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Greetings loyal subjects.

Today is a day like few others, like few others since our break away declarations to independence and self reliance.

We are at great risk today and well behind schedule with the lost 8 years from 1993-2001.

As you stir this morning and wonder if our flag is still unfurled and there, and there elsewhere still too, you likely are wondering if you still have your basic American rights like rights to "innocent until proven guilty" and/or your rights to face your accuser(s).

The cosmo tumblers were turning back then when though much more at war than at peace Americans were sold some bad "spice" of a time justifying PEACE DIVIDENDS.

Mr. Manhattan now, was then not a term limited past President but the sitting President not yet of limits to his global initiatives for Constitutionals wisdoms of our 22nd Amendment being thought to checking a President after just two terms from more time as a chief American of global initiatives.

Yet Mr. Chicago, Mr. Mayor Rahm Emanuel, of divided loyalties between President Barack Hussein Obama and still former President William Jefferson Clinton much now "Mr. Manhattan" is now stuck, stuck quite in an intellectual chasm between community organizing and socialism/nation building.

While Americans are now at risk individually and collectively these days after the Iraq Surge settled Operation Iraqi Freedom down past the fraught days from Dems fear mongering and stumping that had earlier so unsettled confidence across Iraq - confidence that America wouldn’t just cut and run and abandon them to Ba’athist again - we really have no place to go as a people but back to our Constitution.  We have an ARAB SPRING about vast regions now with others likely reading and comprehending our Constitution more then enough of us here at home.  We seem as a People to now need to get back to our founding wisdom and self reliance, necessarily, for many around the world are busy with a pride and maybe greater effective knowledge of ours as they work to top ours and compete with new Iraq Constitution specifically writ with attitude to better Americans’ Constitutionals.

Chicago, a town with its own new TRUMP TOWER must have enough rich people (HAVES) to pay for all its own needs and governance, it may even have enough just rich Democrats already sworn to support for President Obama "redistribution" arguments.  It is understandable that they may have supported such a junior and inexperienced Chicago/Illinois politician for such national office expecting that he would then be able to redistribute other peoples monies into their coffers so as not to need to work to better governance and local fiduciary discipline.

Arguably there could be Chicago flight now, but these days of our national and global CRISIS OF VALUATION present as a rare economic condition where "flight" from over taxation not quite what it used to be.  For Chicagoans, quite, it would be a slap in the face to their President to try to run from a new and greater redistribution effort - though maybe Mayor Rahm Emanuel must now offer full debates with Haves and Have Nots tet a tet to fully reasoned and debated with full right to face accusers/spending proposers.

Is there no where for Chicagoans to go?  Must they either argue that they don’t need President Obama Nation Building "one size fits all" centralized, cold, and faceless redistribution?  Can they accept President Obama’s speechifying without fully debating and working out the "community" "redistribution" arguments locally first?  If socialism can be argued as acceptable at national level doesn’t it have to have been argued and proven as workable at a city or at least county level first?

Can you sit back today and not believe that many around the world are studying your Constitution more than you and your neighbors and leaders and putting you specifically at risk - and at an intellectual deficiency?

After Iraq got past the real fear spread by our national Democrat leaders such that "cooperation" with American and coalition forces in Iraq, prior to the SURGE, was quite a unreasonable and unwise consideration, we did all witness some the dawn of a new Constitution written specifically with thoughts and pride that it was being conceived and ordained as a new and better Constitution than the Americans’ Constitution.   Now, vast more numbers of individuals across a global region are as well seeming now in a real competition against the intellect and body of Americans’ founding documents.

Chicagoans really may have no place to go now, they must take a stand and work out a new and better community model - just getting a "local" elected to redistribute other people’s monies from other states so that they wouldn’t have to fix their own communities within their own great means just doesn’t seem to be working.

If Mayor Rahm Emanuel and those of a general metropolitan regional leadership as well maybe as other Mayors of towns also of a county cannot argue for healthcare for all by and of their own means, intellectually, how can President Obama suggest there is a reasoned argument behind his attempts at a greater level?  How many of Chicago health concerns are manageable better as also specific to local conditions, environment and enthusiasms?  If they cannot both, both Mayor Rahm Emanuel and President Obama, argue for county based healthcare systems than really they cannot have a sound foundation for arguing for COUNTRY BASED healthcare systems.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel isn’t alone with his divided loyalties between Clintons and Obamas.  Governor Andrew Cuomo does have as much or more quite contradictory and concerning with the Clintons years as New Yorkers since limits of our 22nd Amendment forced them from their til then grand public housing - the Clintons didn’t make any case for New York State to cover all of its own with healthcare their years carrying responsibilities of Senator and Senator’s spouse - they as above aired some, only stayed, much like President Obama with plotting to nationalizing and socializing with some nation building. 

Still, all the while, healthcare costs only increase with nationalization as such just adds more layers and costs to an otherwise local and community concern.  Due to our global crisis of valuation once arguable "flight" of "haves" now quieted much as yet another reason Chicagoans now best to stay where they are and get to fixing as much of their own "governance" together, face to face, with the vast and seemingly as available general means?

Don’t we all lose if we accept Dems rush to nationalization and a general treating of all Americans as numbers and not members of local communities?  Isn’t it a consecration to a dependence to accept a nationalization and a general confession of failure suggesting that Americans are bad people not able to organize around their own communities well enough, and such that only faceless, and cold, objectivity with all treated more as numbers and isolated to redistribution shielding specifics of redistribution such that the HAVES & the HAVE NOTS don’t have to face each other or consider each other as actually neighbors, neighbors, even, say in just Chicago?

Personal note:  Today is basically the first day in near two decades where I am liberated from fear that J.K. Rowling would change the ending of her books and out of spite - today is the first day that her naming of books around HOGWARTS is no longer a thin line to keep her muse on edge at risk of her becoming a woman with spite.  Hope you have enjoyed the books and movies, she did respect the origins of ideas from her muse with her cast and later casting, but not without some fear and hedging.  Didn’t hear, until last night, that she may have surpassed my promises that she would become RICH if she stuck with original seven book theme and air to such a amount that Larry King likes to suggest she is now richer than her Queen.  Kind of funny that in all such now is still that my godmother is a Cromwell. 

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