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Please pass the coffee.

Is this evolutionary or devolutionary, for starters?

Are we held hostage to foreign suppliers of coffee?

Is it really now about the rediculous of pancake and rouge of policies?

Oh, Watergate! Oh, Hillary! Talk about laying it on thick. What species is she preserving?  Is "Bill" endangered?  Oh, Nixon!

Oh, Nixon?  —- China anyone?  Oh, Hillary?

On the way to Memorial Day…

What on earth could "Hillary" have given the Chinese to compare with the "RESET" button (not) given to Russia?  Did the Chinese receive a "Home is where the heart is" plaque, or, maybe "Home Sweet Home"?

Where is the talk of Nixon with a member of commitees to oust Nixon so covered and flushed?

Where when we get past the sad irony of "Hillary" on China will we get to "Hillary" on Mexico and illegal aliens trespassing as a greater known threat than Taliban?  Painting by the numbers, Madam Secretary of State?

Really, did America just give China a "Home is where the heart is" plaque to rival "reset" button in "emotion"?

What an unlikely new face on American - China relations, this "Hillary Rodham Clinton" up from Nixon bashing?  Where was/is all the irony deserved in the media discussions for the past week?

Anne the four legged stool I made yesterday is for my mom, and as from a pressure treated 2x8 for her gardening and outside usage.  I can make you one if you wish,  it is of the modeling from childhood wooden stool that provided lift/reach for me and siblings growing up near tall sink.

Thank you for your continued efforts protecting waters and endangered species.  I think I am off to get a Connecticut salt water fishing license today and likely by bicycle.  Some species do have greater concerns these days trying to find the right mate.

Gosh some in some families may even have stories of struggles within similar but different and from same gene pool.  Some may have to live daily with past reaching for positive change for America and more of helping some Democratic politicians.

On the way to Memorial Day…

And so what did Secretary of State Clinton present to China?  And, so MSM where is the talk of irony of Secretary Clinton on China as up from Nixon bashing?

Is MSM just preserving reach of Clintons towards governance by man over governance by laws, of autocracy of Clintons?  Is Secretary Hillary the worst thing that could happen to feminism? 

Is she still protected by misappropriated use of old efforts in feminism by me of from days in nineties both poetical and philosophical of helping them (the Clintons) overcome their natural governance tendencies by trickery of sorts closer to home?

Is she still protected from misappropriations and misuse of my past efforts from readings of Democrats closer to home, who now quite humorously own properties that I while canvassing door to door during winter months back around days of dedicated thinking was of saying I could buy and fix up, if I were not so busy with politics?

Is she and "Bill" now still of unauthorized borrowed usage of a more endangered species works?  Can wanting to be like William Randolph Hearst/Joseph V. Connolly Sr. and other media successes of old be said to be an endangered species?

Don’t they get the pickle they are in?  Don’t they get how using solutions garnered from bouncing "change" thinking off the connected Democrats in my family was used to help them as from seeing what they would do and knowing most of the time it as from party think was going to be wrong but not so wrong that I could use it to see how wrong and ineffective and remodel it and so adapt it and through much hard work of thinking. 

Don’t they get that as neat as it is that two family members own the properties I might have bought and fixed up if I hadn’t gotten entangled in trying to be charitable to Democrats in early 90s it is still quite annoying that Clintons still try to build on my intellectual efforts worked easiest towards some useful charity for struggling Democratic leadership then mostly running scared from running, but so worked easiest of from a knowing Democrats close and in party efforts would be "wrong" but in a way I would see a way to work to right?

"Hillary" is so bad for feminism and now so much more an ironic figure on China as up from Watergate.

Feminists, please she is one of yours and not good for you as her story goes.  Are you missing the details?  Are you just seeing the cover and story and not the compromises and acquiescence?  Are you really willing to dishonor almost all other First Ladies by promoting Hillary still of from "the Clintons’ eight years" now far more at fault and for lack of spending and courage than the Bush years?

Anne, thank you for your years of dedication to endagered species protection.  Would you like a stool?  I do wonder if you are not a closet Republican what with your interest in taking a long view, back around 1983.

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