT.

Really, the direction candidate McCain spoke of turning us towards with a new celebration of each state and their communities so as pieces all equal in his orchestra or team each with an equal chance to sing their own songs and march to their unique cultures and habits is now where we seem now to be agreeing we must now go. 

Are we now at: If Sarah Palin were now our Vice President the direction (the direction as I consider it and still with confidence as enough like my own marketing best thinking) that candidate John McCain tried to turn us to is actually a direction that would have checked our beats and economics and valuations enough with a new state spirited competition and celebrations - enough that we would still have a working economic of the greater symphonic complexity we now have to find some way to, anew?

Are these Democrats once of such confidence that they knew better now actually facing their worst fears - are they now facing a reality even just about our economics that their parents and grandparents had been right all along?

Vice President Joseph Biden?  Vice President Sarah Palin?  Hmmm?

Note:  It is still a "GOVERNMENT" wonder that a primary purpose for term limits on a First Couple must be to check their global initiatives - that a term limited President is specifically limited for wisdoms thought about them already having had enough time with "global initiatives"!  It is quite rediculous that now we, as Americans now face Clintons involved in so many wars and initiatives now still and as them selfishly trying to hold onto Powers for thirty years while condeming their old "friends" of "Hillary’s" readiness for office Powers, these foreign heads of states for there attempts to stay in power too long. It is even more rediculous and concerning that now they are both politically profiting from the mistakes and errors of judgement of their eight years and with President Obama of requests to not litigate any of Clintons’ 8 around his governance and global initiatives.  It isn’t well scripted or good writing either these seeming planned attempts to let "Bill" be the "CLINTON DOVE" so that a spell could be cast later to sell "Hillary" as the "CLINTON HAWK."

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