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A retrospective analysis may have to wait - Sherwood Forest may have been saved from the paper mills of Murdoch’s NEWS OF THE WORLD tabloid pressing feeding stock.   We have subjective current events to check against the "constitutional" workings about open and meddling foundations, American yet global.

President William Jefferson Clinton should be GAGGED, legally and officially, he is way beyond "tabloid" himself these days with "Jim Crow" politicing.   An official CEASE AND DESIST order should be released and effected upon all of CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE - it isn’t being run as it was constituted - his regular grand partisan politicing is contrary to CGI constituting as a "non-partisan" and "non-political" consolidated Power.

As President Barack Hussein Obama, stays compromised with his Secretary of State the spouse of the misbehaving operator of CLINTONS’ GLOBAL INITIATIVES - OK!  YES, IT IS "CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE" I shouldn’t be so indivisible with liberties about its label, so he - we can watch as well that his "GREEN" iniatives and priorities are with each new "compliant" RICH, either personally or corporately "compliant" is arguably PATRIOTICALLY to jobs cutting and tax revenues reducing with their acquiesence with Obama’s ‘GREEN’ GOVERNANCE HYPE/INITIATIVES/MANDATES.

President William Jefferson Clinton should have to cease and desist from all partisan and political speechifying or cease and desist from all activities of CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE for it constituted as "non-partisan" and "non-political" and for all - not just the Clintons’ wing of the Democrat Party.

The more the RICH comply with President Barack Hussein Obama and the general "green" hype and liberal environmental priorities of the Democrat Party Leaders the more jobs are lost and tax revenues reduced.

And, most remarkable, now again is a fit for DEPUTY PRESIDENT FOR DOMESTIC GOVERNANCE BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA to President Obama so constantly intervered with by actions and general ambitions, global, of Clinton "two-fer."  Unless a GAG or CEASE AND DESIST issued and effected upon at  least one of Clinton "two-fer" our Constitutionals are compromised as per our concern that governance be of laws not of "men" - at least.  

And it is remarkable to the feminine that President Barack Obama keeps himself looking so dependent upon Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and in ways a liberal concern sprouts grandly to question a missing harvest of "also qualified" American women ready now in mass to be "Hillary" better than "Hillary" is being "Hillary."   It is quite remarkable that President Obama is tolerating such of Clintons meddling and tabloid politicing and seeming for "Hillary" with her quite ordinary administering still not now with President Obama feeling that there is at least another white American women at least as qualified after all these years of Democrat liberal efforts of years of affirmative action just for white women to now be a welcomed alternative for "Hillary" and as a timely and necessary "change" with her quite compromised and operating quite "ordinarily."

With "tabloid" a dirty issuance of our current diatribe even just of our domestic Constitutional concerns to keep our governance and "example" secured to a representative Republic of governance by laws, not governance by ‘hype’ of men/a man - a confederated republic writ and ordained much to protect us from political excesses and dangers much now these days of regular and general behavior and organizing by President William Jefferson Clinton.

But yet it is for it "TABLOID" feed or fodder today that President William Jefferson Clinton should be GAGGED for his partisan and political speech or that otherwise a CEASE AND DESIST issuance against all activities of CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE be effected necessarily and due to it of a constituting supposedly as a "non-partisan" and "non-political" organized body about him.

His spouse is so "also" compromised, unavoidably by "Bill" again, yet still it is quite a story to wonder on how it can be that "Hillary" didn’t help other even just white American women get enough advantages and experience to now be the least, at least, of classes available and ready to be here replacement.

President William Jefferson Clinton is being way too TABLOID with JIM CROW slander and again to compromising his own offices, and, his spouse’s office and general character and so also the current holder of our office of the President.

And, yet real news remains that as the evil RICH President Obama is denigrating regulary and generally do comply with his "GREEN" priorities and hype the President is then the one effecting more job loss and revenue reduction for tax grab - As these targeted RICH comply more to new necessary "efficiencies" and "stream lining" and "more plain" living, necessarily due to hype by Dems about "END OF THE WORLD" (as we know it) more jobs are lost and fewer revenues then available for taxation grab.

Surely we are at a time and reasoning such that Obama’s Secretary of State is quite expendable and replaceable, even if not by just another white American liberal women, due to her reign being no more than at most "ordinary" re: her personal performance?

"Bill" is out of order - Can we see him CLOSED too - at least GAGGED from "political" or "partisan" while purporting still to be embodiment of CGI?

President Obama???   You too?  Seems if the WORLD, AS WE KNOW IT, ISN’T REALLY ABOUT TO END then these RICH don’t have to be such heroes and patriotic with such COMPLIANCE.   Really seems quite a puzzle all your speechifying, better of a GAG, or willful omission, as now with RICH knowing their COMPLIANCE necessary to save the world, "as we know it", and all the new efficiencies and stream-lining and plainer living, also purports a rightful posit to all that since such needed generally and quite necessarily by them it them must also be wrong for their government to be spending any monies, not just theirs, to a greater economic activity in such a time still of such dangerous energy.

"Bill" is out of order by his own constituting and both of Clintons’ "two-fer" arguably out of order by our Constitutedness, under our ordained Constitution with "God" in such literally with it consecrated or "ordain" as "in the year of our Lord…".  

Really, "Bill’s" CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE was authorized under pretense that his new lifestyle would be "non-partisan" and "non-political" - right?   NECESSARILY?

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