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If I had grown up thinking I could play in the majors with the Yankees I likely would have been to playing second, third or maybe centerfield.  Growing up though expecting not to have physical "athletic" demeanor for THE SHOW I did grow up with a father who mature wanting to play shortstop for the RED SOX.  Though Captain Jeter administered a personal rally to an wonderful 3000th, I, if and when I get to wearing a numbered fan jersey am likely to reach for #24.

In a New York minute a day can pass, and today for President Barack H. Obama quite unremarkably. But he isn’t a New Yorker, he is a Chicagoan, and their chosen to try to get other people’s money from other states grandly so as to try to move forward without needing to really fix their own poor financial governance. Chicago’s new Mayor Emanuel may be wearing the Obama jersey but how can he now be a team player - how can he now stand down since President Obama is hardly standing up - how can he save Chicago now if it just lock step OBAMA NATION BUILDING?

I set my eyes and heart to New York at least as long ago as Derek "3000" Jeter but with more realistic ambitions at least to a ‘back up’ plan to learn someday to be a sports writer, if efforts towards becoming a MAD MAN or media mogul, didn’t pan out.

It is now decades since the now brother-in-law of James Dolan and I were regular mountain biking pals in late 80s, and far further back that my best friends near first grade were the identical twin sisters whose grandfather owned the local newspapers.  It has only been since 1982-83 though that I was of first steps to my "running of the bases" as with my "I am more a Citizen Rosebud than a Citizen Kane" as per my personal and real ambitions. Years of kismet or coincidence or actual "networking" did mature with me through years, and especially as my sister would change directions and even into new friendships herself, even as she became as much of "media" when thence to promotions to "Press Secretary" for Senator Dodd - interesting is how my network before such days, including Princess Grace’s former personal photographer Howell Conant, did hoist American flags with thoughts of both me and my sister, as unavoidable, as such "networked" of mine did ask me to ask my sister for U.S. flags for their Rhode Island homes as of "flown over Capitol" and with certificate, with certification from and by Senator Dodd. (For Howell Conant - this was two flags so that he could have one for Arizona home as well.)

Boy did President Obama mess up his "STIMULUS" and economics from the start.  It is now a hindrence that he insufficiently exercised forensic accounting to a sound foundation for us with a full and fair reporting due and adequate to detail how much the Clintons were actually responsible.  We would have been much better off with a "cash dispursement" stimulus than the big government spending to Democrat trickle-down "BIG BROTHER" efforts to centralized planning. Oh, another of the flags the old timers in my network from early 80s was for the father, then, of Bryn Mawr’s President, an inventor and engineer of enough notability that supposedly the Soviets actually gave him credit when they bought into his "incubator" great inventiveness that so greatly increased life expectancy of prematurely born that they broke from usual state crediting.

In a New York minute, decades can be heralded, a whole lot of hard work, and dedicated networking - even a lot that crosses over many different networks and licensing seemingly theirs.

But, few hear realize how now, besides maybe asking for and charging with a WALL STREET 2 1/2 or WALL STREET III movie, I am maybe better now to join the SHOW and ranks of Yankees, at least in old George Constanza like slot, as I am in spirit some already.  I need the Yankees now - I need New Yorkers - I am really though puzzled how Governor Andrew Cuomo can get past President Obama new surging to Obama Nation Building. 

Really I may need the Yankees now - now as I am just learning about them and specifically Derek Jeter.  I didn’t know until just recently that his father is a Dr. Jeter or that he is of a mixed race parenting.  But it is because I have followed our music scene less than our baseball decades now that I may need the Yankees to get with music scene.  I had dedicated myself to being pro-active and developmental so sports and music were necessarily too much living in the past though for most "of the moment" and even "of the future."

There is another side to me and my years of working to lower unemployment while musing and conceptualizing to actualization for positive change — there is that I avoided music for the most part but to be a conduit to friends in music recording and marketing side of industry generously to possibilities for new music and new beats maybe "just in time."

I may need New Yorkers and the Yankees now to be full time in the present, at least until I can reset enough of old network to a new growth era again with pro-active Madison Avenue ambitiousness of Hollywood hook-ups once the corruption a "ghost in the machine" that is still the Clintons arrested.

In a New York minute we still have the little asked or answered conundrum that is a paradigm of the Clintons that is a due query for all water coolers and who’s and what’s democratic and American — we still have the BUT WHAT IS THE TERM LIMITING OF OUR PAST PRESIDENTS ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO LIMIT THEM FROM FURTHER?  — we still have BUT WHAT IS A PAST TERM LIMITED PRESIDENT SUPPOSED TO NO LONGER HAVE AS POWERS TO GLOBAL INITIATIVES?  — we still have BUT NIXON REDEEMING AND COME BACK WAS OF JUST AN IMPEACHED PRESIDENT NOT AN IMPEACHED AND TERM LIMITED PRESIDENT, LIKE CLINTON.

Yes, I maybe should look for and ask about taking on Hollywood and with Oliver Stone and Charlie Sheen for a WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS 2 1/2.  I do appreciate that last night after catching WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS for my first viewing that such cast and crew did effect honest pathology of remembering me as muse that said to CNBC staff that we needed to organize to see that a sequel to WALL STREET got written and produced.  Yes, I do have another old friend that I did sent generous thoughts to possible new music to, and that of days he didn’t end up a sports/athlete agent but one for musicians and such as to number two for years at WIND UP RECORDS private label.

Though Joaguin Phoenix and old friend Reese were of WIND UP RECORDS indy label with WALK THE LINE - I think it was only SEETHER band that actually happened to visit one of ASYLUM WAKE SKATE SNOW board stores I had designed and built around DC area.

Charlie, though I realize that HOUSE M.D. TV show arouse for doctors treating my brother for traumatic brain injury after his car on bus accident one morning during his commute to work on a road tour buses don’t quite fit on, it is for me that TWO AND A HALF MEN may have been geared to help me adjust time and schedule to use my writing and networking and experience with think about post traumatic stress science so to find a copacetic around working my working with politics and media to positive change for all to a much more personal and minute by minute empathy and involvment for my brother.

Don’t remember where my sister was in her career at the time and if with Time Warner with Time Warner Cable already, but then most of my musing crossed most media and political lines, at least until Clintons worked, selfishly and politically, to turn my efforts to help all as theirs to help mostly just Democrats. 

Again, so much of what the Clintons used that was mine was not meant to be used by them but was that I had worked to and dreamnt to as what of my efforts were to be for me alone.  There was no reason for them to have thought that I would have been doing it for them especially since I had developed much of such thinking aware of them and to protect many from them, and with what right may call a liberalism by me.

For the naughty and nice about Hollywood that made millions from such for these past decades - not just those who didn’t think enough about their muse and go to guy for new workable and sellable ideas:  jphogan.org is likely to be set up some day as also a philanthropic foundation that those of my story can all become more obvious participants and boosters or donors proudly of record.

At the time of my brother’s car on bus accident he already had one son and was with another on the way, and, again, of a morning commute on a Maryland road no tour bus had any business on for needing at least 110% of roadway in turns.

THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM as I was of writing in and considering such times of our early 90s and with consideration that we needed to find someone (someone we could make a sparring spirit) to challenge very deservedly popular President George H. W. Bush after Senator Al Gore left a huge political vacuum with his pronouncement that "Bush deserves a second term" as part of his announcement that he wouldn’t, as Dems front runner, challenge then President Bush, and with an air near a proclamation that Bush should be ordained without challenged to a second term.  It was written of concern for possible trauma and neurology maybe excessive for anyone our President at such time with end of Cold War and our United States of America becoming essentially a sole superpower. 

My THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM was written and synthesised to be pro-active to a better economic and social/political work and maybe so necessarily mostly a work of political poetry. It was written as from me offering to be a mental guinea pig for media to see how the full weight of presidential pressing may compute, and pro-actively, with "charge" used to allude to neurological stimulus and pressures of our times, and to ways then for progress and maybe advances for all.

Yes, President Obama pursued the wrong type of stimulus.  And, yes, the Clintons have spent too many years selfishly trying to make what was conceived for more as just available for a few.

It is now New York’s story that their Governor Andrew Cuomo while fighting Obama Nation Building centralizing is also to now needing daily to justify and explain how now he so has to move forward and look forward with skills so much of an unlearning of "skills" of his days of the Clintons’ administration.

Hugh Laurie, you fall into nice category much as Charlie Sheen does as of media needs not of generous media musing - you gave more than you got, arguably.  The story of HOUSE show seems still to have its roots from my brother’s trauma team having thought they needed to ask me if I myself was a DOCTOR after noticing my bedside manner and energy — and to me seemingly disappointing them with "NO" until I added "but many DOCTORS know me as a ’house doctor’!!!"

Some people don’t necessarily deserve to profit from stocks from my conscious and specifically dedicated musing to entertainment unless I am given as much stock - it just doesn’t organize a fielding for fair play or adequate motivation so. 

To know my facebook friends list is to only see some of my media ties - most of which pre-date my oldest sister having friends as well in such, especially those that later as well married into such like other friends of mine. 

Don’t you think that current Yankees team can help me become hip to music and current music scene, at least in New York, as New York, before it has to start defending itself from President Obama and his NATION BUILDING centralizing at home?

A cash dispursement stimulus of fewer dollars would have likely effected some measure of "STIMULUS" unlike the overly centralizing and quite socialistic spend and tax over-reaching by this flock of national Democrats.  Still, though, these Democrats job killing language is much stronger than their job saving or creating speak, even a cash disbursement stimulus likely would have been multiples less effective than expected as well.

I am enjoying learning more about remarkable Yankee Derek Jeter - don’t know if it would be fair for me to be just to attempting New York moments as a sports writer. 

I am of a story already, of having worked ideas and networking to positive change meant for all for security and health advancements not meant to be partisan and selfishly Clintons’.  I am of a story of psyching it out three times to larger and different basises (basi) with first a footing for New Haven around concerns for President Bush and excesses likely arising with New World Order era, and then with reworking to be for New York City and then for Washington DC as through my media entertainment teamwork.

It is legally and politically wrong for the Clintons to still be anywhere near as popular as they now stay covered.  They worked efforts following on Reagan and Bush terms to be less global and more partisan and political and for fewer, even just fewer Americans - I should know.

One thing we know about Yankees and Derek Jeter is that he is no Obama - he didn’t pull his power out of a CRACKER JACK box like President Barack Hussein Obama did more like Joaquin Phoenix character ascendency to Roman Power.

For the sake of Jeter’s calves I feel I should celebrate days when thoughts that my CITIZEN ROSEBUD originality needed grand new paths, because of mediocrity of Clintons, and their misappropriations of my personal intellectual workings of my private hopes, that last year as well, new directions seemed called for and such that my year back with road cycling a regular hobby so of energies specific to being a soulful role model for Reese’s children.  And that for near five years Sasha Cohen was a real angel helping me keep my story more the drug free story of personal and individual efforts to greatness, and patriotism.

There were many years where it seems all my dreams were being dashed and obstructed and misappropriated by others.  Many just don’t have the actual back stories to compete now, with me not having become a vegetable from such dedications as actually at times feared. Petra Nemcova, I do hope you don’t mind, as well, that I here mention you as an angel of past years that helped me get through so much, so so much.

You probably don’t want to consider how great the odds have been and for how long they have been so long against my ambitions and hopes to be the more a CITIZEN ROSEBUD of my long dedication, at times thought to unbelievable, of decades about my "I AM MORE A CITIZEN ROSEBUD THAN A CITIZEN KANE."

Hi Amanda, glad social media came along, I might never have gotten back to all this, but for.  Hi Anne, Anne Hearst McInerney, I may have more questions than most and far more questions than answers now these many decades since we decided to fight for a similar cause, a cause much more for many and all than Clintons politics regularly profers.

Hello and thanks as well to Athina Onassis de Miranda - when I relearn which day Mark Felt went public as being the long dramatized DEEP THROAT I will remember the first days we crossed networks with some awareness of each other, and such for again being another time Democrats had me ready to move out of America and to looking for different citizenship.

How now to help more want to become at least American baseball heroes and sports role models, right? 

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